Emergency room health care is available for everyone. But beyond that, good luck, buddy.

A homeless man is accused of robbing a bank outside Portland, then waiting for police to arrest him.

The Oregonian reported 50-year-old Timothy Alsip walked in to a Bank of America near Clackamas with a note reading “This is a hold up. Give me a dollar.” Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputy Mark Nikolai said Alsip was waiting in the bank’s lobby when deputies arrived.

Authorities said Alsip was trying to get arrested because he needed medical attention.

  1. Dallas says:

    Teatards are OK with the current emergency room health care system we have. It’s free to the dying person but it’s also the most expensive and socialist system.

    The “healthcare” industry likes this so they can bill $100 for a bandaid and $30 for an aspirin. Look at your real estate tax bill for “hospital” , “EMT” or “Fire Department”.

    Why the Teatards want to retain the socialist system is an enigma. My guess it’s a combination of ignorance and fear driven by the industry and their elected cronies.

    • bobbo, healthcare for all--the kind of little thing that ripples its benefits throughout society in many unforeseen ways says:

      Your use of socialist is jarring. Minimum Stabilization Care in the ER is NOT Healthcare. Our current system even with the changes of Obamacare is a corrupt hybrid half way to socialized medicine while hamstrung to pay protection money to the Insurance Co’s, For Profit Hospitals, and For Profit Medical Profession. ((Big Pharma got its own pay-off Under BushtheRetard)).

      We’ll have socialized medicine when EVERYONE is covered and no one goes bankrupt on becoming ill.

      We will join the ranks of civilized societies, businesses will be released from the burden of providing non-business services to its employees, and the sun shall shine brightly again.

      Don’ worry FLERPS==this is Ameri$a and it will be the most wasteful poorly organized socialized medicine system in the world….. but still immediately and noticeably cheaper than what our system pre Obama was brining us.

      I only hope for (eventually) a system of protocols that will be applied rationally across the whole nation. No procedure done at 3 times the national rate in some locality where that has become the wasteful norm over what is known to be better medicine. And no lung transplants for 70 yo smokers. YES===any rational system of healthcare has death panels. In socialized gubment steered medicine, those death panels should operate in the open subject to public scrutiny and reporting. Don’t want the 70yo to die for another 2 years? Fine–fund the system to pay for it.

      I’d be seeing a bright future, if it weren’t for my cataracts.

      • NewformatSux says:

        And ObamaCare even forces non-profits to become for-profit hospitals.

      • Dallas says:


      • Just Dave says:

        bobbo. Does the system you wish to see include an option, for those who can afford it, to buy better insurance coverage in the private sector? Or is the system to ensure that all Americans have coverage a mandatory one? I don’t mind paying more taxes to help people afford health insurance, but I might like to have better coverage at some point, and I don’t know how this would work.

        • bobbo, we think with words but rarely pick up the Dictionary says:

          Hi Dave–I am for maximum freedom and flexibility with a pragmatic “paid for” edge. I think WE ALL benefit when people can get basic healthcare. I think whatever system is adopted, including the one we have now, should be reviwed critically for changes to make it better/affordable/whatever.

          To that end–of course I think people should be able to spend their money on whatever they want to including healthcare even if others on the program think they are being treated unfairly. Don’ like what the gubment makes available? PAY for what you want and vote your own self interest when the next election comes around.

          Let’s see if I answered your questions: Yes–I do think coverage/payment/taxes should be mandatory. Its the only way a society-wide system will work. Right now==I see no reason why individuals could not “opt out” with proof of private medical insurance and thereby escape any specific healthcare tax or penalty for lack of coverage. or not. Seems to me if anyone is rich enough to buy their own policy (or supplemental as might be the actual issue here) should not go ahead and pay the general tax too. Like school taxes and everything else. The Rich have to pay—thats where the money is.

          Be happy to be taxed. The alternative is worse.

          • Just Dave says:

            Happy to be taxed? How about reluctantly willing for the good of man. 🙂

            Anyway, yes, you did answer my question and it makes sense to me. In the end I would like to see at least some types of incentives for making healthy lifestyle choices. If we really want to make this work there needs to be a certain amount of personal responsibility for ones own health.

            Stay healthy my friend.

