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  1. Sea Lawyer says:

    The whole discussion about journalism is spot on. I’m sure the whole thing stems from the development of journalism schools, and this snobbish idea anybody who isn’t a part of the “club” is somehow less worthy of first amendment protection. Being able to exclude people as not being members of “the press” is important to mainstream journalists because it reinforces their status as the controllers of the public discourse.

    As John has said previously, take in context of 18th century America, anybody with a printing press in a back room was “the press;” and the modern equivalent to this is the Internet.

  2. B. Dog says:

    This was a particularly good show, but I had to pause it when looking through some old NA cover art on account of it was too funny.

    There were airplane incidents all around Gitmo World:

  3. bobbo, in repose says:

    Mr Dvorak: CageMatch is broken. No new member since 2011. Some on DU have told me they can’t register to comment.,11065.msg47670.html#new

    Down to four Regulars with abut 4 more casuals. Throw it open, or shut it down?


    • jpfitz says:

      Agreed, Mr. Dvorak please fix the registration fail. Thanks in advance.

  4. Ron says:

    woa what happened with my last name o.O?!

  5. bobbo, in repose says:

    Pedro–with the TORTURE of Bradley Manning, …… what would YOU do?

    Its obvious that “odds are” like the other 1.6 Million people that had access/knowledge of this program, you’d keep your head down, do as you are told, collect a pay check…… maybe spout your idiot views on a blog?

    Sheer hypocrite YOURSELF.

    Personally, I’d keep my head down. FREEEEEEEEEEDOM requires THE TRUTH. The truth is often cared for by those misfits in so many other areas of their life. But it is always amusing to see one true Hypocrite call out a Truth Teller for not doing something that the Caller wouldn’t get within 100 miles of.

    Pedro = Hypocrite (Not Honest, Not Self Aware—maybe just stupid)

    • tImMay1! says:

      EAC called, he wants his keyboard back.

      • bobbo, in repose says:

        I assume you mean ECA? Yes….. I’ve learned a lot from him. I do think showing my own emPHAsis on the terms used adds a little something. Rather knee jerk response. Do you “really” care?===or is it just something to say?

        • Tim says:

          Well, it was all I had.

          • bobbo, in half crouch as I don't wish to tower over Pedobear says:

            Hey—just look at Pedo……you can always go lower.

            Criticize my spelling or punctuation.

            Thats always insightful.

  6. Ron says:

    I think the TSA is catching on to the NA tip to evade the body scanner by saying one can’t raise his or her arm(s). As first victim this marine veteran:

    • bobbo, in repose says:

      That is terrible. What is your solution?

      • Tim says:

        My solution? Go to a country where ‘army’ means more than two — Nobody wants to see that shit.

  7. Tim says:

    Have you checked your Drudge Report today?? I sure wish I could check mine.

  8. t0llyb0ng says:

    paycheck is one word
    mailbox is one word
    protest rallys sb rallies
    featherweight is one word
    down the third ally sb alley

    Proofreader from Hell

    • bobbo, the spirit breaking Grammar Jew hiding under the floor boards says:

      tolly—is that all in your head or do you look any of it up?

      I misspell more than “I should” (perhaps) but also typos I don’t slow down to fix. In school I recall a lecture where the prof said that bad spelling in otherwise intelligent people was an indication of anti-authoritarian personalities. That made me a worse speller from that day on. I even smile should anyone comment on it.

      You make me wonder if there is a corollary.

      What makes an otherwise intelligent person a compulsively good speller? What do you think of as you compose your list—the “emotions” if you will? Do those same emotions arise in other activities in your life? Do you play well with others?

      I remain, Curious Yellow.

      • bobbo, the spirit breaking Grammar Jew hiding under the floor boards says:

        PS–I like it. Wish I had the facility, but the words I can’t spell I’ve looked up dozens of times and the “rule” just doesn’t stick with me. Wifey is a faultless speller due to her near photographic memory. I wish I had that facility too.

  9. jpfitz says:

    I cant spll but can yu stil read ths? Nazis burn in Hell


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