Yeah, right. This will happen.

The typhoon that killed thousands of people in the Philippines has energized debate about whether rich nations should compensate poor ones for climate-related losses, a proposal the U.S. and European Union are resisting.

Some 130 countries, including islands concerned they’ll disappear with rising sea levels, are pushing for reparations as part of a “loss and damage” mechanism at United Nations climate talks in Warsaw this week. They blame countries that industrialized 200 years ago for damaging the atmosphere.
For developing countries, the push for compensation is a result of the failure of their wealthy counterparts to cut emissions quickly enough.

  1. jpfitz says:

    They have beautiful tropical islands with nature abounding. What are these people complaining about. I think typhoons and torrential downpours are the downsides of such beauty.

    And yeah Pedro, no reinforced concrete for them. Only tin and ply wood. Did you notice one of the only standing structures left was a church? Was it really the concrete or divine intervention?

    The way the scientists talk about the sea levels rising, my Grandchildren will have beach front property.

  2. Tim says:

    “”However, in terms of loss of life, a cyclone that occurred 2,000 miles west of the Philippines some 40 years ago was far worse.

    “”In November 1970, the Bhola Cyclone smashed into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Bengal (India) and killed at least 500,000 people — although the true death toll will never be known. That is at least 50 times the number of deaths recorded in the Philippines over the weekend.

    … November 11, 12 1970. Hmmmmm.. Whatever.

    “Bla. Bla. Bla. Here is what we’re gonna do, kids. Ya’ll line up against the wall again and it’s gonna be a smashing fun round of Big Mother May I…”

    It would seem that some of the kids have enough neurons left to, at the very least, be forming some kind of thought of what they *think* about the numbing stupidity of the game — Those kids will be guided towards a life where caretakers hide paint chips in the food.

    “”He called this year’s conference, the 19th, “historic” because it’ll be the first time ambition to cut emissions is lower at the end of the two weeks than at the beginning.

    • Tim says:


      Living islands (reefs) grow upward as sea level rises. And High Brazil did not sink because of abrupt climate change but because a drop of blood was spilled upon it whilst questing for the Horn Resounding.

      “”…Sing song. Blub, blub, blub.

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    “Calling for…………………………………… wait for it………………………..


    Yes, people everywhere wanting to debate why they want/need/deserve help. Its true, they do. But thats not what National Sovereign Issues are based on.

    I note in the liberally biased news the “assumption” that people have a “right” to immigrate to the USA. This claim is only a little different than the one of this OP. People who “need” requesting help from those who “can.” The only missing element is the desire to help those who got the short straw.

    Its called: The Christian Challenge. GO=============>

    • Tim says:

      “No, it isn’t.”


      • Tim says:

        Oh, tangents. I think I saw comet Ison.

        “”It’s just a game.

        No, it isn’t.


        “”Never play the board, always the man.

        You got to play the man playing the board. Play me.

        You have to beat me, not the board.

        You’re not who I have to play.

        You’re playing me now.


        All right.

        Better! Yes! Come on, move.



        All right!




        Wait. What?

        Good move! — Searching For Bobby Fischer

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          Timmmmay—I note most if not ALL of your tangents come from movies and tv. You know: made up stuff like loud explosions and fires in space? ……. Whooooosh.

          I play chess to a high degree. “Playing the Man” makes no F*cking sense at all. You play the board or you lose. Now….. to be fair….. there is some validity to that notion when playing poker, or the opening bid in Bridge.

          You would do yourself well to remove the Hollywood BS from your thought process…. if its not Bollywood as in Pedro’s Case.

          But this tangent is for you: (So far you are mostly innocent of this charge but put “Stupid” in front of the Lovely miss George and you have a good summary of the TeaTards who want people to suffer so that they can feel empowered! I gotta go with FLERPs on this one!)

          Ha, ha.

          • Tim says:

            I’m still not sure what I just watched.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Tangents are like that Timmmmay. Very relevant and meaningful to ourselves…. degrees of separation for everyone else.

          • Tim says:

            yea, but you can clearly see stuff when flying off on a tangent — “Oh look, 150 meters wide and on the same resonance orbit we’re constrained to. You have killed us all, cat.”

          • noname says:

            “Look, you both have said a lot of mad things since we’ve met”.

            “How did I understand you?”

            “The TARDIS translates for you.”

            “Anything you hear and read will be in English since that’s the language you know the most, and it’s the same for anyone who hears you speak. Except swear words, she doesn’t translate those.”

          • Tim says:

            Good ol’ Chell {and Gordon to?}. Is that someones’ imaginings of HL3 there, noname?

