My interview with This Week in Blackness ar Netroots Nation 2013 about 30 minutes after I was escorted out after interrupting Nancy Pelosi trying to justify why the Cheney/Obama administration is spying on us. This is part of the interview and I think it was one of the best interviews I’ve had in years.

  1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Evidently Netroots Obama apologists were only concerned in criticizing your seizing the opportunity to make the issue known…

    Which you accomplished.

    But historically, Martin Luther King was a Republican, Democrats the party of Jim crow at the time…

    The abolitionist party, Republican; KKK Bull Conner etc, Democrats:

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Democrats (Plantation party) smears the abolitionist party (Republicans), by twisting the truth. For example, its because we believe all are created equal, that we reject affirmative action…

      Affirmative action is predicated on the theory blacks are inferior and cannot compete.

      We reject the premise Blacks are not equal and therefore affirmative action, because we are NOT racist like Democrats.

      • Grey Bird says:

        Actually affirmative action was predicated on the fact that there were many businesses (and the government) that wouldn’t hire you if you were not a white male. The initial intent was to force the government and businesses to hire people of other races, and eventually gender was included. It was intended to pressure institutions into compliance with the nondiscrimination mandate of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          That’s the spin…but today its completely untrue, yet affirmative action is still pushed…

          Deep within the concept, buried under political spin, is the notion blacks can’t compete.

          Its against equality that any race be favored, it breeds resentment and disrespect…

          And it fails to achieve a stated goal, equality. An affirmative action doctor is not equal to a real doctor and their existence tarnishes everyone as being incompetent.

        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          For example, the logic of affirmative action would place white guys on basketball teams, starting lineup.

          But who would bet on the teams so populated, and who would pay to see them?

          Not me.

          Nor will I use minority doctors…realizing affirmative action is possibly how they became such.

          You should, however….and put your life where you mouth is.

        • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

          Affirmative Action dilutes the pool of hardworking smart people (regardless of skin color).

          Individuals should earn their place, in order to ensure each person contributes optimally.

          However, this never happens in reality. It is rare to encounter an optimally placed worker.

          There is a surplus of labor, and a dearth of great ideas.

  2. Mr Diesel says:

    Amazingly enough the dipshits from Netboobs Nation don’t realize that a cold turd has more to say that is pertinent than anything that stupid bitch Peelozi has to say.

  3. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Evidently, every American’s meta data, text video and email did not reveal Snowden’s plans…nor his present location!

    What a shock, who would have predicted spying on every American would fail to uncover them?

    • dusanmal says:

      Because it is typical Progressive-1984 application of the power with excuse. Excuse is the idea all such spying is to catch bad guys. Real reason is to have power over the population and potential to make anyone a criminal at a moment notice (if he is out of line on ideological basis). These are tools of submission.
      And sheep still do not see it. Why would Obama search for Taliban, for example – when he wants to “discuss” and “negotiate” with them… Did not IRS scandal clearly shown that Government agencies are used by him to submit ideological opponents?
      So, Snowden, Boston bombers,… not even a real target.

  4. dusanmal says:

    Mr Perkel STILL shows schizophrenia of wanting and supporting Progressivism while uprising against the obvious, direct and inevitable consequences of it.

    • honeyman says:

      Its not Progressivism that is to blame here. It’s a corporatocracy that envelops and controls both side of the political circus with the aim of completely dominating the public and funneling wealth into the coffers of the rich elite, while the public bends over and pleads for more.

      The conservative vs progressive debate is a sideshow that wrangles the public into 2 neat camps for further processing.

  5. mojo says:

    “This Week in Blackness”?

    What, was “Heart of Darkness” taken?

  6. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Perkel says: “This is part of the interview and I think it was one of the best interviews I’ve had in years.” /// Really? …… I suggest talking TO YOURSELF in the mirror when you shave in the morning.

    YOU NEVER CONNECTED TO THE QUESTION that was asked 4 times. The status quo upholding good sheep from This Week in Blackness wanted to know how you explain/justify your personal intrusion into the Public Conversation that was taking place.

    Your response: “I was emotionally overwhelmed…” (at 2:00). So… it was an emotional response? I think the question put to you was to provide a THINKING response….which you totally failed to do.

    OF COURSE—it was emotional. EVERY FICKING IDIOT WITH A CAUSE IS EMOTIONAL. Them typing in caps too……

    There are a number of nicely balanced issues posed in the question for a THINKING PERSON.

    You’ve had time to think about it….. why don’t you answer the question?

  7. What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:


    The issue is, are the public allowed the right to petition government for redress of grievances.

    As everyone who serves, or served in Congress (receiving a perpetual pension), they can expect some people with grievances to seek redress.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      That is tangential and a good question in its self…. BUT… it was NOT the question asked and not answered.


  8. Glenn E. says:

    I think the NSA sicced the IRS on any political group that failed to monetarily support both major parties. Against any or all minor independent or offshoot parties.

  9. Tim says:

    “D’ju see this here? On my screens? Dis is what be called ‘talking points’. It tells us wats to ax and say. I’m good because I memorize it just before axing you. My colleage needs to peeks at it 2s or 3 times during da questioning because she be new. Does you not thank this is a more proper fourum for dis kinda dialoge than been rood to that fine Pelosi mama-jamma??

    Does yalls really believe that da Rand Paul is blackmailed maybe because he be stupid-fly in colledge and dazzelled his peeps by pulling an aqua-budhaa out of his corn-hole ands he be afraid of gettin his hide tanned if his daddy, Ron found out??

    Honkey, please. “

  10. Wow, these people (not Perkel) are horrible apologists. Why am I not surprised.

    • Tim says:

      Wow, I think I’ll mail you the Paula Deen cookbook, but I here the blackeyed-peas have been censored just for ‘you people.’ HA!

  11. Cudgel says:

    I’m surprised no one touched on the issue of moderators acting as censors in this video. Personally, I don’t think for one second that either party’s apparatchiks would let through questions from the audience or twitter that were not “approved” in some way. So, if you work on that assumption, the interviewers’ questions were absurd.

    Was it disrespectful to interrupt Mrs. Pelosi? Perhaps — but it misses the point entirely. I don’t believe for one second that the avenues provided to ask questions were adequate to actually have an open discussion with the public. As with everything else in our modern life, the conversation would be filtered and sanitized so the politicians don’t have to do anything too hard.

    Our democracy is a sham.

    • bobbo, one proud liberal kicking Conservative Ass since High School Detention says:

      Almost a good start to what Perkel should recognize….. just change the perhaps to a yes. Don’t confuse the remedy with the error.

  12. nonya beeswax says:

    the nsa. outsourses security to a private co. and nobody can see that this might be fascist .

  13. Conium says:

    The end of civilization? Really?

  14. People during WWII were polite as they were rounded up into ghettos.

    People during WWII were polite as they were rounded up into camps.

    People during WWII were polite as they were marched in front of ditches and blasted with machine gun fire.

    At some point, you have to stop being polite if you value your existence in this universe. The myth that politeness is the cornerstone of civilization is absurd. Hannibal Lecter values politeness, and he eats people.

    The true cornerstone of civilization is the threat of force. The ability to defend our private property (our first private property being our BODIES, which many so-called progressives forget) and to thus define boundaries that MUST be respected is what keeps us safe. It was not politeness that stopped the USSR from invading the western world and bombing it into oblivion – it was the threat of mutually assured destruction, and this arrangement amongst the world’s super powers continues to this day.

    Really, try politeness against mountain lions, terrorists, rogue government agents, and rapists alike. See how far politeness gets you (other than as a tool for deception, which politeness is really all about).


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