What do you think happened?


  1. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    EXCELLENT question.

    ……..because…..we have known knowns and known unknowns and known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

    Just watch everyone confuse them “…..♫….all together…..”

    I am the Walrus.

    I’ll start: Liars!!!!

    AGW heated up the air and caused the lift particles to separate too widely thereby causing the aircraft to land on a string of chinese barges.

    Anyone who disagrees with me is an religious cult based on Alarmism based on a failure to understand MATH. Let me demonstrate: 2+2=4. See how it doesn’t add up?

    Cracks me up.

    Be comfortable with ambiguity and in fact not knowing.

    Its a tonic.

    • ± says:

      Yeeps! Did someone spike your beer with acid? 🙂

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        You know the freaky part?

        …………its what I actually think.

        Yeeps…. indeed.

        PS–that palm tree looks photoshopped to me. If we are going to post bad photoshops, I vote for “the gap” on young wimens.

  2. ± says:


  3. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:


    An interesting read that highlights a pilots training.

    Still, with the last 5 news shows I have fast forwarded…they all start with the Missing Airliner, then Putin and Crimea and evidently the notion he is going to chomp off some more of the Ukraine, then it splits between the Medal of Honor award or the Helicopter Crash in Seattle.

    So–the article is not supported by the new snipets I have caught: that the auto pilot was programmed at some point to make the unusual turn. This means it was NOT in response to a fire or equipment failure. Best as I can tell.

    Is it fun to speculate? I have never been a fan of the sport. Note: not the same as speculating in science and then testing the hypotheticals that have sound theory backing them up.

    I’ll put myself down for: Man of Science.

  4. noname says:

    Looks like everyone’s hard earned comments went the way of flight 370?

    Maybe in a few days, we will find sentence fragments floating on the water somewhere and letters washing up on the world’s beaches.

  5. Peppeddu says:

    During the first 24 hours, while everyone was searching for the wreckage, that plane could have quietly landed somewhere, refueled, and gone anywhere in the world they wanted to.

    And, if we assume it was a plot, we should also question whether the plane had really seven hours of fuel or perhaps a full 22 hours.

    • MikeN says:

      So my still in the air scenario lives!

      However, the people suggesting the plane will be used as a weapon, need to consider that the people that would want to use it already could get a plane through much easier means.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

    Our news media are really worthless. Best as I could tell Morning Joe spent almost the entire show on a Map showing the red circle of the possible range of the Aircraft with emphasis to the area 1500 miles from Australia with the almost constant note that there were 5 airplanes looking for wreckage but they had to fly too far for the search to be effective.

    What in the world is wrong with: “We don’t know, update when we have something SUBSTANTIVE to say?” What a concept!

    Apologies for repeating myself, but the provocation is Media on a constant loop for 2 weeks.

    If the public tweeted their interests, does the majority really want more lack of news on this subject? Hard to believe.

    Peppy–all this coverage and you think they could have “quietly” landed somewhere and refueled? I’ll bet you do well on multiple choice testing?

    Mickey–you are emphasizing the plane is still in the air. Why?

    ……………………..and with this much time on the issue, Faux Spews finally connected it to…………….Bengazhi. Because this is how stupid they are.


    With History taking place right before your eyes so misunderstood, I suppose the Siberian Traps don’t stand a chance.

    Silly Hoomans.

  7. Captain Obvious says:

    This was all part of a cunning plot to knock Duke out in the first round.


  8. UncDon says:


    The ones who jumped in front of the Mars Rover? No, that creature was from Europa, and nothing more than a pet.

  9. noname says:

    What ever happened, it wasn’t by accident. It all seems all too sophisticated, United States sophisticated!

    It just seems too odd, where ever the U.S. is looking, the massive amount resources from some 25 countries, naturally follow along with U.S. to search the same general area for flight 370; yet nothing is found! Could the U.S. be intentionally misdirecting the search?

    If the Plane crashed there would be allot of floating debris from the planes breakup.

    Also the U.S. military in all the world’s oceans have undersea listening devices called hydrophones that would have detected the massive flight 370 water splashes. Since the 1950s the U.S. has laid hundreds of thousands multiple arrays of hydrophones, in all the world’s oceans to track movement and pin point location of very quiet Soviet submarines during the Cold War.

    I used the think the U.S. valued itself as an honest broker of justice and truth. But, over the years, while watching how all the executive branch departments repeatedly, including the President lie; I’ve learned, the U.S. only values power, not truth and not justice!

    No one should trust a Government that doesn’t trust its own people!

    Because I don’t know the reasons, none of this makes sense. But I would not be surprised if our Government was somehow involved or even behind flight 370 disappearance.

