An experiment in modernizing transubstantiation

German customs officials discovered 14 cocaine-filled condoms in a package marked for delivery to the Vatican. The condoms contained 340 grams of liquid cocaine, valued at around $55,000.

The parcel was addressed to the main postal center at the Vatican and was mailed from somewhere in South America.

After German officials found out what was in the package, they attempted to set up a sting operation with the help of Vatican police to catch the intended recipient, but no one ever claimed the drug-filled piece of mail…

Authorities believe that the person may have been tipped off about the sting.

At least it’s nice to hear the Vatican is doing a little something to encourage use of condoms.

  1. WAstarita says:

    Were the condoms hidden in little boys?

  2. Peppeddu says:

    If they leave the kids alone I think we can call it “progress”

  3. Marc Perkel says:

    Maybe they were smuggling in condoms and make it look like cocaine as a cover?

  4. Dallas says:

    I applaud the church for non wasteful packaging. I hate when Amazon ships a memory card in a box.

  5. Tim says:

    Somebody got conned; It would not be the first time for christianity {ohh, shut up, bobbo} That is not liquid coccain but flour.

    • Tim says:

      A Leap of Faith:

      I don’t remember if anyone actually purchased condoms filled with flour in that one or not; I listened to it on Corbett, saw it when just out of highschool, and thought it needed a link. Just set me up with bad drugs now??

  6. Mr. Oblivious (cause Capt. Obvious is now trademarked!) says:

    Who gives a f**k?

    Oh! Wait a minute…

  7. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Well, the OP makes the analysis that this is an issue of transubstantiation. Nice subject that. Just how nuts does your dogma want you to be?

    So……..cocaine when placed in your mouth becomes…………….

    …………….ummh………… becomes………………………….

    a deeper understanding of everything that Christianity has to offer us? The very word of God itself???

    Thats a tough one. All looks like a joke from someone in South America high on cocaine with more cocaine than they can sell.

    Makes sense to me.

    • Tim says:

      Well, I didn’t know what it meant… Yep. I think I could go with the essense of that in the sense of what Aristotle meant vs how it changed over time to be worded “substance” instead of “accidents.”

      “”Aristotle made a distinction between the essential and accidental properties of a thing. For example, a chair can be made of wood or metal but this is accidental to its being a chair: that is, it is still a chair regardless of the material from which it is made.

      As for that other junk, I feel it was a setup of some kind or a fake self inflicted inside-{insert 3 letter word that is not ‘job’ here. include an ‘a’} or, as you say, a prank. Besides, I always considered him to be a Yuckleberry Wow kind of false prophet beloved by just everyone pontificator.

      • bobbo, no lawyer, but I can read says:

        What made you access much less report on Aristotelian essential properties and the complimentary accidents? Not related to transubstantiation at all….and thanks for the link to that. As always, didn’t know how deep the Church dug that crap.

        Always amusing……. mysteries. You know…. when you make up shit that you can’t understand and doesn’t in fact make any sense, and is not needed in the first place.

        Silly Hoomans.

        • Tim says:

          “”What made you access much less report on Aristotelian essential properties and the complimentary accidents?

          It’s right there in the second supplied link–

          “”What remains unaltered is also referred to as the “accidents” of the bread and wine,[9] but this term is not used in the official definition of the doctrine by the Council of Trent.[10] The manner in which the change occurs, the Catholic Church teaches, is a mystery: “The signs of bread and wine become, in a way surpassing understanding, the Body and Blood of Christ.”[11]


          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            So….. you included the first link because it was NOT REFERENCED in the second link?

            Heh, heh.

            You got some transubstantiation goin on there.

            Once again—-its irrelevant. Good to keep relevant and irrelevant as separate concepts. Report on one, avoid the other.

            Can you tell which?

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    The white suit makes a whole lot of sense now.

  9. Tim says:

    Pope Francis does look like a nice man.

    Well, to be fare, there is this from the article:

    “”The package was simply addressed to the Vatican postal office, meaning it could have been collected by any of the state’s 800 residents.

    “”Almost all of Vatican City’s 839 (2013 est.)


  10. Scott M. says:

    So when speaking to deities on high, it helps if you are as high as you can possibly be. Shamans have been touting this method since forever.

  11. orchidcup says:

    Coke. The new religious high.

  12. John E Quantum says:

    This crime may have been exposed when a priest somewhere along the delivery chain saw the coke, let it slide, but was compelled to put holes in each of the condoms. The resulting spillage may have given it away.

    • Tim says:

      John, you are slipping.

      I wonder what an Occum Facepalm would be like?? Pretty boody; I recon.


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