NSFW, depending on where you work

If the government were open, the Consumer Safety whatever might frown on the selling of this here in the US.

  1. Tim says:

    “That was a great ol’ romp, snugglepuss. p.s. your snatch is on the moon.”

  2. AdmFubar says:

    here is her twin sister


  3. Captain Obvious says:

    Well, the Japanese are a whacky bunch aren’t they?

  4. RabidMonkey says:

    And this constitutes real-news in which modicum of legitimacy? NoAgenda harps upon major media outlets for similar claptrap. Why all-of-a-sudden is NoAgenda legitimized on-account of simply it’s divulgent penchant towards parody? My dear NoAgenda cohorts, we reap what we do indeed sow.

    • RabidMonkey says:

      yes, I am lumping Dvorak’s blog into the very show advertised on said blog, and co-hosted by non-other than the man, myth, and legend himself; Mr. John C. Dvorak. Al I have to say is that parody can take a tragic turn towards seriousness if one is not careful. It is a fine-line to tread, . . . a fine line. . . .

  5. Comanche says:

    I remember that bar from the Philippines.

  6. Uncle Patso says:

    Seriously weird.

    And here I thought psychedelics weren’t big in Japan.

    Some other mushroom get mixed in with the shiitake?

  7. Glenn E. says:

    Uncle Dave could have picked a far worse example of Asian perverted culture. As AdmFubar pointed out, with another Youtube link. And American syndicated “news” Tv isn’t immune to bad taste either. I recently caught CBS’s “Up to the Minute” running a piece about a cyclist picking his butt crack, and then put his hand in a companion biker’s face. Probably because he knew they were being filmed. And the show hosts wasted a couple minutes talking about it. I changed the channel. So why did CBS think that was worthy of national Tv exposure?

  8. Angel H. Wong says:

    Oh, look. A Lindsay Lohan doll.


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