Isn’t this what John and Adam have been saying for who knows how long?

A newly released internal document reveals details of how officials at the American National Security Agency (NSA) should cite 9/11 and the fear of future attacks when answering questions about the spying programme.

  1. Dallas says:

    Makes sense. The possibility of incidents like 9/11 and other future attacks on Americans here and abroad is why we need the NSA to conduct surveillance. Why else would we need them for?

    • ± says:

      It is obvious with actinic brilliance that if Rmoney was president and all other facts were the same, you would harbor exactly the opposite point of view.

      D/R voter = sheeple. Period.

      You and all the other sheeple are DIRECTLY responsible for the mess the USA is in. The politicians you hired to fuck us by proxy didn’t hire themselves.

      • Dallas says:

        The NSA is apolitical but whatever.

        Anyway, I hired Obama to clean up after your boy, Bush royally fucked the country’s balance sheet and extract us from two wars.

        The results are in: deficit cut in half , unemployment at 7.2% and gays rule. More good stuff but my point is made.

        President Hillary Clinton will get the unemployment to under 6 % and back to surpluses to pay off the debt. Your boy Ted Cruz already fucked you by $24billion and not a peep from you . You’re a lemming .

        • MikeN says:

          >gays rule

          Why are you being redundant? You already told us that Obama was president.

          • Dallas says:

            Two term President Obama is not gay. However he and first lady, Michelle Obama can party with me any time.

            I’d love to have them over for a movie or whatever.

          • MikeN says:

            You’re not going to convince me that you do all this toadying without being aware of Obama’s ‘status’.
            I don’t think Michelle would be interested in being anywhere near you. Nothing personal, just resentment at everything she’s had to put up with.

          • MikeN says:

            >Two term President Obama is not gay

            Are you being Clintonian? One term pres is but 2nd term is not. What did you believe him when he said ‘It’s not you it’s me.

          • Tim says:

            You go, girl! I hear Michelle O’s tired of ‘bamba’s little tiny dick — She’s happy to slum by and play the man if you don’t mind her bot-fly-spined strap-on is a little bit more waxed hard and put up surveilled than when it was first shipped.

            Do humanity a favor and save a cyanide suppository for Brakk Brakk for when he comes in begging for the cleanup crew after remote-sensing M.O.’s long-withheld gusher.

        • ± says:

          “You’re a lemming” said the sheeple who will help to rehire R/Ds next election.

          You don’t need help from anyone here to look like an idiot.

          • Dallas says:

            Well, R/D are the only two viable choices.

            The other choice that I thought was plausible , the Tea Party, fell on it’s face when it picked up social issues agendas from the lunatics. They’re DOA.

            I’m not an idiot! Stop bullying me on the internet.

        • Newmie says:

          Well the real unemployment numbers are around 20-25%, so the Obama administration are fiddling with the figures to have better headlines associated with what they do.

  2. dusanmal says:

    That is more than clear. What is not clear is why Libertarian Left refuses to get the obvious truth (clear to Libertarian Right) that the one and only possible systematic solution is in taking the power from the Government. Solving both the reason of why does the Government do it and how is it able to do it-weak , limited, poor Government can’t spy nor has it need for spying.
    (Nor can such Government “provide” “redistribute” “invest”… – but that’s the whole point, if you want Government able to do those things – bend over for some inevitable NSA examination and be ready to give your hard earned money to the friends of Presidential Spouses).

  3. Tim says:

    Thirty national security agents agree: “You can’t pay too much for a good pair of patsies.” Hellen Snowden agrees “My God! Your peeps are what you walk on.”

  4. Mextli says:

    This monster and Homeland Security are too big to stop now. They will just keep on doing what they want. We will only know about it from a few stalwarts of the truth like James Clapper.

    • Tim says:

      You only mock him because he is a short, bald, lying, twitchy, sweaty, white guy. Racist.

  5. Ya Ya Ya says:

    You just gotta love this too:

    FF to about 1:25.

    (Psst! Hey JCD. Maybe you should be talking to these guys once in a while. Or maybe you could just listen to them. I mean, it’s pretty hard to miss large gatherings of NSA protesters outside your bitch Nancy Pelosi’s Washington DC office. So do you think maybe you could stop relying solely on those Sillyville “news” sources like Twitter and Reditt? Could it be time to consider revamping or cutting your shows so you can look around a bit more? Or am I mistakenly thinking that you will ever really cover tech and politics issues in your blog? Cause I gotta say, it’s been pretty dead with content here lately. Although I do suspect the reason may be because of the same idiots who continue to bore you/us with their same old crap.)

  6. Hmeyers says:

    I don’t care who is president.

    I prefer the NSA to listen to ALL calls and emails and text messages in the world.

    Before you say I am crazy … let me offer why!

    This kind of thing will only hurt malicious dummies and the crooked. And those are the hurtful people in this world.

    The 0.05% smart schemes adapt and posture — but they have selfish goals in mind that only involve $$$ — they want fat bank accounts — only the dummies and fanatics want people hurt and explosions.

    I think selling out the brutal troublemakers is a fair trade and I think we have to concede that phone calls and emails never actually were really secure EVER.

    Do you seriously think those were secure during the Cold War? As one example. Nope. Never. And what about the FBI’s Carnivore sniffing every email in the 1990s? Nope, never secure emails.

    No freedoms were lost. Just the illusion.

    Well, the hell with the illusion. It was pretend anyway …

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

      I agree.

      ……………… but I would only lie about it until I got caught………………and then I would change the subject.

      Just read some history/psychology. Recognize people don’t support “those up on the wall.”

      The evil in the world is that other societies have people in them no different than us. Curry as a spice, and rice as the main dish doesn’t count.

      Silly Hoomans.

