Executive Producer: John Johnson Jr
Associate Executive Producer: Michael Shoemaker, John White
Art By: Patrick Buijs

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  1. Kent says:

    Division of powers? Isn’t that what the US has now? How’s that working for yeah?

    • Glenn E. says:

      Those divisions rarely work, when the secondary rewards are exactly the same. Or the ways & means of getting those under-the-table rewards are identical to all divisions. Back when these divisions of power were first conceived, there were no multinational mega-corporations. To offered revolving door careers and cash benefits to those working in government. Now you expect to find everyone, who left a government office, working as a lobbyist, or in an executive position of some corporation that benefited from tax dollars. And probably due to said former govt person’s “power”.

      Even back in George Washington’s time. Congressmen weren’t generally poor or middle class. They often were wealthy land owners, as was George himself. But if they let anything influence their votes, it was just the concern of their own immediate economic security. Like, would they be allowed to keep using slaves, or not? They weren’t counting on parleying their Congressional position into a far more lucrative career, by voting according to some corporations’ interests. I like to believe that out of principle, they drew the line at doing that, back then. Not so today. Nobody running for office has any principles. The elective system weeds those out.

  2. US says:

    What was that clicking towards the end of the second interview? Very annoying.

  3. Ben says:

    The 200 million ninja’s clip – in the clip show – made me LOL.
    I did not hear that the first time. It would make a good jingle.

    I wonder if the “Trains good, planes bad” jingle will feature in the next show. 2 crashes in Europe in a week !


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