Try not to judge, for who amongst us has not enjoyed a little ear wax appetizer now and then…..?

  1. ± says:

    Geez. How much of a stupid moment can you have? I mean he’s knowing the camera is on him.

  2. bobbo, Big Brained Apes with Lizard Emotions is an Evolutionary Dead End says:

    That is an ewwww moment. Thoughtless person given he does know he is on tv?

    I bet very few people do that. Even boogers more common to eat?

    I’ll cop to only using my fingernail to clean some debris from my teeth and then I will scrap my nail across an incisor. It was in my mouth to begin with.

    I think I’m good.

  3. jpfitz says:

    So a police state town is safe…AND his ear potatoes taste good.


    And who in the video are in the little boxes of people nodding? The little people, or the little sheeple.

  4. Phydeau says:

    I once saw a video of a basketball coach picking his nose and eating it. Ew.

  5. Johnny Two says:

    He probably got confused. Follow me on this…

    Most people would agree that testifying before a Congressional hearing is something of a game. Even the participants seem to know it. And this game just might have some non verbal signals similar to the game of baseball (also known as the great American past time). Therefore, this guy may have been making the signal for someone to shove some more MONEY in his hears or he would allow the digbat to keep on talking.

    Either that or he was confused about being in a toilet — a natural mistake ANYONE might make when dealing with CONGRESS!

  6. Waste snot, want snot says:

    Eating your own boogers, hair, earwax, back snorted phlegm, and finger nails is recycling.

    Eating someone else’s secretions is indeed Ewwww.

    In all cases, be discreet. (Zombies, of course, are exempt.)

    • EPA says:

      if you dancin’ wit yo hunny, and yo nose is really runny; you might think it funny but itsnot.

      i got a commendation and a all you can eat pass at the fish place for that one.


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