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  1. Drakester says:

    The PIN cards are a scam in favor of the banks. It offloads liability onto the consumer. Here in Canada, consumers are only liable for $50 of fraudulent use, till now. With the PIN, all transactions are now “authorized”. Let me tell you just how secure these are, last week I went into the bank with my debit card to make a withdrawal. The teller told me to put the card in the machine and enter my PIN. Told her I didn’t have a PIN on the card, or if I did, didn’t remember it. She instructed me to enter a new PIN twice. Then the card now had the PIN, she gave me a two thousand dollar withdrawal, and I was on my way. You might ask, what’s wrong with that. Let me tell you. I never gave her any ID at any point. I could have been anyone off the street with someone elses card. And since it was “my” PIN, it was “authorized”. Some frick’n security. Go Cash!

    • t0llyb0ng says:

      Is it not still unwise to use a debit card for Internet purchases?  Your order may be a no-show & you’ll never see the money again.

      Analogy-O-the Day dept.  Punishing Mr. Snowden for revealing the bad news is like having the dentist taken away in handcuffs for informing you that you have a rotten tooth.

  2. I am always grateful for the insights that these two experts provide.
    These are not two guys off the car lot pushing a product out the door bur rather two highway diligent personalities who take the time and trouble to go thoroughly through all the background material.
    Look at Valerie Jarett – the “Night Stalker” or the recent NSA Obama appointed panel as an example. It was only John & Adam who actually looked into who is actually on the committee. Scary stuff.
    Yet what of our “mainstream media”. Don’t make me laugh.

  3. Rick Danger says:

    Mac & Cheese meme getting old.