    • dusanmal says:

      BigLyingMedia misrepresentation of TeaParty view. Now for some education:
      TeaParty view is that YOU must be responsible for your own healthcare. You need to think about it from before you turn 18. You need to prepare for a life in which you earn enough to afford what is available in marketplace for health insurance. Once you are adult, TeaParty wants you to be able to buy any amount of coverage at the free market rate as you want or need or can afford. Absolutely no Governmental dictate as to price or services. If you are retard who haven’t prepared well – you are almost on your own. TeaParty option for you is your local charity, not emergency room. People in your community prepared to put their own money and work to help downtrodden BY THEIR OWN CHOICE. Not by the jackboot of a Nazi Regime. Those same people can choose whom to help – who appear to be really deserving help, which every community knows. No bamboozling Fed’ for food stamps in order to buy booze equivalent. And if you are rotten to the core that even those good people won’t help you – theory of evolution in practice. Call it Social Darwinism whole day long – evolution have worked well for billions of years, system based on it is good as well.
      Only thing needed is further FREEING of the market. 100$ bandaid is solved by me in NJ being able to purchase health insurance from AL. Free market. Only in really free market providers and insurers need to fight Darwinian fight for their own lives. Right now, 100$ bandaid is possible as State and Fed’ regulations shield them from true competition.
      That much about TeaParty choice. Free market for free responsible individuals. Nothing else free. No Governmental say in healthcare, be it providers, insurers or individuals. Because Constitution does not list that specific duty as a task for Government.
      As for true “free” socialist medicine, doubt that you have lived there. I did. Theoretically free. Theoretically and on paper cheap. Statistics from my country of origin where that socialist medicine still exists: amount of BRIBE needed for SCHEDULING a needed surgery – about equal to three average monthly incomes. Bribe is needed if you want nurses to do anything. No bribe – no “free” service. Month worth of bribe is needed to schedule dental appointment sooner than 18-24 months ahead… etc… Fight the free market and it will fight back. You want that 1 cent bandaid? – None on the shelves. It is 1 cent. Just there are none of them.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        ….. rolling in his Grave, Queen Antoinette still doesn’t understand why the people don’t choose to eat cake.

        • deowll says:

          And the teaparty types don’t understand why you want your government to own you or anyone would want to carry people that are more than able to take people who could take care of themselves if they would.

          Of course you are missing that many nanny state metro areas are basically outlawing being homeless extc. The sad fact is that many nanny states pretty much tell you to take a number and wait and you can easily die waiting. It happens all the time.

          • bobbo, we think with words but rarely pick up the Dictionary says:

            Ha, ha. What a babblefest. Do-ill==how does the gubment “own me” in any sense of the word by making healthcare services available to me? In whatever way you define that they do, how is that not better than the same or worse ownership by Corporate For Profit Rapacious entities?

            Is it the Nanny State or Right Wing Fiscal Fascists that make being homeless illegal?

            Head up your ass stupid is what you are. Good FLERP.

    • ECA says:

      Love you folks that THROW WORDS out, that you dont understand..

      Would mean we have lines of people getting medical coverage and the doctor Only gets an Allowance..

      go to the doctor and he charges for HIS service.
      go to the HOSPITAL and get charged for BREATHING..
      The people who worked on you PROBABLY got about $200-1000 Each and went to the NEXt person..
      The BED/PILLS/PRESCRIPTIONS/MONITORS/and AIR all cost you the REST of $1000 per day..

  2. Mextli says:

    Soup kitchens are available for everyone. But beyond that, good luck, buddy.

    Homeless shelters are available for everyone. But beyond that, good luck, buddy.

    Minimum wage is available for everyone. But beyond that, good luck, buddy.

    The question is how far do we go? How many “social ills” need to be corrected with Federal dollars?

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      The whole point of socialized medicine/Universal Coverage/Single Payer etc is that EVERYONE does get coverage, for profit waste is squeezed out of the system, and the whol shebang costs significantly less raising the question:

      What is healthcare for?

      1. For the 1% to get rich off of, or
      2. For people to be as healthy as possible?

      USA has proven Option 1 cannot be afforded. Seems the greed of the RICH is boundless just as are the healthneeds of the population. As always…..

      Choices need to be made.

    • ECA says:

      Dear Mex.
      AT THIS time, can you think of how many people in the USA dont have jobs, in TOTAL.
      Consider that UNDER 100 million jobs are out there.
      Consider that over 60% of those jobs are UNDER $10-11 per hour. AND MOSt are hired as part timers..

      As a Part timer and employer pays nothing for medical..After 32 hours the employee becomes full time, After 3 months of working OVER 32 hours per week.

