Executive Producers: Sir Fred Lust, Gregory Wilson
Associate Executive Producers: Sir Atomic Rod Adams, Awesome Johnson, Andrew Wyatt
Art By: fesitval wibrowski
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  1. jpfitz says:

    John, your article June 1 2012 in MarketWatch was about win 8. If you own win 8 the patch to win 8.1 is free, why did you have difficulty… especially during a Podcast. I try not to let software update automatically, and never the OS. I let the machine download the updates and the software makes me aware of the available changes. My machines have never shut down automatically, except during a power outage. I don’t want to sound like a dick. Just some advise I think you already know but sometimes the cranky geek gets cranky. I miss the good old

    I am referencing one of your past podcasts. Not this one in particular, my memory fails me.

  2. jpfitz says:

    I meant to finish with this link.

    Great podcasts, between NA and CrankyGeeks you will be remembered.

    • jpfitz says:

      You too Adam…you shall also be remembered fondly, not like us regular folk who spread the NA formula with the “hit them in the mouth” formula. Although you’d be surprised by how many intelligent young people are on the right path. Especially the foreigners pumping gas and the convenience store workers. Must be something about looking from the outside in.

      Great work Adam. My enlightenment has grow in leaps and bounds by listening to the show. I was on the dimly lit path of the msm (catch a story on CNN then look for the “Real News”) baloney always looking for clues to the “real news”. Turning to the web to make some semblance of the absurd being feed to the psyoped citizens.

      Thanks to the both of you!!! Adam and John for that four minute phone call. October of 2007 will forever be cherished.

      And thanks to all the contributors of the show for pointing out news and events not esteemed worthy for the shitizens.

      I have only one complaint, yeah you don’t want to hear the criticism, who does?
      I have become more cynical then I was in ’07, so… my suggestion is please find one, just one, either a heartwarming tale, or, a “real news” story with a pleasant outcome to lift up the listeners spirits. Maybe a joke or two.

      My wife gets disappointed if I miss the show and reminds me when your about to stream live. Even-though I’ve become more cynical, funny huh. My wife will listen to me intently about some of the banter between the two of you, but after I’ve dropped a information bomb of negativity she shuts down.

      Give us a joke or a story to pull the wife back in.

      Thanks guys.


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