Here is the latest conversation I had with money manager Andrew Horowitz…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

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  1. Dallas says:

    I’m going with the official graph unless you have anything better.

    • pedro says:

      Wasted internet traffic, we know a sheeple like you would write such stupid remark

  2. deegee says:

    Two of the many reasons why there is such high unemployment in our youth:

    1. Kids these days take university majors such as “Neo-Babylonian Art History” or “Horology”, graduate with their degree, and then wonder why they can’t find any job openings in those fields.
    Maybe if they weren’t such idiots and slackers they would take courses in something that was actually useful, like engineering, carpentry, electrical, … oh, but those require showing up to class and actually doing some mental and physical work.

    2. Kids these days falsely believe that the world owes them everything. They expect to start at the top with million dollar per year cushy jobs, big houses, and all of the top toys. So they refuse to take jobs like sweeping floors or restaurant service — jobs that my generation had to take just to pay the bills (I’m in my 50′s).

    Instead, in countries like where I live (Canada), the kids live at home, expect their parents to support them, and whine to the government that they are under financial duress, and the government (with our tax dollars) pays off their student loans (yes, in Canada we have an idiotic government program for that).

    And when you go into any fast-food place or restaurant, or any of the starter-income-level stores like Walmart and CanuckTire, the employees are all immigrants from the Philipines and other countries, where the people are willing to actually work for their living. And they seem to be doing just fine, paying their rent and bills.

    I guess we are really teaching our children how to be responsible and self-sufficient… not.

    Flame away…

    • pedro says:

      I fully agree with you but I would argue that that is not the full picture since there’s also people prepared in actual professions that are unemployed as well

      • deegee says:

        That is true, there is that smaller percentage.

        Obtaining a degree in a useful field does not guarantee that there will be jobs waiting. They may have to take some menial jobs to start out with, and wait for an opening in their field, or work for years to build their own company.

        I spent four years cutting lawns and washing trucks for low pay before I found employment working in electronics and micro-electronics and eventually over many years paid for my own BEE education.

    • Bobbo's Big Brother says:

      Harsh to blame an inexperienced and naive youth to intelligently figure out that African American Studies (for example) is both an easy and socially encouraged field of study.
      Perhaps the the target of criticism should be the highly paid , govt subsidized, liberal voting, and fully tenured and clueless (or sociopathic) academic who cares for nothing other than his or her own career, reputation and remuneration.
      Ironically Neo-Babylonian Art History or any other classics approach, or indeed any traditional universal study is probably of much more value than the dumbed down, simplified, accessible, and politically correct “education” of the average american tertiary student.

  3. ECA says:

    Of mice and men…

    Dear Dave.
    Iv complained to Kensigton and Logitech that they AINT FIXED/updated/changed the TRackball in years..
    The hardware and software is the mouse has changed..Not always for the better.

    For the LACK of a good mouse cable..the copper is so thin its STUPID. In some places like headphones they are using Cloth Covered cables to reinforce the cable..

  4. ECA says:

    I still think someone is trying to break the nation/cities/towns..

    Going by the meaning of FREE market, we wouldnt be HELPING any of the industry..and we are HELPING TO MUCH..ALL of them..

  5. Porky Rottenham says:

    We are being kept afloat by young men mowing lawns and by the retirement savings of old people. Only a cretin would believe the gov’s numbers on unemployment.

    The sad part is how naive and gullible Americans are. And we have always been this way. In spite of everything the founders did for us, we’ve got the serf mentality. We are raised to make the boss rich and do as we are told.

    This is all being driven by the push for higher corporate profits every 90 days. We’re already being trained to eat bugs, worms, and excrement shaped like a steak. Real food will cost $100 a pound. Only corporate executives will have it. We will be told we have to eat bugs, on account of Global Warming, or so that Monsanto can feed all the hungry people in the world, or some other rot. Shades of Soylent Green.

    Every good idea can be taken to a ridiculous extreme. Like Capitalism.