What is there to say?

  1. denacron says:

    Beautiful! 😀

  2. msbpodcast says:

    Bones, there … is … no … intelligent … life … on … that … planet.

    I’m a doctor Jim, and she’s obviously brain dead.

  3. Uncle Patso says:

    What is the demographic she’s going for?

    My guess: 14-year-old boys.

    Just like most cable channels (e.g. The Nashville Network -> TNN -> Spike) and summer blockbuster movies.

  4. Tim says:

    Ohh, come on! Fake prudes! Kirk and his secret immobile gay lover Pike has always had a thing for big-fingered green chicks with giggly hips —

    Orion Slave Girl, The Cage

  5. MikeN says:

    Women do more the uglier they are. Madonna, Rihanna, Miley.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Women do more the hungrier they are…

      If you’re poor she’ll spit, but if you’re rich she might swallowEverlast off: “Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

      • Misogynistic Moe says:

        TRUE! & ILMAO!

        Now, is there really any doubt that a small group of MEN control most of the wealth in the world? And does it really surprise anyone how mucked up the financial world is as a result?!

        Don’t misunderstand! Women want money too but for entirely different reasons. And when women get a gob of money they then complain how there are no good men left. But what they’re really complaining about is how there’s no one they’d be willing to swallow for. Miley is just now figuring that out.

  6. Count Chocula says:

    Wow, a non-liberal-dogma post by Eitard. Funny!

  7. McCullough says:

    Set phasers on stun.

  8. noname says:

    It’s not like the rise of public attendance at our Coliseums (TV, Concerts, and Stadiums) is turning America into another Roman depraved and degenerate society before its fall!

    We don’t applaud death matches like the Romans (well maybe a few athlete concussion suicides, broken necks, chair throwing coaches, fans rioting, dad sucker punching a coach unconscious, roid raging police, graphic Abu Ghraib torture and death, drones killing Americans…).

    America is maturing and evolving, just as any country evolves. Look at how long China or India have lasted!

    Miley is just self-actualizing, following her feelings and being honest with herself! Exactly what we teach our youth to do, self-actualize and not judge; meanwhile mommy and daddy are off working 14 hr. days to afford a mortgage!

    Miley looks very knowledgeable of what she is doing, emotionally aware, self-directed, and at peace with the world. Best of all, drooling people are paying good money to oggle her.

    Stop being prunes, what’s the problem? Even Obama says Sex Ed for Kindergarteners is the ‘Right Thing to Do’!

    We all can go home and sleep tight, happily knowing our government is doing everything it can in secrete, unburdened by the constitution to protect Americans against terrorist, so we can go shopping and buy these concert tickets!

    So you ask, who makes a society, the people, the government or the elites? Who made America in 1789, 1865 or 1945; the people, elites or the government?

    Why does any of this matter? And what should we do, if we don’t like it?

    • Tim says:

      Real humans are injured for your entertainment — Quit yer bitchn’

      • noname says:

        Looks like I woke Pinocchio from his nap. Tim are you human yet?

        • Tim says:

          I was trying to find a clip of the 1999 Music City Bowl in the (then) new Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville of James Whalen of the Ky. Wildcats wearing his calve up around his ears after an intentionally induced injury but then you distracted me wondering if my detachable nose might gain favor with Miley Syrus in some way.

          • Tim says:

            Ohh! God, yes! Tell a lie; Tell the truth; Tell a lie; Tell the truth; Are you free on tuesday?

          • Miley says:

            You get back in here, you little wooden Willey Wanker!! I’ll have my legal department post your patented anomoly on LiveLeak!!

          • noname says:

            Timmmyyhh.. frightful words…Sing something woody

          • Tim says:

            “Forbidden Zone….”
            “Nine…” Eww! that’s a tinny sort of word!
            “Tribble..” Stop it! Stop it! Eww!

          • Tim says:

            “Warp bubble…”
            “Pon Farr…”
            “Barclay..” Eww! Stop it! tinny! stop!

