Here is the latest conversation I had with money manager Andrew Horowitz…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

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  1. deowll says:

    Didn’t find the curling disaster on line.

    All I can see is that everybody is trying to get somebody else to cover their bills. When you get to many free riders the system breaks down and incomes stagnant while jobs slowly disappear.

    If you look at what is going on medical care in this country is going to get much worse because hospitals are closing and fewer medical practitioners are available as the ACA kicks in. I call it third rate major medical for the cost of full coverage. The price tag is stalling economic growth.

    Almost as bad is the billions, maybe trillions, wasted on the scam being run by some of the hustlers who are taking the green acolytes for everything they can swindle from them. The zealot nut case greens are pulling the rest of use down with them as they strive to reward their high Priests for saving them from the great demon CO2.

    After 17 + yrs of pause they haven’t figured out that the modals have to be wrong or the _Farmers Almanac_ wouldn’t be better at long range forecasts than hundreds of climate scientists with multibillion dollar computers. NOAA said a mild winter and the Farmers Almanac said COLD. Guess whose modal works best.

    Oh well. I still want to set out some onions. The sets are real hard to freeze out.


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