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  1. Tim says:

    “This is your weapon and this is your gun….”

    If people could just majically print 3-d dildoes in the well-lit comfort of their own homes then why would they drive across state lines and shop for one at some seedy shop next to the bailbondsman’s house??

    It almost sounded as if you think banning these printers is to control slaves, or something. Think of all the out-of-work sex shop owners and gas station attendants. Think of their kids you helped to take food out of their mouths.

    You know, there is a reason $.20 worth of plastic costs $300 dollars for that old Kawasaki.


  2. pedro says:

    I do not buy the Iran thing. It makes no sense for Israel to be upset because Iran will be able to sell oil when they start exploiting their “Leviathan” sources. As if oil & gas have only a limited market.

    And the Steve Jobs pukathon… if anything else what Jobs tried to do was brainwash kids from early age to buy mac computers, just as much as Gates was trying to make people buy MS products. I mean, that stupid push from mac to “teach people about computers” using Logo. That was as puke worthy as common core.

    Jobs & mac is as responsible of the healthcare.gov fiasco (and the general decline in computing nowadays)as it is about common core and the general dumbing down of the lowest common denominator.