      At this time, 1 person PAYS to house/feed/… 3 people. 1 person works and takes care of others.(and people complain about Mexicans and 3 families in 1 house)(how else can you make ends meet and GET AHEAD?)

      do you want to do some math for a person making $12 per hour full time, and feeding a wife and 1 kid(at LEAST)
      $12 per hour full time is about $480 per week.
      About $1900 per month..- taxes $1300..
      HOUSE -$800( leaves $500)
      Food at about $300(leaves $200)
      BILLS about $300(leave about -$100)

      NO CABLE, NO NET, NO entertainment, NO FUEL for car, NO INSURANCE for car…

      then he will have to wait to end of year for a NICE Tax return. and hope he can Pay off his Credit cards with the rest of his BILLS.

  3. bobbo, when Society is Unjust, you will find the rigghteous man in jail says:

    I’ve been actively considering “going to jail” recently. I rent a bedroom to a lodger who refuses to leave. In Ca we have Penal Code 602.3 that says a bedroom lodger who refuses to leave after proper notice is given is a TRESPASSER and subject to arrest. My local cops won’t do it though requiring a standard landlord/tenant civil eviction process. I don’t mind the time and money of such procedure, what I do mind is that during the pendency of such action, my lodger can steal me blind and have her nefarious drug dealing friends come over to “take care of me” in retaliation for evicting her.

    Given the law is clear, I’m thinking the way to get a change to local enforcement of the law is to get arrested and let the system see what it is doing? My drawback–leaving the house free for my druggy lodger to do as she would. Too much rigermaroll to put all my valuables into storage before trying this prank.

    Usually–the problem is the law itself==allowing or outlawing some virtuous goal. Here, the law is just as it should be but the cops won’t enforce it under some misapplied notion of “Tenants Rights”==but this is my HOME where I should have more rights as opposed to a unit removed from my own living space–just as the law says.

    But Hey==what you gonna do? I do love the “One Dollar” move by this guy. Course–the “healthcare” in prison is very hit or miss depending on who is on staff and what the funding is. Most such units being not more than an ambulance station to get prisoners to the local ER. ie==NO healthcare for chronic conditions, just intervention at the last moment plus 3 seconds to avoid death. That is what the ER provides….. if you are lucky.

    • Tim says:

      Put your personal hygene products into a plastic ziplock.

      Get an ootheca, and let it hatch out. Get some pet maggots and let them roam at will. Get a guinne pig that likes to bite toes and wear some slippers. Get some fruit flies and let them breed to feed the newly hatched mantids. Eat beans, buy cheap beer, invite your ‘guest’ to have a sitdown on the part of the couch that is protected with newspaper and watch a bad movie — offer them some cheeze dip that is garnished with what looks like dancing rice (all the fly’s kids look like dancing rice; Not hatin’, just sayin’). When they leave, call MerryMaids.

      • bobbo, we think with words but rarely pick up the Dictionary says:

        Timmy—you haven’t been paying attention. Just add a dictionary next to the open case of warm beer and you have the status quo of my life for the past few years. The Lodger has no base line from which degradation can be formulated.

        Say…. speaking of worthless maggots==what was/is it about Raun Paul (either one?) that cured your apathy? You like complete political incompetence when tied to a fantasy philosophy that even with great imagination cannot be seen as actually working?

        The Libertarian “vision” of Rand Paul is complete fiction. Better to vote for any politician promising a BJ from a blow rabbit. ((Blow Rabbit–any hare that has had its front teeth ballpeened from its head like a gruesom episode on “Oz”)). At least the former “could” happen.

    • The Mick says:

      Free advice: Jewish Lightning…works every time.

    • NewformatSux says:

      You should provide amnesty, and let her stay. It is inappropriate for law enforcement to enforce the law and evict her. It is just discretionary law enforcement. I hope you are providing her health care.

      • Tim says:

        If by *providing her health care* you mean ‘throwing her the bone’ then I think the newness probably wore off and she’s just kind of nasty, smelly, officious and buerocratic lib-tard social worker material — hard to get around because she’s probably also grossly overweight.

        Ain’t karma a bitch??

    • NewformatSux says:

      >some misapplied notion of “Tenants Rights”==but this is my HOME where I should have more rights

      translation: I got mine and to hell with everyone else.

    • NewformatSux says:

      Your reference to drug dealing friends is unfair discrimination and can subject you to civil and criminal violations under the Fair Housing Act.

    • jpfitz says:

      No No No, getting arrested will only acerbate your problems. Sucks to be a landlord sometimes, we had a lunatic living downstairs and got them out eventually. Do the right thing and go to the courts to evict. Sorry your living with this problem.