          • Tim says:

            “Ricky Ticky Tin Tin…” Oh, god dammit.

          • noname says:

            Tim, what’s happening, suddenly your skipping?

            Need a scratch repaired on Vinyl Records?

            Put the record player stylus down and
            slowly step away!

    • msbpodcast says:

      Miley is just self-actualizing…

      L O fucking L

      Miley is trying to bug the bourgeoisie” and keep her fame aflame. (Like Alice Cooper sang in “Headlines” on “Flush the Fashion“: “As long as they spell my name right“…)

      The alternative is a very early retirement and I don’t think she’d put away enough money on what ever she managed to grab from between Mickey Mouse‘s legs.

      Hell, James Joseph Brown, Jr. was still out there dancing up a storm to his dying day not because he wanted to but because he had to.

      • noname says:

        Oh yes, it’s just the capitalist, Miley railing against the bourgeoisie working class…. who would have thunk it!

        • jpfitz says:

          msbpodcast said,

          “Miley is trying to bug the bourgeoisie” and keep her fame aflame. (Like Alice Cooper sang in “Headlines” on “Flush the Fashion“: “As long as they spell my name right“…)

          Info taken from Wikipedia below.

          noname I don’t think you understand what you read. The key word is “bug”. Alice Cooper pissed off a lot of parents. My Dad saw me watching Alice’s special on the tele live called Alice Cooper: The Nightmare showcasing the music of the Welcome To My Nightmare album by Alice Cooper. It originally broadcast in North America on April 25, 1975 by the ABC network.

          In the TV special, Alice Cooper stars as “Steven” who is trapped in a nightmare he can’t wake up from and tries to escape. Vincent Price also appears throughout the special, starring as the “Spirit of the Nightmare”. The special features the Welcome To My Nightmare album in its entirety, with the addition of the song “Ballad of Dwight Frye” from the Alice Cooper album Love It to Death.

          My point is that my Dad kept turning the set off and I’d turn it back on when he left, I got to see most of it anyway. His performance bugged my Dad and that’s the way to piss off people and also get your name in the press.

          • noname says:

            Look, it’s a bird turd, no.. it’s fish crap, no… it’s poor pedro again, the official DU sanctioned troll.

            What’s up poor pedro; not getting enough butt luv from dallas?

            Always so juvenile; “nobrain”, really is that the best your child’s mind can do?

            So sad! At least we all can enjoy laughing at you 🙂

        • noname says:

          Oh yes jpfitz, the key word is “bug”

          Here is just some of the Synonyms I found in the hand dandy unabridged Thesaurus for bug:
          verb annoy, irritate, trouble, bore, anger, harry, bother, disturb, provoke, get (informal), rail, needle (informal), plague, tease, harass, hassle (informal), aggravate (informal), badger, gall, madden, ruffle, exasperate, nettle, molest, pester, vex, displease, irk, bedevil, rile, peeve, ….. it goes on for pages.

          And rail is in the mix, albeit a much more aggressive, less kind “bug”.

          I did not say you where railing against your dad; as, that wasn’t in your original post nor was my post intended to cause offense (unlike pedro, DU officially sanctioned mega troll)!

          As any “cook” does, I threw in (a mash up) some needed spices to my liking, as is typical of blogging.

  9. MikeN says:

    JCD thought it was no big deal, but they started sexualizing her at a young age.

    • noname says:

      It’s like reliving version 2.0 of the 60’s, sad times.
      *-decade old war with strategic bombing/droning
      *-protest beat downs
      *-Texan Prez followed by Nixon like Obama
      *-J Edgar Obama Orwellian state

      It’s not like American really understands why the 60’s was so culturally disruptive.

      Ignoring the 60’s without understanding underlying causes and how to avoid them; we are doomed to repeat history!

    • CrankyGeeksFan says:

      It’s just another teen idol trying to appeal to a different audience when he or she gets to old for the teen audience.

      Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears, David Cassidy, etc.

