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  1. t0llyb0ng says:

    The day the NSA figured out how to split a photon stream & divert half of it to who-knows-where was the day our favorite Internetz that we knew & loved was ruined.  Talk about a man in the middle!  The Photonic fatpipes we’ve come to rely on so heavily are inherently insecure because some assholes will always be siphoning the stuff out somewhere along the line.

    It was so much more pleasant before that damn Snowden came along & reawakened our olfactory faculties.  Suddenly it smells like sh!t in here (or it has since six months ago, if you were paying attention).

    Pre-Snowden, we were dumb & happy.  Post-Snowden, we can’t trust any of it anymore & the powers that be are lying to us & they can’t stop.  O’Bomber won’t weigh in on it anymore, if at all possible.  Finds others to do his lying for him.

    But Adam’s probably right:  CIA is the 800-pound gorilla & NSA is just its Carbonite(R) service.

    • Glenn E. says:

      Many of Snowden’s revelations aren’t all that new. But not they’ve got better coverage in the media, and we’re told that its not just about spying on the bad guys.

      This was from March 2007.

      And this was from October 2013.

      And this isn’t the first time we’ve learned that the NSA has been sniffing the worldwide broadcast airwaves for signs of militant action. Or any kind of organized anti-establishment or anti-military, resistance or action.

      The Internet itself is a former US Defense project, that was “turned over” to public use, just when private commercial alternatives threatened to take root. Connectivity services like CompuServe and Prodigy, and scores of regional ones, that the FBI/NSA couldn’t so easily monitor without being so obvious about it. So give the public a full blown communications network, already plugged into NSA monitoring, courtesy of US taxpayers who funded it all. What commercial service could compete with that? And why didn’t any of them complain about being put out of business, by the government’s declassified network? Unfair competition.

      And what’s the most interesting and ironic, is the idea that the government’s monitoring of this declassified (formerly classified) nework. Is a classified intelligence matter. Anyone can use it, very little transmitted over it is in secret in any way. But knowing that the US govt retains the ability to monitor all of it, -IS- a huge secret? Even though it should be blatantly obvious.

      Just don’t wake up the general public from their causal and trusting use of the Internet and phone network. Even most popular Tv crime dramas don’t show the authorities tracing calls in seconds. So people will think they’re safe from being tracked down, for doing anything over the phone, legal or not, that authorities wish to blow up into a hot case. Always use payphones, that don’t have cameras zeroed in on them, to “anonymously” report something. Or you’ll become a “person of interest” and suspect number one.

  2. Moe says:

    You can be assured the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and many more, are sure glad this pinhead Snowden came along.


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