  4. sargasso_c says:

    What a sad little country.

  5. pedro says:

    In the meantime, the German left is using the delays in attending people due to systemwide oversaturation in their political campaign (is election time, you know?). What a travesty

    Keep trying to install a failed system, you’ll get what you deserve. I will love to see DUhllass the moment he tries to go to a doctor only to be told he will have to wait 6 months to be seen, then 6 more if he needs any kind of study just like it happens in Spain, Canada, Germany.

    Like I’ve heard in Canada “… But hey, it’s free!”

    • (blank) says:

      Only difference is in the USA it’s NOT free, unlike Canada, Germany, etc. who at least (try and) collect a tax to offset the costs! Or maybe you didn’t hear the U.S. Supreme Court affirm the left’s newest perversion of the Constitution known as Obamacare which will now compel all U.S. citizens to PAY! The only choice they will have is simply who they will want to pay – some greedy insurance company or the government!

      • pedro says:

        First of all, if you have to pay for it (call it fee or tax or tip jar) is not free.

        Second, it is not working anymore in Canada, Germany nor Spain, so they are not “trying” either.

        Love your philosophy: two wrongs make a right. The US healthcare system is not working? Let’s copy the failing socialist model!

    • Hyph3n says:

      I’ve never met a Canadian who didn’t like his or her healthcare system. But I have met a few who were afraid to move to the US for fear of losing their healthcare.

      • pedro says:

        No, they’re just content on waiting like prunes

        • Hyph3n says:

          94% of Canadians – including Conservatives – choose public over for-profit health care solutions


          • Tim says:

            Yes. Let the peoples decide. With XBox Live, Sony SOE, interactive television, and any and all forms of digital or analog, spoken or silent thought communications it should be possible to let the masses practice medicine by coming up with a ‘consensus’ like with global warming science. — lots of people watch House.

            Still, the homeopath and herbal treatment is still discounted so that I’m really just being facetious.

          • Hyph3n says:

            You miss the point. Conservative talking points are that Canadians, English, etc. hate their health care systems, but it’s not true.

          • pedro says:

            Because they just don’t care. I remember reading a newspaper opinion article in a billboard inside the console room of a newly installed MRI in Niagara on the Lake.

            The people there waited years for that MRI to be installed there. The reason? The Ontario province administration didn’t see fit to buy an MRI machine for that city because they “didn’t have enough population to justify the machine in the Hospital”. So, up to that day, if you needed an MRI you were sent on a merry trip to the nearest city with an MRI and wait for months to have an exam made.

            The point of the newspaper article on the billboard? Yes, we waited for years, but it’s free, eh!

            BTW, by the time they installed the MRI, it was already insufficient to attend the intended population, so the waitlist was already there, and growing…

            But keep reading “polls” in the media, that’s better than actually move your ass and see what’s cooking.

          • Hyph3n says:

            I have no idea what country you live in, but here in America I had to wait a month just to get an annual physical. And it is not uncommon to be sent to another city for some test the local hospital doesn’t have.

            Canadians like their health care system better than Americans. If you have proof to the contrary, post a link.

  6. pedro says:

    “Need Health Care in America, But No Insurance or Cash? Rob a Bank”

    And what will you do when they tell you a doctor cannot see you right now unless you go to an emergency room (if they consider what you have an emergency) or wait 6 months like in your beloved countries with “socialized” medicine, kidnap a physician?

    • (blank) says:

      You miss the point. CRIMINALS in America have BETTER health care! And that’s because there’s a little thing the leftists have also seen to in which it’s now considered to be cruel and unusual punishment to deny an inmate medical attention – or even punish them!

      Like it or not, that guy in Oregon is right! A little deranged and somewhat crazy but he’s still right! Become a ward of the state and you too can have your hemorrhoids treated – for free! About all that guy is doing is line jumping!!!

  7. Ah_Yea says:

    A good reminder of how to fix our healthcare system.

    Simple, effective. Don’t expect the obamabots to understand.

    • Hyph3n says:

      Roll it out, baby! The Repubs had how many years to fix the problems when they had control of the House, Senate and Presidency? If they think this is the fix, take the shoot instead of whining. But you and I know the public will eat you alive.

      When Bush tried to “fix” Social Security by suggesting that public retirement money be given to Wall Street… I can’t remember, how did that go?

  8. jpfitz says:

    Poor guy, I feel badly for him. He’s not alone though another poor soul tried the same tactic.


