Some smartass in an ad agency can think on his feet. Har!

  1. Bignumber says:

    I saw this as making light of it all, good ad for The Odious One, easy for people to go meh when it’s all kind of a joke

  2. deowll says:

    For years I thought my government was here to protect and serve. Then I noted that the government was very, very much for sale. I noted that a lot of people with positions of power seemed to be a lot more concerned with punishing people that didn’t go along with their agenda than obeying the law and some didn’t come anywhere close to trying to enforce or obey the law.

    Now what I see is a bunch of criminals with unlimited wire tap, so many laws everybody can be got anytime the feds want to get you, and unlimited ability to use force major any time they feel like it, who in no wise feel constrained by law or the constitution.

    I’m now astounded every time some elected delusional vacuum brained buffoon we have elected to office expresses the brain fart that they are in charge and they have effective oversight. They are rapidly becoming a clown show with no reason to exist and the US is rapidly becoming just another dictatorship.

  3. deowll says:

    Oh yeah, Great add!


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