          • noname says:


  4. Another Tim says:

    Is that an article or the prologue of “State of Fear”?

  5. MikeN says:

    >Yeah, right. This will happen.

    Why the sarcasm? What do you think has been happening so far?
    These countries have figured out that like the Middle East peace process, having an agreement to these wackos is more important than achieving anything. So they know they can make incredible demands which if not met they will walk away.
    This is why Russia released statements from its scientists that the whole thing is a hoax and had some scientists betting that it was going to get colder. Then they got to sell carbon credits from a higher baseline under Communism. No actual emissions cuts and they make money.

    China and India produce CFCs that wealthier countries are not allowed to produce under the Montreal Protocol so they can then destroy them and sell the carbon credits. They want to see that continue, as well as being the oversight over the clean development mechanism. In other words, you give us money so you can pretend to have cut emissions.

    • dusanmal says:

      Very nice IF CARBON HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Never mind if we are at “unseen temperature levels”.

      For the second fact – please find any published and peer reviewed historical temperature record with errors in single digit percentage range. Typically these are from either polar region ice cores. Here is one:

      Science: Those poor countries, same as us are still in 10% COLDEST years since human civilizations exist, over 10000 years. If warmer indeed means bigger hurricane, those areas were experiencing much worse in historical times.

      As for the first part: MIT/NASA study in 1990’s which with great precision measured Earth input and output of energy from space concluded that though Earth was significantly warming for each of 8 years of study – EACH YEAR AMOUNT OF ENERGY SENT BACK in proportion to incoming one was… GREATER. Now go to high school and learn what “greenhouse effect” is. This study EXCLUDES AN greenhouse effect as cause of Earth warming. Any. Carbon from humans, natural carbon, other greenhouse gasses, some things we might even not know – all EXCLUDED. It is NOT carbon and it is NOT greenhouse effect.
      In 2011 we got proof positive, again from top scientific institutions – CERN, of what IS causing warming. Guess what, nothing to do with humans. Proportion of high energy particles in incoming energy and greater efficiency of water vapor in atmosphere to warm Earth from them. What did CERN do? – BAN any interpretation of facts, because ideologs have rooted themselves in scientific top control positions and if it does not fit ideology – it is hidden (MIT/NASA) or even banned (CERN) from general public. Galileo, Copernicus,… same thing just Church ideology.
      And that ideology is who/what want wealth redistribution on all levels, people, corporate, countries,… And it is lying for its own purposes. As all of its examples over all issues, say healthcare.
      Ideology of lying liars greedy for power arising from the process of redistribution.

  6. Dallas says:

    I’m loving the picture.

    Anyway, this compensation thing isn’t going to happen nor should it.

    The only way it could pass is if Halliburton lobbies for a country restoration program and his Teatard shills push this through Congress. However , president Hillary Clinton will kill the deal.

    Good luck with that. It won’t happen.

  7. Soylent Green says:

    Seriously, if you want to make a better world for humans then you should stop overpopulating it. Remember: just because you can do something (like have kids or drive a car or even create your own monument) doesn’t mean you should!

    If the U.N. or nearly any other country were serious about helping humanity then they’d be talking about REAL solutions like what China is doing with their one child per family law. Because global warming which produces these more intense storms is just a symptom to a much larger problem that wouldn’t even be a problem if there were just less people on planet Earth. Therefore, population growth, or lack thereof, should be on everyone’s primary radar rather than just trying to deal with the occasional consequences like more powerful hurricanes.

    If anyone really wanted to solve these things then the powers that be, like the UN or even individual national governments, would seriously be considering some sort of population control. Not like what Hitler tried in Germany, NO! I think most everyone can recognize that killing people for no reason is wrong. (After all, that’s what religions and war are for.)

    I’m saying do things like mandatory sterilization of those irresponsible fuck monkeys to imposing higher taxes on people with kids. And for those who don’t pay yet continue to contribute to earths overpopulation by having kids then snip snip! Even better would be to be give some kind of credit to anyone willing to self sterilize to taking on an adopted child or twenty. At the very least, no more publicly funded fertilization solutions.

    Now, if you want to have kids then great! All I’m saying is, PAY FOR THEM! No tax credits either. Not just pay for the obvious things like food and shelter but pay for the unconsidered things like the resources your kids will consume before they become tax paying adults. Resources like the fuel it takes to bus their buts to school, to the waste facilities they will be contributing to, to even the energy they will consume watching TV (or playing video games, or whatever)!

