Executive Producers: Gary Blatt, Earl Melancon of Oregon
Associate Executive Producers: Rolf Lehmann, Elizabeth Borozan, Charles Jordan, Chris Speers, Robert Siersema, Sir Barislav Marinov, Todd & Kathleen in Iowa, Sir Allan Bose, Baron Robert Goshko, Jefferey Qaiyum, Anonymous, Janet Waters
Art By: Sab Swiss

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  1. B. Dog says:

    Thanks for the info on John Barlow. As a driving song aficionado, I enjoy the Dead doing “Cassidy” — a Barlow tune. I always figured it was a Hunter tune, but it turns out the Dead had two lyricists up in the Rockies — who knew? It seems he wrote 25 songs for the Dead and currently writes for The String Cheese Incident, as well as often attending their shows (or “incidents”, as they call them). Anyhow, SCI will be in Austin on July 4, 5 and 6, and discerning NA listeners would like Adam to attend, instead of watching movies that suck.

  2. Midknight says:

    Here’s a link to the CSPAN video of The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee meeting on privacy, since I couldn’t find it in the show notes.


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