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Associate Executive Producers: Rachel Anderson, Anthony Colangelo, Sir Richard Haraznek, Taphon Maddison
Art By:MartinJJ
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  1. Shawn says:

    Forgive me if this was suggested before but have you ever thought of using something like teamspeak to host your show? I think you would hvae much better sound quality.


  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and part time laid psychiatrist says:

    I get a strong illusion from the Pic: “Ingots …..we trust”

    Amusing how the mind will take over.

    • You Can Keep Your Plan says:

      “In Negros We Trust”

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Did you see that or have to work for it?

        “I see Negroes.”

        Ha, ha.

  3. Axl says:

    Best artwork in a long time!

  4. hoot says:

    How out of touch do you have to be to be unaware of the federal minimum wage? Did you not get jobs as teenagers? Adam Curry won the fucking lottery early in life and should not get a seat at the table when it comes to debating the merits of a minimum wage. You should thank your lucky stars that you are not one of the “slaves” that you’re always talking about.

    p.s. Ayn Rand was crazier than a shithouse rat.

  5. Vonster says:

    Haven’t listened to this edition of the podcast yet. But I did read this article last night which No Agenda covered a year ago. I apologize if you go over this in the podcast.


  6. jpfitz says:

    “Elegant”, that’s the direction Adam took for emotional affect while speaking of the atrocities waged upon “jungle bunnies”. The master has been cracking the whip throughout history and the capitalist consumers today reap the benefits. Blindly.

    Think before speaking about cuddly bunnies. You do have the benefit of doubt.

  7. Porky Rottenham says:

    Note to graphic artist: Please do not use the apostrophe to indicate plurality. It makes you look like a tool.


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