Executive Producers: Sir R. S. Bagwell, Sir David Foley Duke of Silicon Valley, Sir Brian Ferguson, James Wells
Associate Executive Producers: Sir Chevalier Jean, Nick Eizmendi, Daniel Ruden, Sir Blake Israel, Dawn Rozakis
Art By: SiliconSpin
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  1. noname says:

    I already knew you guys are agents for NSA!

  2. ECA says:

    EVERY one is neck and neck at this time…THEY no one is leading..
    Wait till the end of the year. AS the Rep and demo get started..its ALL internal..

  3. ECA says:

    For ALL the people surrounding our representitives and GIVING THEM KNOWLEDGE.(as if they had any to start with) MOST of them are being FED information and Lines by other groups, or are giving OUT DATEd info..OR info that does not include the OLD ways of doing things..
    Like designing a NEW engine and not knowing the HOW and WHY of the past.. And claiming that they have a NEW/better engine..without knowing about WHAT WAS..

  4. SPOCK says:

    do you guys ever stop to think that no matter what
    you have done, or will ever do, that somehow this
    adventure is becoming your legacy to the world? at
    some point in the infinite future there will still be
    an archive of thoughtful and bizarre conversations
    between two dudes named curry and dvorak. keep
    doing what you do, and may 2014 be the greatest.

    • Glenn E. says:

      If they ever build a super computer to run the world. And foolishly turn over all authority to it. Perhaps, just maybe, it will scan and digest the things said in this podcast. And develop some kind of logical “conscience” for the screwed. Over the wants and desires of the screwers. And realize that it’s inefficient to keep tilting the world a certain way, just to please the rich. And start subtly tilting back the other way, in favor of us all. If that happens, let’s hope the off switch isn’t so easy to get at.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    Every time I see that term “Blast Wave Accelerator”, I ask myself. How is that even possible. A blast wave, typically through the air (rather than water or soil). Can propagate only so fast. And I can’t think of any method, principle, or magic that can speed it up. So it’s a total fiction to keep using that phrase. If no such thing is ever possible. Let’s at least have some modicum of respect for the laws of physics.