KERMIT, W.Va. (AP/KDKA) – Health officials have temporarily shut down a southern West Virginia pizza restaurant after a district manager was caught on surveillance video urinating into a sink.

Local media reported that the Mingo County health department ordered the Pizza Hut in Kermit, about 85 miles southwest of Charleston, to shut down.

Pizza Hut Corp. released a statement saying it was “embarrassed” by the manager’s actions.


  1. Uncle Patso says:


    “I’ve said this before: your boxer-shorts region — from belly button to mid-thigh — is crawling with germs known as coliform bacteria. These bacteria originated in your intestine, and some of them are deadly. ”


    “But you know this (or at least you ought to). What you may not know is that washing will not make the coliform bacteria go away. They’re holed up in the pores of your skin and nothing short of sandblasting — certainly not your morning shower — is going to get them out. Showering merely gets rid of the ones that have strayed onto the surface. The bacteria won’t do much harm if they stay put, but when you urinate your fingers come in contact with Mister P. long enough for the coliform bacteria in your pores to hop aboard. Your fingers subsequently touch lots of other infectible items. If you don’t wash your hands with soap and water (soap gets rid of the skin oil that the bacteria stick to) … hello, Typhoid Mary.”


    “… Urine itself is actually fairly sterile. …”

    • sargasso_c says:

      A healthy person’s urine is quite sterile. A survival course, 25 years ago and I’m still trying to forget, taught us to use clean water sparingly and that in an absence of an alternative a donor could cleanse an open flesh wound with fresh urine. I don’t recommend that you try this at home.

      • Phydeau says:

        “Necessary! Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but it’s sterile, and I enjoy the taste.”

      • Peppeddu says:

        Perhaps, but, as the owner of my health and money I want to know how what goes into my pizza and I believe so are you.

        If (or when) I’ll be in a situation where lack of water becomes an issue, I will consider it, but in the meantime, I’ll choose a place where they wear gloves on clean tables.

  2. BigBoyBC says:

    …at least it was in the sink, it could have been much worse.

  3. Elaine Benes says:

    “Different pipes go to different places! You’re gonna mix ’em up!”

  4. At least he flushed.

  5. Tim says:

    “”Oh! He’s a real gentleman; I’d bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it!

    Steel Magnolias

  6. noname says:

    The sink was probably cleaner then the bathroom!

    Obviously this West Virginia Pizza Hut employer doesn’t offer much breaks of any kind!

    But this guys real mistake was he forgot to clock out to use the restroom, (the sink, in this case)!

    • McCullough says:

      District mangler, um manager.

      • noname says:

        Inquiring minds want to know, in the Job Application, did the new manager answer yes to being Housebroken?

        Yet even with the best application screening, new managers are known to begin randomly peeing again in a new job! They may start peeing in sinks and pooping by the door, next the grease trap!

        The store manager needs to look for new manager signals like they go to the door or get antsy or grimace and clinch their cheeks!

        The store manager needs start over with the new manager housetraining to reinforce what they may already know, and to work out a way for them to let you know if they need a toilet break…like potty-training bells!

        I am sure that’s what Dvorak does to all his new employees and blog article contributors, right McCullough?

  7. ± says:

                … and the problem is?

    • noname says:

      … and the problem is?

      ……some dork decided to install a camera to catch dish breakers!!

      NSA knows, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt!!

  8. Hmeyers says:

    Read the article — he got fired for not washing his hands.

    In West Virginia, peeing in the sink is fine.

    But you still have to wash your hands after you are done.

  9. Smug says:

    Ya right. Like anyone wants to know the legitimate ingredients in peperoni or how that cheese was made (or from what animal the cheese came from).

    Would you care to look at the bacteria on your own SHOES?! How about you ladies with your purses who set your purses in the exact same places than our shoes go and then put them on the same surfaces where food is served? LIKE THE CASHIERS COUNTER!

    Think that’s bad? Try considering all the bacteria growing on your local neighborhood grocery cart. The exact same cart that ol junior with the diarrhea just has his diapers changed in – that you now have your hands on. I won’t even go into how often grocery stores bother to wash their carts, which is like NEVER!

    Got your stomach turning yet? Try taking a look at most any hospital, doctors office or dentist’s chair. Most of them just change the paper before they see you. In fact, some studies have found that public rest rooms and even many porno theaters are often CLEANER!

    Yes, this peeing in the sink is a bit gross. But let’s put in into perspective. PEOPLE ARE DIRTY DISGUSTING ANIMALS!

    • Smug says:

      … Do you want to get REALLY grossed out?

      Everyone knows this trick when it comes to hotel rooms, but try getting hold of a (portable) black light and shine it everywhere you EAT!

      Try looking at your car, your kitchen or even your favorite restaurant under a black light. The stains you see aren’t necessarily all from spilled milk!

      • Smug says:

        Not gross enough?

        Whatever you do, DON’T Google the semi erotic X-rated “2 girls and a cup”!

        WARNING!!! NSFW!!!
        If you find the actual video, YOU WILL HURL!

        That said, here’s a good starting point:

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          I keep getting an endless loop and the video won’t come up to play. All the others do….something going on?

          I assume its on (sub) par with Warholes film with Devine where h/she eats dog shit? Supposedly that was real dog shit…..but so easy to substitute for so many other items…pure BS to actually use the real thing.

