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  1. ECA says:

    to many things happening in the background..
    I think something BIG has to piss off everyone and distract them..

  2. ECA says:


  3. Latashia says:

    If you are a game lover, Instant Gaming is tthe best place for you.
    Vince Ferragamo (Los Angeles Rams in 1982)
    – 509 yards (team lost). Quarterback Ty Detmer of the Detroit Lions threw
    seven interceptions in a ggame vs the Cleveland Browns on
    September 23, 2001.

  4. Conrad says:

    While Khloe accessorised with a bright blue statement handbag,
    the 17-year-old sister flaunted her killer pins in a pair of stripy trousers,
    which made her endless legs look even longer. Since the game
    play can often be very different, the information is also correspondingly diverse.
    Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Bobby Layne, and Norm Van Brocklin (who holds the NFL record for most
    passing yards in a game) all threw six picks in
    a game once each in their careers.


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