      The beat goes on …

  10. bobbo, make Reality your friend. It only hurts the first few times. Something masochistic there, unwrapping one's self from the comfortable illusions of Dogma says:

    Puerile without sexual appeal to me. I require/admire something more subtle than the thing thrust into my face.

    That said, I can see covering one’s eyes and running away, but the Enterprise blowing up??? That seems extreme to the max.

    Nice clip though, made me smile.

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with movie references says:

        Quite the tangent there Timmy but it does remind me of an old joke that made the rounds in High School: What is the difference between a snail and a woman? A woman has legs so she doesn’t leave a trail on the ground.

        Yep, thats what I thought too.

    • Tim says:

      It blew up because Scotty (off-camera) liked it and tried to realign the warp-coil with his member.

    • Tim says:

      It’s just so cute because my daughter {soon to be 9} has always worn everything ‘Hanna Montana’ — I think I’ll send her a big finger for her birthday just to piss off the ex.

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with movie references says:

        That would be a good play. Innocent for the child…. oops… probably the ex wouldn’t get it??? Send the ex a video?

        Gotta love and protect the kiddies. The ex’s had their chance.

        • Tim says:

          The ‘ex’ pretty much is the video though it gained mass over the years.

      • msbpodcast says:

        That’s why the Japanese (and Sony in particular) are pushing robots and vocaloids.

        No disappointment later when the kid goes through puberty.

        Like the Worm Quartet sang in I Want To Be Taken Seriously As An Artist

        Fifi was a pop star

        She rocked the headset mic and shook her supposedly natural wink-wink-nudge-nudge “virgin” mombags

        The Billboard top 40 was packed with 38 of her tracks and a couple new Tupac songs

        With hits like “Let’s Not Ruin It By Doin’ It” and “I’m Not Ready To Hold Hands Yet”

        She had her name on lunchboxes, posters and t-shirts and perfumes and golf balls and tampons and pruning shears

        Then she decided the world wanted to see the real Fifi
        Who was apparently a skin-flashing whore who’d gladly do anyone.

        She dated Marilyn Manson, dumped him for Madonna, dumped her for the corpse of Curt Cobain.

        She’d show up on the red carpet, wearing nothing but a thong and two well-placed wads of chewing gum.

        She said, “I want to be taken seriously as an artist”
        “And you can only achieve true artist status by banging everyone in your respective scene”.

        “I want to be taken seriously as an artist”
        “I can’t be a good girl forever, I mean, my gawd I’m almost 15!”

        If I linger ’round too long, will this desire catch up with me?

        Will there be “An Evening of Worm Quartet with the London Symphony?”

        Will “Worm Quartet Unplugged” be a reality someday?

        Will it just be me smacking buttons on my keyboard and bitching that the damned
        thing just won’t play?

        Fifi formed a punk band
        Made up of studio musicians with models to play them in her videos.

        Somehow her fanbase was left behind…

  11. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    OK, so I’m old and didn’t recognize her as Miley Cyres. My first thought was, maybe Lady Gaga. I probably couldn’t pick either out of a two person lineup. And it would not have helped if they played the music. And who the heck was the guy? Robin Thicke? I remember Alan Thicke, but come on, I didn’t even know it was his son until I googled it. And I may have heard of twerking but did not know what it was until now.

    I just don’t get it. I think I’ll just put on the headphones and listen to some Clapton.

    • Mextli says:

      Now Google “Bantu knots” Cap’n and you will be up to speed.

  12. orchidcup says:

    Who the hell is Miley Cyrus?

  13. The Watcher says:

    Cute child. Kinda out of control, perhaps.

    Bad example, but harmless, IMHO.

    Lots of things wrong with it, but we have much bigger problems.

  14. plarsen says:

    The existence of intelligent alien life is irrefutable.

    They have chosen not to contact us.

    I wonder why? 😉

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with movie references says:

      I reflute that. Snappy tune.

    • noname says:

      “The existence of intelligent alien life is irrefutable.”