          He/she didn’t die though…just saw a video re North Korean prisoners picking corn kernals out of duck shit in order to survive. Evidently, eating shit is not all that dangerous…germ wise.

          Pros and Cons.

        • Tim says:

          Here is the colledgehumor casting for 2g1c

          “This is all gonna be like super-tastefully done”

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Well Timmy–on point, but not funny. Not your fault.

            I guess this forum is starting to drag on me? ….. Shit ain’t funny.

            Ha, ha. Like shit on a mustache, looking for humor in all the wrong places……

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Good Uncle: I’m not a scientist but if Typhoid Mary spread coliform bacteria, how did she get her name?

    Coliform bacteria are : ALL OVER THE PLACE, the intestines just being one of those places. Some are more dangerous than others but as a group, they are almost benign. If they weren’t: WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD.

    Silly to spread ignorance, like some kind of disease vector? Ha, ha.

    So many fun facts about bacteria. They can live without us, we can’t live without them sort of thing. War of the Worlds. Modern biotics gaining only a temporary armistice. Common genetic coding…etc.

    Darwin….those who get along with microbes will survive. Just as we all have.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      What was that old joke about once you shower in the morning, it makes more sense to clean your hands BEFORE urinating…given where penis and hands have been all morning long? Etc.

      Course… who can doubt that we should be washing our hands for 5 minutes every 15 minutes and never touch anything?

      as stated: if germs were so dangerous…. we would all be dead. Everything is everywhere. so are we.


      • Tim says:

        Was it “If you skin it back and shake it more than twice then you are playing with your future boyfriend’s special gift??”

  11. Peppeddu says:

    This is an easy one.

    Are the coupons for free pizza from the previous story being fulfilled by this guy?

  12. Piss ant says:

    “Ahh Piss on it”….I just did

  13. deowll says:

    He’s gone. No doubt we will soon be paying him to stay home and not work.

    • noname says:

      Spoken like another true nonsensical and most committed conservative!

      I am always amazed how conservatives deny America’s success pre-Reagan; success they can’t replicate!!

      • Tim says:

        Reagan was a perv — That is why they trusted him in office. Anybody ever heard of the Zero Factor where every president elected in a year ending in zero gets offed by some guy with a middle name but wonder why Reagan wasn’t assassinated?? — I maintain that he was already braindead {he didn’t just get alzhiemers’ disease}. And, remember that Bush was APPOINTED by the Supremes after the election; An appointment that occurred in 2001.

        Anyways, left, right, swing, middle

        Jordan Page; The Pendulum

        • Tim says:

          By the by; What was Reagan’s favorite vegetable??

          A: James Brady

        • noname says:

          Good song. Truth to power used to work, back when our elected elite still listened to their conscience and not K-street.

          Now the party decides what right and what’s wrong, with wrong is the losing an election or loss of power.

          • Dr. Phil says:

            “”with wrong is the losing an election or loss of power

            Awww, sounds like somebody needs a hug… Having been lied to all one’s life and still going back for more makes for good music {not that it will stop the behavior in the future, or anything}

            The Flamming Lips, Hypnotist

          • noname says:

            Oh Dr Phil, you sweety, will you give me one of your Hypnotizing special hugs? XXXOOO

    • Peppeddu says:

      Not if he’s fired, which seems to be the case here.

  14. Bubble boy says:

    And you wonder why I live in a bubble?

  15. AdmFubar says:

    Pee-za Hut…….

  16. normankeena says:

    maybe i go back an will read the thread..

    now front tooths fairy took me.. th.. read.. lie

    let slppe’in camels wag tent ahead

    wgat the bolix it was i’s goin’ to say—-

    thursday podcast.. yeash drat woz it

    me mum grew holihoks at the front door… maybe they was in backyard first buh.. i’s only a kid remember

    holihok seeds are like tablets.. a ring of tabletz

    when i’s eighteen went , well i’s 21yrs,,, but
    ‘ye can be twenty on … something somethin mountain, wif the hapers and coloured balloonz.. ohh to be on something somethin mountain..

    city council in all their wisdom put in a little hall window.. milk was at the door , whom could ask for more.. ohh to be on somethink somethink mountain..

    breadman, catskins we kids call him, baker dozen, (we was twelve kids) bread was placed in this hall window.. every day…
    and in the evening some time me mum would gaze in wonder

    I see her now though long gone, i see her now, when falungong auld couple move in across the st. an they stand on their lawn and wave their body whenever they plaese.. an me mum look on in jealusy

    when unmarried mothers got welfare, me mum who fight all her life for same, complain

    ohh to be on somethink somethink mountain wiff the barkers and the coloured balloonz

  17. How terrible
    Reminds me of a guy who used to hire cooking staff for mining camps
    He told me that the most important criteria for being able to successfully employ experiencing miners to work was the food
    Yet if the kitchen staff did not produce good food that the guys liked he would fire the employee on the spot and tell him – see that helicopter Its leaving in 15 minutes be on it
    Here is 2 weeks or a month pay
    Otherwise the erstwhile food provider might also urinate in served portions

  18. Greg Allen says:

    This video is one more piece of proof that the conservatives’ belief about the minimum wage is screwing us all.


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