Executive Producer: Sir Alexandru Birsanu
Associate Executive Producer: Baron Greg Birch DDS
Art By: Nick the Rat

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  1. Lance says:

    Hi John,
    thanks to the fine producers of the best podcast in the universe – No Agenda now has it’s very own social media platform.
    Would be nice if you could check it out and let me know what you think.
    Best regards

      • Bobbo's Big Brother says:

        Will it be as heavily censored as Dvorak Uncensored?

        • Uncle Dave says:

          What makes you think there is censoring going on? Occasionally, someone will go overboard with personal attacks and such that have nothing to do with the topic which gets hammered down. Also, on rare occasions, the spam catcher is too aggressive and we don’t notice since there is soooo much of it that is caught. But otherwise, we allow you to say your piece.

  2. dusanmal says:

    One of corrections needed regarding cited article “Opt out of PRISM…” that suggests using Linux: one of the main components in ALL current Linux releases is SELinux. “Secure” Linux. Service that among other actions firewalls all of your Linux networking traffic. Created, written and maintained by the … NSA. Make your own conclusions about that “coincidence”.
    Use Linux (I “live” mainly in it for over a decade) but for SELinux – stop it, remove, uninstall, make sure it doesn’t come back. Many true open source alternatives for the service exist.

  3. ECA says:

    Dear NA..
    do you ever listen to your show?
    I dont mind the news, and info, but If you killed the Chit chat, it would be 1/2 as long…Or TWICE as good..
    Dont mind alittle, but I think you are getting as bad as TV..more filler then show.


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