Just an odd coincidence or ????

Former National Bank of Commerce CEO James Stuart Jr. was found dead, the morning of Feb. 19. A family spokesman did not say what caused the death. This brings the total of banker deaths in recent weeks to 9, and like the other recent deaths, this one comes with no explanation.
Those who had high profile deaths, like the man who jumped from the top of the JP Morgan HQ building in Europe are highly publicized, but overall, very few details about any of these deaths have been made public.

Here’s another story on it all. And still another.

  1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    The guy jumped off a tall building huh?

    May I suggest with each tax audit notice that goes out this year to everyone making more than 1 Mill and paying less than 15% tax, that we include a map of where all the tall buildings are?

    We could even match the maps to the claimed city of residence. You know…. maximum service.

  2. notatall says:

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Just be glad that they “are” dying.

  3. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Poor Jimmy Stuart, it wan’t a wonderful life after all.

  4. Dallas says:

    Global warming perhaps. They’re usually fat and wear tight suits. Some of them are probably nice.

  5. John E Quantum says:

    I’m just glad it isn’t the bakers. Otherwise my all carb diet might be in trouble.

  6. McCullough says:

    Perhaps they know that we’re headed for another Great Depression…and they are, well….depressed.

    So just how long can you keep a Ponzi scheme afloat?

  7. The Beaner says:

    Didn’t the JP Morgan guy jump from the 33rd floor?



    • noname says:

      Really, nothing new here; they can stop this if they want too!

      This is a capitalist problem and it deserves a capitalist solution!

      One solution, give me some chalk, some awards money and administrative fees then let me draw a landing target and award bereavement benefits for landing in certain areas of the target. If they miss the target, we charge the surviving family with vandalism and the cleanup costs plus penalties!

      Another less fun solution is to learn from Foxconn experience and install Anti-Suicide Nets around bank/Wall Street facilities!

  8. Mad H8R says:

    I’m not sure I want to know the why’s or who’s. I say, keep going! I can’t wait for number 10, 11, 12…

    If you thought lawyers were evil little scum you apparenlty never net a banker!

  9. MikeN says:

    We’d need some evidence if this is unusual. Could be like the stories about Iraq War causing military suicides, when it turns out it was less than the overall American suicide rate.

    • Phydeau says:

      I’m with you Mike. How do we know this is really unusual? How many bankers die usually? There are a lot of them after all, someone’s always dying…

    • noname says:

      MikeN, you really should get your green nose out of the 1% ass!

  10. Phydeau says:

    What has happened to this blog? There are all kinds of interesting things happening, like the AZ gov vetoing the anti-gay bill, and none of it shows up here any more. Too bad.

  11. Glenn E. says:

    Obviously, these bankers made a deal with the Devil, to get them out of the 2008 mortgage crisis mess, without serving in prison. But the Devil didn’t tell them they’d have a long life. And called the margin, on the rest of their lives.

    Either that, or some secret assassination squad did the deed, to keep them from ever finking on their bigger bosses. Somebody at the FBI, ought to be looking into that.

  12. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    OPQ: “Why Are The Bankers Dying?”

    A: They lost interest.

  13. MikeN says:

    Hatred of bankers is really out there. I take it you’ve never borrowed money?

  14. Les says:

    give a man a gun and he will rob a bank…

    …give a man a bank and he will rob the world


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