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  1. Kent says:

    The “distraction” in continually focusing on people like Glenn Greenwald and others who are actually doing something. Thinking NA is becoming a distraction from the actually govt wrong doing by focusing on the messengers.

  2. TL says:

    love the macaroni pic art ^^

  3. Kent says:

    And JCD is about the most ignorant person in the alternative media on what’s going on with the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians have NEVER gotten an acceptable offer from the Israelis, and the Israelis have always had the upper hand having the US govt firmly in their pockets. The Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the Americans did to the native populations of the US. And I’m sure they’d like to do the same with the rest of the middle east.

  4. B. Dog says:

    One of the last good journalists in America had his eyeballs cooked.

    • jpfitz says:

      I always found that car fire killing an outspoken critic of the military a bit eye shocking.

  5. msbpodcast says:

    I love the title of this post: Huge Samoan.

    Isn’t that redundant?

  6. Vadim Dmitriev says:

    I agree with what you said about the so called classic Russian writers. They made us read all that boring stuff at school. As for Arthur Haily he was actually very popular in Russia in late 80’s and 90’s.


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