      Ok let’s do a simple gedanken experiment to demonstrate the irrefutable realities!

      1. Since INTELLIGENCE has never been shown to be intrinsically benevolent or hostile, it could be either! You can’t have benevolent intelligence without hostile intelligence!

      a. If there is INTELLIGENT alien life (because there are Billions And Billions of alien life habitable possibilities in space) then alien life could be hostile to humans (we are a food snack, free labor, …) or benevolent (they help us or leave us alone).

      i. Let’s consider both these undeniable possibilities, hostile and benevolent Aliens. Remember Billions And Billions alien life habitable possibilities in space over billions and billions of evolutionary years, demands both hostile and benevolent Aliens exist, as neither is evolutionarily favored!

      1. Hostile: Out of these billion and billions of possible HOSTILE aliens, one if not many have undoubtedly evolved their intelligence over billions and billions of years and these same aliens have undoubtedly scouted our solar system for new worlds and territory to conquer and EASILY acquire.
      a. It is a fact, earth humans exist without any HOSTILE aliens overlords/masters.
      i. Therefore NO HOSTILE ALIENS EXIST, get over it!
      1. If no HOSTILE aliens exist, no benevolent aliens exist, as neither is evolutionarily favored!
      a. The irrefutable reality is, no Aliens exist!

      • plarsen says:

        Good logical reasoning.

        However, not flawless.

        Even the flesh-eating Knorrr came to the conclusion that invasion of Earth would be prejudicial to the mental sanity of their matron warriors. Hence they keep away like scared dogs from a 2000 light year interdiction zone.

        • noname says:

          Yes, that is what the Egyptian Pyramid hieroglyphs say. They also say, the flesh-eating Knorrr need not eat us and we humans make good slaves instead, once washed!

          A closer read of the hieroglyphs also say that the Wombats make good alien eats and Wombats are Knorrr health food!

          Knorrr with their superior technology and uncontrollable voracious flesh-eating appetites would have hunted the Wombat to extinction, but they exist in over-abundance!

          Again this is proof Egyptian Pyramid hieroglyphs are wrong, again and Space Aliens don’t exist!

          Your move!

          • plarsen says:

            Sir, I bow to your wisdom.

            However, even hypothetical aliens should stay away.

            I call for a political committee under the Urinated Nations to study the placement of warning beacons at all entry points of our solar system.

            Now more wombats will be guaranteed employment paid by more other people’s money.

            It will of course all be a huge waste of time – and yet, the wombats involved will be rather too busy to do damage otherwise. Hence my general appreciation for politicians in locations of no consequence.

            Q.E.D. We are mad!

          • Tim says:

            Mr. plarsen,

            Meet me behind Tarqeq during penumbra-prime and bring a lighter.

  15. Glenn E. says:

    As was recently revealed by one of the Tv news networks. Miley and some other rockers (Madonna?) and rap artists are very curious about something called “Molly”. So much that they write songs about it. Quiz their fans about it (“Who here is on Molly”). Which is another street name for MDMA or Ecstasy, in a purer form.

    I’ve heard that some concerts get shutdown for O.D. deaths, attributed to Molly use. Which strikes me as a pretty neat scam. Take all the concert goers money, and soon as someone ODs. Shut it all down, and keep the money. Yeah, Miley Cyrus. That shortens your gig, pretty neatly, I’ll bet she gets paid just the same. No wonder they want their fans on this drug. Less work for these performers, when their fans drop dead, and the concerts close early. You don’t think they refund the ticket sales, when it’s clearly the fans’ who are at fault? Dream on.

  16. Moe Ron says:

    OK. Follow me on this if you can:

    Miley Cyrus works for Disney for x-amount of years as Hanna Montana. Her show is canceled when she starts hitting puberty and then goes into career cocoon like nearly all Disney actors do.

    Next, we have NBC loosing all it’s good shows where everything seems to be going the way of the entrepreneur production company. These production companies then hire writers who later start to come up with a few idiotic shows that people actually want to watch. Many of these shows get produced by Disney or some subsidiary closely related to Disney. Shows like Survivor, Big Brother, America’s Got Talent, really moronic stuff that hardly requires any writing – or any talent!