    The U.S. has unacknowledged black sites all over the world where top secret flights are flown to make people disappear! How much harder would it be for the U.S. to make flight 370 disappear, particularly in that part of the world?

  10. Bob Downunder says:

    Rupert Murdoch has some strange notions about this plane, see; https://twitter.com/rupertmurdoch/status/444645058575630336

    Or the ‘Silly Old Bugger’ is suffering Dementia???

    • Captain Obvious says:

      CNN is going with aliens. Fox is going with Pakistani terrorists. I’m going to the bar.

  11. Tim says:

    This is as likely as dragon-barges, I guess:

    “”An electrical fire might not be as fast and furious, and there may or may not be incapacitating smoke. However there is the possibility, given the timeline, that there was an overheat on one of the front landing gear tires, it blew on takeoff and started slowly burning. Yes, this happens with underinflated tires.

    “”We know there was a last voice transmission that, from a pilot’s point of view, was entirely normal. “Good night” is customary on a hand-off to a new air traffic control. The “good night” also strongly indicates to me that all was OK on the flight deck… But things could have been in the process of going wrong, unknown to the pilots.

    “”Evidently the ACARS went inoperative some time before. Disabling the ACARS is not easy, as pointed out. This leads me to believe more in an electrical problem or an electrical fire than a manual shutdown. I suggest the pilots probably were not aware ACARS was not transmitting.

    “”But let’s accept for a minute that the pilot may have ascended to 45,000 feet in a last-ditch effort to quell a fire by seeking the lowest level of oxygen. That is an acceptable scenario.

    “”The aircraft is at the top of its operational ceiling. The reported rapid rates of descent could have been generated by a stall, followed by a recovery at 25,000 feet. The pilot may even have been diving to extinguish flames.

    –Chris Goodfellow has 20 years experience as a Canadian Class-1 instrumented-rated pilot for multi-engine planes. His theory on what happened to MH370 first appeared on Google+


  12. How come no one is talking about hacking. How any one can remotely hack and divert the plane?
    How dare you say ? well Holly smokes batman here is a how

    perhaps some one should point out that if this gets to MSM the panic will never stop (for the whole 6 min of attention span)
    enjoy and never say never
    FYI this document is public knowledge and was not some sort of hack or leak just duck and cover my boy

    • noname says:

      NSA/DoD/CIA has successfully demonstrated internally, modern plane’s flight hacking is easily done and they can use this method at will (if Snowden ever gets on a plane outside russia)! They can send up a stealth chase plane with high-gain Directional antennas and jam most if not all the 777 RF signals and inject fake radio messaging/packets to gain control of the aircraft “fly-by-wire” systems!

      It’s a night flight and pilots are forced to rely on cockpit instruments for flight situation information!

      As mentioned, flight 370 path wasn’t by accident! Flight 370 disappearance is all too sophisticated, United States sophisticated!

      Don’t think the U.S. government is hindered by any moral compunction, it has none (there are only winners and losers)! Since Christian president GWB upgraded the U.S.A. to 3.0, America has demonstrated its willingness to get one “guilty” person! U.S.A. 3.0 believes no one is truly innocent!

      • Tim says:

        “”America has demonstrated its willingness to get one “guilty” person!

        Not really. Amerika has demonstrated its willingness to get one dissenter or anyone who points out The Noble Lie of Leon Stauss and the rest of the neocon company {Blue-gummed, half-hatian, bush-with-a-tan monkyboy included}…

    • Tim says:

      “”How come no one is talking about hacking.

      Because it is an old meme like with the toyotas??

      “”…I call the cops…boom! headon at like 14omph!

  13. mojo says:

    “Mayday, repeat May Day! Help! I’m surrounded by idiots!”

    “Uh, Skipper…”

    “Ok, maybe not ‘surrounded” per se…”

  14. Tim says:

    It’s been disclosed that 20 of those ‘deceased’ worked for FreeScale — it’s a 50 year old company and those guys probably had the skinny on embedded electronics that spy on you right down to your stupid fucking nono shaver.

    Are we to actually believe that this plane was not tracked, traced, scanned every millisecond with all the bullshit americans pay trillions for?? <—– That is why I say it is kind of a 'rope-a-dope' by the pigs.

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  16. orchidcup says:

    There is a theory that the pilot intentionally rerouted the plane and flew at a high altitude and depressurized to disable everyone on board, and the plane crashed after running out of fuel.

    If so, the pilot did not leave behind a manifesto or suicide note or anything else that would indicate his motivation. Even crazy people have reasons, although they may be crazy reasons.


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