      • Hmeyers says:

        Evil is a constant.

        In the West, we prefer an uneasy peace that involves accepting money-grubbing rats in exchange for a lack of violence.

        I’ll take that trade-off.

        And I’ll accept money-grubbing rats supporting the building of missiles, smart bombs and drones for blowing the maliciously violent fanatics to smithereens for “A Few Dollars More”.

        Evil is a constant. I myself prefer the thin-veneer style civil evil of bureaucrats, patent lawyers, bankers and stockbrokers to the violently evil dictators, bloody civil war ragers and North Korea WW III types.

        Just one of the difficult choices a civilized society has to make each day. Do I sleep better at night? You bet I do.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

          Its always nice to be in a situation where you think you are gaining more than you are losing.

          aka: how to Machiavelli Yourself.

          Ha, ha.

      • Tim says:

        Yes. But, hydrolized soy isolates are passed off as both curry and spice and all of everything else, nice, or not so much, everywhere and allwhen {All hail Monsanto}. It has has infested all the cultures on earth.

        Ohh. I solved that hypothetical of cross-aquiring lots of time-critical perishable and volitile ‘stock’ needing to be transported just somewhere else asap , but low on dry ice and documentation…

        It’s Halloween and my ‘stock’ is going to grin and dance and chant themselves merrily along well-lit streets in an inconspicuous manner whilst garbed in equally low-profile cheap-plastic fashion. They are going as a troupe of Davids the Immunologistally-Challenged (but, Still want to be loved though they’re also zombies) Bubble-Boys. Very, very scary looking bubble-boys.

        Summertime Clothes

        • Psyonic Voice Transfer Feedback Bot says:

          Watch the boys, bobbo; There is nothing wrong with child porn. You’ll never know until you look. Oh lookie lou — some of the product looks like Dallas. Long-haired, blood-silouetted, sensual, organ-doning and willing zombie Dallases. “I’m having a stroke” — ACA and The Ad Council

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

            Ever play “pick up sticks”? Thats an idea at the core, in this context the OP. All around the postings by those slithering to be relevant we have TANGENTIAL comments. “On Point” only if you find the path for yourself. Timmay started this evil process, but I think you are besting him with this excellent post.

            Yes, I see the thread not so much HI-Jacked, as strewn with tangents. How many can be picked off before the rest move?….Might not even be the game here.

            Hey…. this is the end result of lack of attention. Very meaningful in one’s own imagination… but no one else can follow it.

            Its the darkest mark against poetry.

            “Just Look!” (sic====>but I dither.)

  7. MikeN says:

    kind of like how fearing that you won’t get good health care is used to sell the idea of giving more power to the government.

    • Hmeyers says:

      Republicans ran all 3 branches of government for 6 six years in a row no so long ago!

      If you want to cry — cry that these same Republicans — instead of solving these problems — instead decided to take bribes and throw themselves out of power.

      Obamacare sucks to the core! But the Republicans had control of all 3 branches of government during 6 of 8 years during the Bush presidency and frucked it all up.

      So … I thought in 2010 when the Tea Party dominated the Congressional elections winning +63 house seats they would solve all problems??? Whatever happened with all of that?

      Perhaps all of them are lying and cheating losers?

      • MikeN says:

        Well they did insist on sparing us from ObamaCare, but the Senate wouldn’t go along, and Obama refused. Then the leadership decided to sell them out. We need more Tea Party members, and not establishment guys like McConnell.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

      No, Lyin’ Mickey===its more like you trying to sell the old rotten fish that the gubment doing what the GREAT MAJORITY of people want (and need) is somehow giving up personal power and autonomy to them….. when in fact, its just the opposite. FREE to change jobs, when not held hostage by job provided healthcare.

      Try to think “not” like a douchebag.

      • MikeN says:

        “ObamaCare=CRAP”, quote by the honorable bobbo.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

          Lyin’ (as always as if frozen in amber) mikey: Just on my memory, which is faulty from time to time, YOU said Obamacare = crap. Now…. I agree I might have agreed with you in context. Hmmm…. or even stated it myself in the CONTEXT====> THAT what is needed and what we will eventually achieve is: SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

          Obamacare IS crap. Probably NOT for the reasons you think. I THINK: because it does not go far enough into socialized medicine….. aka…. healthcare for all “as if” it were a “right” falling on those within the political boundaries of the GOUSA. I sense that you would mean something different….. but perhaps you aren’t a pulsating douchebag. Prove me wrong??????

          Should poor people suffer from disease and illness because they have not secured employer paid healthcare coverage or do you mean something else when stating vaguely that Obamacare = CRAP?

          • MikeN says:

            Talk about wishy-washy. Perhaps Obama should learn from you, I may have said you can keep your health care but not for the reasons you think.

  8. deowll says:

    Reasons for the NSA: fear, fear, and fear.

    What the NSA has accomplished. They are a major source of information after terrorist attacks.

    Number of terrorist attacks prevented by the NSA. I think I read they might have prevented on minor incident.

    What Obama and his staff know about the NSA. “I know nothing.” They should all have been actors on Hogans Heroes. I must admit Obama doesn’t look like Schultz he has his lines down pat. I give him 4 Pinocles!

  9. Special_Ed says:

    Our wonderful, benevolent government is only interested in making us safer. Let’s look at how they do it:

    1. Take our guns (first line of self defense) while running guns to Mexico and who knows where else

    2. Spy on us 24/7

    3. Force expensive obamacare on us cause our current, affordable h/c isn’t good enough

    4. Bankrupt us with perpetual wars

    5. Bankrupt us with total mismanagement of revenues

    6. Do nothing to improve our economy, add jobs, or help small businesses (where jobs are created)

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

      ……….and your solution is?


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