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Art By: MartinJJ

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  1. Glenn E. says:

    According to the FBI violent crime is down, and has been for at least five straight years. And yet, a correlation between global warming and war, is posited to exist. Slightly warmer temps, begets more war. But apparently, not violent crime? Right.


    I’m pretty sure the cause of today’s wars, has more to do with economics of runaway speculation in oil futures. Making oil pipelines, an increased issue of protection and possession. Not a tiny rise in desert temperatures. In lands where they’re likely use to this minor variation, far more than in America and Europe. But to blame these wars on global warming, is not only pseudo science. It’s likely covering up for what’s really the cause of conflict in the world. Whether or not it’s on the rise.

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    The America my old Army dad (1942-1950) was so proud of is gone & it’s not coming back.  By the time the NSA and its ilk are done with U.S., there will be nothing worth saving about it.

  3. Thoren says:

    The “Leno the stooge” deconstruction had me laughing so hard I nearly drove off the road. JCD & AC in top form yet again this week.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    Why do Limbaugh, Coulter and their ilk hate America?

  5. ECA says:

    If BANKS were nice, you could have a CC card and put your money on it, and they would give you interest…
    consider the number of people that USE banks..and you dont get interest.
    Go ahead and get savings..and watch them TAKE IT AWAY. 1 small fee at a time.

    Our Gov. is investigating metal prices in the USA..
    NAFTA is a hoax, as the USA imports wood from canada with a 25% tariff..

    HANDLING FEES on taxes and tariffs, and other things is stupid as the COLLECTOR gets about 1/2 the money..(your store, gas station, … are ALL tax collectors.)

    Why ask WHY? We send wood to china to have things BUILT, MOTLY, because of regulations and REQUIRING corps to CLEAN THINGS UP in the USA.. its not the wages.
    THEY CAN BLAME price increases and so forth on CHINA, even tho most corps get the goods and sell them at 4-100 times the COST.
    They DONT have to compete, they just PASS the buck..of who is responsible.
    CHECK the cheap stores on EBAY..People are jumping to EBAY as CHINA retailers find it is a GREAt way to sell things TO THE CUSTOMER from China..Direct to you..(watch those handling and shipping charges)

    The MAJOR corps got upset with WALMART, because Walmart went direct to the MAKERS in china. They BYPASSED those corps. Walmart dont mind the OTHERS raising price, it just lets Walmart LOOK good and they can raise prices also..


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