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  1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Not relevant, but newsworthy, a short Snowden film:

  2. Tim says:

    It’s at roughly 8:00 minutes in deconstructing Obama’s poorly constructed speech on global warming — Where it sounds as if the firefighters don’t have time to deny global warming because they are too busy dealing with it…

    That speech, reveiwed by the smudged and sickly glow of today’s horrific loss of the hot-shot team, churns my guts. It won’t wait for the 6:00 am news for that globalist sock-puppet to be reading his very best prepared “told yas.”

    It’s tragic. It also has nothing to do with AGW. And yet, it was kind of foretold by that turd. I’ll hold off thinking that one of the sky-tankers was accidentally loaded with napalm until more details come out — But it will be hard after five minutes into what will be day after day after day of grating, grinding, nauseating “Told yas, folks.”

    • jpfitz says:

      Thanks for the edumacation about the mosaic you eluded to days ago.

      Not to minimise your upset stomach, but unfortunately the hot-shots got caught in a 180 degree wind change, tragic.

      • Tim says:

        Yes. It was the initiation of the ‘gulf surge’ or what they call locally as monsoon — yet, have they recovered the bodies?? too dangerous now that everything is burned away twenty miles in all directions?

      • Tim says:

        The reversal of winds with that unique phenomenon are now well documented. Ageostrophic effects, wind reversal, and other conditions are well documented now and any ‘nowcaster’ advising the team would have given them hours of warning. Sorry, somebody dropped the ball — or had it fouled out of their hands.

        • jpfitz says:

          I heard there was a unusually fast forming thunderstorm that changed the wind direction which overtook the hot-shots at 50 mph. Or maybe the talking head on CNN was full of shit. Sad either way.

          “Arizona is in the midst of a historic drought that has left large parts of the state highly flammable.

          “Until we get a significant showing of the monsoons, it’s showtime, and it’s dangerous, really dangerous,” incident commander Roy Hall said.

          The National Fire Protection Association website lists the last wildfire to kill more firefighters as the 1933 Griffith Park blaze in Los Angeles, which killed 29. The biggest loss of firefighters in U.S. history was 343, killed in the 9/11 attack on New York.

          In 1994, the Storm King Fire near Glenwood Springs, Colo., killed 14 firefighters who were overtaken by an explosion of flames.”

          • Tim says:

            Yea, well; Don’t look at the NEXRAD out of Yuma or you might be a terrorist.

        • jpfitz says:

          Fire like what’s burning in Arizona seem to be alive and are scary powerful. Winds that are on fire and jump roads scare the hell out of me. The nineteen hot-shots will be remembered for their bravery.

          I’ve seen the pine barrens out here on fire. I was a half mile away and that felt too close.

        • jpfitz says:

          Watch the video about halfway down the blog.

  3. Chris Mac says:

    Companies and card issuers, which include Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup, say the cards are cheaper and more efficient than checks — a calculator on Visa’s Web site estimates that a company with 500 workers could save $21,000 a year by switching from checks to payroll cards. On its Web site, Citigroup trumpets how the cards “guarantee pay on time to all employees.”

  4. Kent says:

    Was this show about half as long as usual?

  5. kiwini says:

    I just realized the word “wine” in the lead picture has been misspelled.

    • Tim says:

      What a novel idea — Solutions. Well, if it fits in a pressure cooker then they will just have to outlaw dirt.

      Screen-grab the page before the editor memory-holes the shout out! ;}

  6. mojo says:

    What the hell are you doing with a $2500 bottle of wine in the first place? An investment?

  7. deowll says:

    Electric prices in May hit a record high. Expect that trend to continue under out lord and savior Obama. He’s going to save the Earth from global warming even if the planet is now cooling and yes I do know the west coast is hotter than normal. The East coast isn’t. Weather is going to continue to happen no matter what Obama and is acolytes think. I bet Obama and his greens think the climate was perfect and never changed back before fossil fuels.

    The new energy tech is the biggest hustle in history. The EU is backing away from it because they can’t afford the subsidies. The real cost of “green energy” is staggering. It is bankrupting them and making them non competitive in world markets or that’s what Merkel said when she sat on a new car emission standards. She said jobs is the issue.


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