    And when you think about it, carbon taxes are not such a bad idea either. That is, unless you’re the one consuming all the carbon (as in “hydrocarbon” which is what’s in gasoline and oil)!

    • Tim says:

      O.k. Funny Mr. Fuck Monkey.

      “”REAL solutions like what China is doing with their one child per family law.

      What? Like rescending it?

      “”Because global warming which produces these more intense storms is just a symptom to a much larger problem that wouldn’t even be a problem if there were just less people on planet Earth.

      I don’t know of anyone claiming that. The public relations arms of these organizations and the media intimate at it.

      As for the rest of your tripe, “snip snip”, indeed.

      • Xinhua News Network says:

        ” Twenty four hour day. Even today. XNN. Yin. And Yang.”

        “This just publish…….. The government has just given the 90 million surplus male One Child Policy a helment torch and a spirit-guide sparrow. And a translucent catatta fish. And dubious directions and recommendations for viable exit ramps and incarceration-happy security polyps. State approvex film at 11:00. Hoe?….”

    • Glenn E. says:

      Interesting idea. But you’re never going to get politically connected clans or dynasties, like the Kennedys, to comply with it. They’ll breed as much as they want to.

      Also, wars are fought by conscripted youth. So the “free” worlds’ armies will always need a ready supply of naive young people to enlist or be drafted, to sacrifice their lives and their health, in some politically motivated war. So the rich clans’ children won’t have to. And restricting population growth flies in the face of that need. So “the beast” that is the military war machine, will never permit its food supply to be curtailed.

  8. Tim says:

    The cyclone was a weather event. But, that aside, repairations ought to be considered for local populations affected by private\gov modding of a system.

    Just as a hypothetical — A geographically and isobarically *tight* storm with violent winds capable of damaging high rise buildings is modified such that the maximum wind speed is far reduced but the areal coverage of the storm and flooding is extended 10x.

    Sort of a hypothetical — A very compact, violent hurricane marches due west for days just then to take a slight deviation and eyewall evolution such that the tight, destructive storm turned into a wide and flooding anomaly. At least, all those giant cruze ships were spared a direct n\e quadrant eyewall hit.

    Technical note..

    In practice, it is possible to do these kinds of things by seeding the bands some distance outside the eyewall. This initiates convection, starving the inner eyewall, and establishing a new, wider diameter eyewall. The storm expands, and like the skater letting the arms fling, slows down in wind speed. Of course, this is at the expense of area covered by it.

  9. sargasso_c says:

    The Kübler-Ross model. Five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Yes indeedy. Observe the TeaTards stuck on Anger. Quite a “non-evolving” social movement. If we follow their core membership back to the John Birch Society and the KKK and further to the Dixiecrats still wanting to refight the Civil War…”What we got here is a failure to…progress.” (sic!)

      Its a fine contest between short memory and emotional solipsism.

      Yea, verily.

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Amusingly, the issue does have roots in the law. I’m thinking about oil removal and fracking that causes water contamination or land subsidence some miles away. Lawsuits are brought and won on occasion. The issue: proof.

    Everything is connected to everything else but as Timmay has yet to learn: how many degrees of separation does common assent require before liability for harm actually caused is allowed?

    “Its just like” the Taliban TeaTards passing legislation that is KILLING PEOPLE. Yes, it does. ….. and by some constructs, its only ONE DEGREE removed….. as in DIRECT CAUSATION. Other think there are a few more degrees stuck in there.


    All have their own context. How many do you operate in?

  11. MikeN says:

    Countries suffering from sea level rise should be offered to have their whole population picked up and moved. They will be given 40 acres and a mule.

  12. MikeN says:

    This really puts a wrench in the alarmists’ plan to blame all weather on global warming. Now they have to pay for it!

    The counter proposal is this:

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Very 1% of you Mickey.

      What you miss though is that by definition the Earth’s Climate AFFECTS US ALL. To a pristine degree not seen in so many of the other interconnected issues: there is no us versus them. We are all “us.”

      Ha, ha—-you really do ACUTELY SUFFER from thinking you are doing OK as long as you have some poor schmuck to think you are better than.

      Silly low minded human. (Yes—FLERP!) Voting against your own personal interest creating a climate of hate, fear, and elitism.

  13. t0llyb0ng says:

    grammartroll sez:


  14. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Being a logophile myself, I don’t think the “best” understanding of grammar includes spelling per se.

    Its all definitional. Spelling too.

  15. Captain Obvious says:

    You gotta love the people who don’t think we’re buggering the planet. They’ll be dead soon, right?


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