Nearly 1 percent of young women in a U.S. study who have become pregnant claim to have done so as virgins, according to a report in the Christmas edition of Britain’s BMJ medical journal.

For the study of putative virgin pregnancies, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill analyzed data from the thousands of teenage girls and young women who took part in the long-running National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

The girls were 12 to 18 years old when they entered the study in the 1994-95 school year and were interviewed periodically about their health and behavior over 14 years, including via computer as a way to encourage them to be candid when answering questions about their sexual history…

The researchers found that although the mothers in question were more likely to have boys than girls, and to be pregnant during the weeks leading up to Christmas, neither similarity to the Virgin Mary was statistically significant.


  1. Captain Obvious says:

    Damn those public toilet seats.

    • ± says:

      Har. 🙂 That was the first joke that popped into my mind too.

      There are more boys created this way than girls? Apparently it doesn’t bother the researchers that for sure parthenogenesis doesn’t create a Y chromosome. At least there might be a long shot that the mother could clone herself. But in a human, I doubt that it has ever happened.

    • Tim says:

      “”It doesn’t mean anything, Honey! ‘Oh, God!’ is something all women shout in bed.”

      Joseph was not convinced.

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    And a Happy Festivus to each and everyone of you.

  3. Kevin Roa says:

    They probably got shit faced drunk and got raped. Shit happens.

  4. Jake says:

    Thanks for the irreverent pictorial slap in the face of all Christians, just in time for the holiday.

    You got the balls to to take an irreverent slap at the Muslim community? Perhaps a cartoon?

    Bet you don’t, coward.

    • ± says:

      You Christians take your superstition so seriously.

      Personally, I believe in the FSM, but don’t get my panties twisted when someone makes fun of that.

    • spsffan says:

      When I hear the camel jockeys claiming virgin birth, I’ll be happy to ridicule it.

      But, in this case, they weren’t the subject at hand. Christians were.

      In any event if you believe in some big daddy in the sky running things (including but not limited to Nazi Germany, Pol Pot, and Miley Cyrus) then virgin birth isn’t much of a stretch.

    • Mextli says:

      You have to understand you are dealing with a bunch of sophisticates, realist, and followers of SCIENCE.

    • ± says:

      Jake, Is this what you mean?

      All Muslims and their piece-of-shit imaginary friend Allah, can fucking blow me.

      • Jake says:

        I hope the Muslim community can find it in their hearts to forgive you.

        Happy holidays.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Not really a slap. More of a spanking.

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    You know…… this does put me in mind of Duck Dienasty, bible thumpers, literalists, and the insane as a group.

    When obvious made up crap is found in the Bible, even many if not most thumpers/experts will say that it is allegory or a metaphor/fable to teach morality or some other good social lesson about forgiveness and loving your fellow man.

    But can virgin birth be interpreted in any other way than some sort of deep rooted misogyny? Just saw a very good flick: “The Badge.” Homophobe dectective investigates the death of a transexual. Very well done. “Its people like you who killed (the transexual) because you can’t accept your own sexual impulses.”

    So true.

    Good Christians can face that fact as it plays out in their own experiences. The Muslims have made it a core of their religions and society.

    Silly Hoomans.


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