Ben Siller looked ridiculous on a recent afternoon, standing on a downtown Denver street corner with a giant device clamped to his face sniffing the air for odorous evidence of marijuana.

“What are you doing?” asked Jimmy Smith, owner of Higher Expectations dispensary south of Mississippi Avenue near the South Platte River.

In the dawning age of legal marijuana in Denver, the city is getting more and more complaints about the unmistakable odor wafting through the streets — a skunky, herbal scent that has prompted dozens of calls to the city’s hotline. That’s when Siller with his Nasal Ranger device jumps into action.

  1. Dallas says:

    Looks like a snot gun. The NRA just doesn’t stop with their foolishness.

  2. ± says:

    Skunky smelling weed? They need a new supplier.

  3. Dopey, Sneazy & Grumpy says:

    FYI: The City of Denver has been wrestling with a new ordinance about odors of marijuana emanating into public areas. At first, they said even if you smoke pot in your own home that if any of the smell gets out you could be fined! I believe the fine was even as high as $500!!!

    Naturally, this brought out all kinds of protests and the city has since relaxed their (right wing supported) proposed ordinance. But now, the (predominantly left wing) State has quietly took it up since no one wants pot consumption on the ski slopes or at any sporting events. There is still going to be a fine (which I’m still not sure the amount to be) but only for people who consume marijuana in public and allow the odor to escape into public areas. No word on if that’s going to apply to tobacco consumption or even farts.

    I also suspect, if this isn’t a joke, that this device may be a new tool for law enforcement to use too. Of course, that all depends on the motivation to use it. Translation: money!

    …And on a side note, you may also like to know that the State of Colorado (which is where Denver is) has now passed Proposition AA by a 64% voter approval which will now impose a new tax on all pot sales. This tax is considered to be grossly unfair when compared to alcohol or tobacco, and many who are against it go on to say that it will only force marijuana sales back to the black market. In fact, anyone caught with more than an ounce of pot can and likely will be prosecuted — and fined! The only difference here is there will be no jail time (which I think was the whole idea behind Amendment 64).

    Also notable, all pot sales are and will continue to be heavily regulated to established licensed businesses/entities. And even if you have a license to sell/distribute pot, you can NOT sell it outside of your “established” store. Of course, anyone can still give it away for free. The only provision there is that any freebie giveaways are not to be completed in public.

    You should also know that smoking pot is only legal for medicinal purposes right now too. However, general “recreational” pot consumption for anyone 21 years of age and older will become legal on January 1, 2014.

    [BTW, Colorado’s ski slopes are packing up nicely for one of our better ski seasons. So be sure and stay away! One day lift tickets are roughly a cool C-note with gas prices set to go over $4 a gallon and even cheap accommodations running into the G-Note realms. That’s probably outside many of your budgets. But then that shouldn’t be such a surprise from such a BLEW State either.]

  4. sho off says:

    Nevada is next. I am sure that they will have more relaxed laws than Colorado.

  5. MattG says:

    Someone has been watching too much Futurama!

  6. MikeN says:

    So if tobacco causes smells, that is an excuse to ban it and sic the lawyers on the sellers. But marijuana should be legal.

  7. I.Dohno says:

    Ben Stiller and Jimmy Smits, I can’t wait to see this movie.

  8. Uncle Patso says:

    I too thought the quote named Ben Stiller, and thought the picture and “Nasal Ranger” were part of a comedy bit.


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