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  1. ECA says:

    30 MINUTES OF filer… bit coin..

  2. ECA says:

    Good ending..
    When does your child GET TO learn to think?
    when does he get to LEARN he is responsible for himself..ONLY

  3. ECA says:

    Want the BEST trick to confuse people..
    Tell them to CLOSe their eyes while watching TV..At least 5=10 minutes..
    SIT back, RELAX, and listen…try it for 1 program..

    The music can do 1-2 things…Make it you dont know what you are listening to, music or Voice..
    Brain TRYS to make since of what it s hearing..and its FILLER sound..try to remember anything said..most people cant.

  4. anonymous Coward says:

    FYI Dvorak, Adam has a little more than 65 bit coins in his wallet. SIXTY FIVE! He used to have at least 115

    • Tim says:

      Horowitz will be questioning the prudence of using ‘anonymous’, non-TheBeast digital currency to lobby congress to pass secret TPP\NA podcasting-license legislation treaties**.

      ** {licensed-digitital-treaty-copy only available @themarkornopodcastingforyou/noagenda.{x whatever service\platform hosts us, at the moment.}

  5. Tim says:

    You got nuts in my kale.
    You got kale on my nuts.
    Mmmm. Two great fails that fail great together.

  6. Flo says:

    Hey, Obama. Kiss my grits!

  7. Kimberly Dresch says:

    Re: Breast Cancer Previvor

    I had the same breast cancer (went through treatment) that took my grandmother’s life at only 49… I was diagnosed at 51. I took the genetic tests and was confirmed to be BRCA+, then decided to have not only the cancer struck breast removed, but the other one as well considering my risk of future cancer. My identical twin sister took the test… decided to take pro-active action against the inevitability of cancer and it’s good she did! Uterine/ovarian cancer is also a BRCA gene disease factor and she was also required to have hysterectomy at which time it was discovered that she had a cancerous tumor in her uterus that had been previously undetected. My having breast cancer saved my twin sister’s life!! No one has the BRCA gene confirmed so they can get new ‘boobs’!!! Your comments regarding this painful process were extremely offensive. There are families losing members to breast, ovarian and uterine cancers because of this gene defect!! …and no, my sister didn’t want a newer uterus!
    Do the research before making comments about this hopeful science that is extending my life and my twin’s! “Re-Emergence, Support, Hope” is my book on about my breast cancer experience. Our younger sister had hysterectomy and mastectomies with reconstruction this year (without cancer) as she is also BRCA+. We get to grow old together now. I am a fan of your show… just couldn’t let this go. To even suggest that what my family has gone through is a scam is disrespectful to the many women who’ve lost family members to these diseases, including me.

  8. Kimberly Dresch says:

    Technology has allowed your message to live… how about allowing science to allow me and my family members to as well!

  9. Kimberly Dresch says:

    Men get BRCA breast cancer too…and they get CHEST reconstruction if wanted. We can develop Viagara to give an 80 year old man a blue pill for an erection… but we haven’t solved the breast cancer problem with women dying in their 20’s!!

  10. Enemy_of_the_State says:

    Viagara – Was developed as a diastolic heart failure medication

    • Kimberly Dresch says:

      True that… and men are dying from heart attacks after taking it!

  11. Timmy the Bat says:

    It ain’t a vamp, it’s sonar to map the interior of your place. You can put black tape over the camera, but what about the microphone? You don’t have an answer for that so fast, do you?

  12. Tim says:

    ObamaCore is all about it not being good enough for the blogger to just put the weight of the grits on the box {an interesting exersize, if 333 g is to be equivalent to 30 oz — 2.2 lb/kg , people. }. We want one to understand The South — You must be able to draw how many spoonfuls of grits it takes to get to the center of a sticky-floored, cherry-flavored MRAP.

  13. Kimberly Dresch says:

    So you can educate yourself about what Previvor means.


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