    Eventually, a show comes along like Two and a Half Men staffed by former Disney actors Charlie Sheen and John Cryer. And of course, no new show is complete without a few new faces. So in comes the “half man” Jake played by Angus T.Jones. (Maybe you can see where I’m going here.)

    Perhaps you remember Sheen as the replacement to Michael J Fox in Spin City which was produced/distributed by ABC. Maybe you remember Cryer in some of those Disney-esque teen movies like Pretty in Pink or even his two cameo’s as Ken Truscott on Hanna Montana.

    So after a few years, Sheen goes nuts and quits Two and a Half Men in a near month long tirade that some people are still talking about. He winds up on another similar show that’s almost poetic to his very life, Anger Management which isn’t even on broadcast TV.

    Next we have Angus T. Jones bad mouthing the show possibly also looking to quit but pulls his bullshit back just in time to maintain his cameo appearances. Of course that all happened just after a couple of episodes where we saw Jake (Jones) and his new love interest played by Miley Cyrus “get it on.” Later on, we see Miley’s character’s mother played by Jamie Lee Presley get pedophilically sexual with Jake too. You remember Jamie in that trailer trash TV show called My Name is Earl, don’t you? Care to recall where the mouse ears were in that mess?

    I’m not quite sure what’s going on over there in Hollyweird. But now we see Miley going nuts and doing her “twerking” act in an almost obvious attempt to try and distance herself from that evil empire whose very trademark is embodied by a rodent.

    So for whatever reasons and no matter how you look at it, Disney is always just a stones throw away. You may even think that the show she (Cyrus) appeared in was a universal yearly production too. But do you happen to recall what network produced or broadcast it?!

    Are you convinced yet that Disney is actually controlling the world through it’s highly polished ability to influence a bunch of ape brains? Just look at what passes for acting or even as talent. And would you care to recall what state all of this is centrally located in? (Hint: It’s the same state that host’s weirdo places like Silicon Valley and elects abominations like Nancy Pelosi.)

    Perhaps now is a good time to remind everyone that we deserve what we get when we allow a mouse to run things. Never mind real life! Never mind how nearly all the NEWS agencies are also tied to bullshit like this. Right?

    Want to know what’s really wrong with America? It isn’t “them” as so many of you try to point out every week. However, I would agree that it is “them” when we, the consuming public, allow ourselves to buy into all “their” fake bullshit.

    My only gripe is with the indignant moral complainers who somehow think that watching it all on a glowing box is somehow a suitable replacement to actually doing something – or doing anything. And that goes double for any religious fools who often do nothing other than protest and complain about crap. And don’t be so sure that your political beliefs aren’t necessarily a religion either. Remember that “hope” and “change” bullshit? Need I say more?

    • jpfitz says:

      I don’t watch much tv, maybe… “Justified” and “The Walking Dead”, well put, but I have a feeling you don’t like Disney. I have no idea about the rest of your rant but agreed Hollyweird sucks in this day and age.

      • bobbo, we think with words, but get confused by BS says:

        The only thing wrong with Hollywood is that it is a for profit business: AIMED at making a profit. That means mass appeal to the type o consumer that will PAY to see a flick 10 + times. Who does that??? Teen boys.

        So—across the Board, we get crap. Not just from Disney. The dots there are replicated across the industry. It would be an exercise to do the same with MTV created singing stars.

        If you don’t like it and prefer the Cable Offerings, or even reading a book, consider yourself not the target of mass marketing, elite, and mostly irrelevant in a consumer driven market.

        Ain’t that a good thing?

  17. lionscheet says:

    Was it not in the podcast Arab winter, you-Dvorak say something about liars stick there tongue out right after a lie…

  18. Uncle Dave says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Many of pedro and noname’s comments were removed because we are all tired of their childish insults at each other.


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