  9. msbpodcast says:

    I read the comments on the way down and none of them were about health-care and none of them were anything but self-serving harangues on only one side of a political debate.

    US citizens are the most ignorant, selfish people. They are also insufferable self-righteous pricks. (Now that the fascist republic no longer has any use for me, I no longer have any use for it either.)

    You all seem to feel that health care is fine as long as you don’t have to pay for it.

    Guess what you do, one way or another.

    When a paper cut terrifies you because of the risk of infection, you’ll know what the real price of your inaction was. (Modern medicine is less than 50 years old.)

    So adjust that blindfold, suck on that last Marlboro and get ready to drive off the curve, assholes.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Here’s the problem. For-Profit Healthcare is immoral. How much will you pay to get well? Answer: Anything, everything. And that is exactly what US Health Industrial Complex will charge you.

      Obamacare did nothing about “For-Profit Healthcare”. And now taxpayers will have to pay for 40 Million people who can’t pay for themselves because the US HC system is UNaffordable.

      • Mextli says:

        “For-Profit Healthcare is immoral.”

        Where does this crap come from? You are entitled to ONE thing in life; to live until you die.

        • Winston Smith says:

          Your Capitalist Lobotomy has worked perfectly. Now go chant “Greed is Good.”

          • pedro says:

            For profit anything should be banned. You should earn nothing for your work! Barter is the only decent way of living!

            Idiot lefty!

    • jpfitz says:

      Where do you get the idea that no one here pays for health care? I hear your anger at the selfish but not all here are single minded.

  10. Hyph3n says:

    My retired father tells me stories of people who after being diagnosed with cancer commit suicide rather than leaving their families with an ungodly debt.

    For all these countries with “failed” public healthcare system, I’ve yet to meet one actual citizen who would trade their system for ours. Yes, the rich occasionally go elsewhere for their healthcare and yes there are occasionally waits… but look around. How is that different then this country right now?

  11. aaron says:

    سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ
    just needed to see if this works

  12. NewformatSux says:

    Doesn’t he realize that ObamaCare has passed and would solve all his problems?

  13. Winston Smith says:

    Sorry gotta go spend all the taxpayer’s money bombing Syria — To Keep You All Safe.

    No money for health care this decade. Try me again in 2020 (assuming the American Empire lasts that long).

  14. pedro says:

    Here, get a taste of the “best” social medicine in the world from the cries of that countries “lefties”. Their complaint? people with private insurance get the healthcare they need when they need it whereas those in public insurance have to wait months to see a doctor


    • Hyph3n says:

      As opposed to poor and middle class Americans who die or go bankrupt? You got another idea, get your majority together and implement it.

      I seem to remember promises of Obama being rode out on a rail by a population who was sizzlin’ mad over Obamacare. Remind me, who won the last election decisively?

      • pedro says:

        My point is trying to fix the US healthcare problem by instituting a failed system will get you nowhere. What’s yours? Yours is “it doesn’t matter if it has failed, let us embrace the failure!”


      • pedro says:

        Oh, and “The Left” hasn’t said a thing on how they propose the end the “inequalities” in the system where those with money get the healthcare they want when they want it, as opposed to those that use the public system.

        My guess? The any any good lefty aways does: Destroy what works so everybody has to suffer the same fate, no matter if we make it worse by putting more pressure on the already stressed public infrastructure.

        On top of that, you fail to see the irony that is the Left complaining about how government health is working. Or maybe I missed they point and they are complaining on how good the private system works. That’s it! The private ones are robbing the public ones of decent healthcare!

        • Hyph3n says:

          Along with Canadians, I know of no military person who complain about TriCare, a government ran health care system. People even like Medicare. The Government already does a fairly good job at this. If we the people (because we are a gov’t of the people) demand that it continues to do a good job, then it will. But if the Conservatives get their panties in a wad at the first “scandal” posted on the Drudge Report and use it to cut funding to “teach it a lesson,” yeah it might have some problems.

          You know… someone somewhere is complaining about something (and half of that is on this board). So what? I don’t have time to figure out the nuances of some group in Germany. Do you want to take any bets that Germans like their healthcare system more than ours? Anyone?

  15. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Need Health care? Rob Uncle Dave, you’ll get more than any bank job.

  16. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    The solution to this is simple, let those who believe in free health care for all contribute to a single payer health plan…

    Let those who do not, be on their own…

    Then we all get what we want.

  17. Viola Golden says:

    Preforeclosure properties are ideal because you can make more money with them versus homes that are already bank-owned.


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