Executive Producers: David Bruneff, Big Ass Blond, Ron Schutjens, Dame Francine Hardaway, Dame Janice Kang, Francis & Nancy Mclure, Sir Random Hillbilly, Steven Fettig
Associate Executive Producers: Francis Lambert, Jerry Zak, Colin Sloman

Double Producers Credits: Garry Whitehead, Michael Slisinger, Luke From Munich, Sir Dr. Sharkey, James Crossett, Chris Heffley. Symbio Agency, Michael Levin, Daniel Miller, Sir Dwayne Melancon Earl of Oregon, David Foley (Black Baron of Silicon Valley), Hendrick Smit, Dame Francine Hardaway, Baronetess Janice Kang, Ryan Bemrose, Robert Hegedus, Nicolas Roth, Anonymous, Robert Tennent, Kevin LaCombe, Tobiah Marks, Karen Edwards, Brian Ferguson, Roy Pingel, Brian Newman,Wesley Young

Art By: Dennis Cruise

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  1. ivan says:

    I expected American themed album art.
    This exceeded my expectations.

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    Did you ever get that mystery word figured out?

    Would it not be “upbraid.”

  3. SPOCK says:

    another good show. i don’t think it will be long before
    the snowden incident blows over, which is unfortunate,
    but inevitable. you also brought up something i thought
    was interesting, regarding his ‘campout’ at the russian
    airport. how many days has it supposedly been now?
    and would somebody of such a profile be out in the
    open in one location that long? and as for the exact
    nature of the data he took, is it really that explosive?
    until it’s released, we’ll never know. but at least we
    know beyond a doubt that our trails on the internet
    are being cataloged. hope you guys enjoyed a mellow
    fourth. and john… perhaps a bit more wine chatter?


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