Executive Producers: Sir Dwayne Melancon, Sir JD, Warren Carroll, David Varney
Associate Executive Producers: Rien van RIjthoven, Patrick Brennan, Carmen Theobald
Art By: T.J. Sciorrotta

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  1. Rhaug says:

    here is a link to describe how interception of microwave communications is possible. Adam was right

  2. TThor says:

    Unbelievably cool art this time!

  3. t0llyb0ng says:

    Adam was wondering why there were no photos of the interior of the courtroom.  Why indeed would there not be a video camera recording the proceedings themselves.  There are a couple of answers to that.

    Take, for example, the OJ trial.  Judge Ito allowed cameras, plural, in the courtroom & a circus atmosphere took over.  This was not the fault of the cameras but, rather, Judge Ito for not taking control of the situation.  That episode was overall bad for cameras in the courtroom & left a bad taste.

    One viddycam trained on the witness box is actually plenty.  It is “the silent eye that doesn’t lie.”

    Another reason we’re stuck in the past is the powerful stenographic lobby that has consistently fought the notion of so-called “electronic reporting.”  Specialized 4-track audio recorders have been developed that separate testimony into four channels:  generally one each for the judge, witness, plaintiff attorney & defense attorney.  All the federal courts have used a tape-based Sony model for decades.  The technology, of course, has since moved on to disk-based storage systems.

    The stenographers’ dirty little secret is that they make hundreds of errors an hour.  “Tape” recorders consistently expose & debunk stenographers’ transcript output as woefully inferior & must be fought tooth & nail to preserve the status quo.

    • deowll says:

      Let us not overlook that the Boston bombing, from some points of view, was a massive fail whale for the NSA, FBI, DHS, and the Boston Police department.

      While they all hauled rear after the fact they all have instances they would be happier that the public didn’t focus on.

      Without video or even photography the odds that these failures will get much attention from the public is greatly reduced.

      The judge might also not enjoy the intense scrutiny and second guessing to which he/she is certain to be subjected.

      • Tim says:

        “…a massive fail…” Bullshit! It was a drill and a flawless dry run to rub it in the people’s faces that such travesty of fake fail could be rubbed into said faces and they still chant “usa, usa, … ,usa…”

    • Tim says:

      a funny depiction of stenoghrapher chicks would be with Terry Gilliam’s Brazil when Jack Lint’s secretary is typing “…arrg…oh god…no…please stop…” but the only clip I can find is just after that scene:

      • Tim says:

        And the thing about that scene is that she is not at all objective about it but subjective … “..It won’t be long now…”, she consoles Sam.

        Kinda creepy, and on point with this, I think.

  4. deowll says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention something some of you may know. 80% of the budget for TOR comes from the US government which created the software used to run it. Are you real sure that the NSA can’t tell what you are doing on TOR? I’m not.

  5. t0llyb0ng says:

    At one point in the show, Adam challenged anyone to prove to him that the Boston bombing trial is even happening.  I have a similar proposition:

    Prove to me that a record of the proceedings is being made in the ongoing Bradley Manning trial.  At one point a few weeks ago, a collection was taken up to pay for a stenographer to make the record.  Otherwise, there wasn’t going to BE a record.  When all is said & done, as the saying goes, there will be no transcript—“just like it never even happened.”  Put THAT in your Red Book.

    • Tim says:

      We should just do it ourselves. It can be assumed that the whole of Earth has been littered (bugged) with ‘taggants’. Someone in the local vacinity only need know that those microscopic semiconducter wafers respond to wavelengths between ‘the radio window’ and the bottom end of ‘infra-red’ — the terraHz range. That is why your fireplace is worthless with that glass on it. It down-modulates healthy long-wave infrared for something that lets them bug you from space and give you cancer at the same time.

      peaceful armaggeddon,

  6. Somebody says:

    Finally! An administration that listens!

  7. noname says:

    John Dvorak, can you ask Eideard why he deleted my innocuous post in his “Bloomberg hits new high – or low – in magazine cover art”. If I recall correctly, I was the 4th post.

    I prefer not having to go on a campaign of asking the question over and over for the next few months!


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