A family says a SWAT team raided their home in the middle of the night and seriously injured a 19-month-old boy with a stun grenade. Alecia Phonesavanh told Channel 2’s Ryan Young her child is at the Grady Memorial Hospital burn unit and is in a medically induced coma. Phonesavanh said she was at her sister-in-law’s home in Habersham County early Wednesday when police raided the house.

“It’s my baby. He’s only a baby. He didn’t deserve any of this,” Phonesavanh said.

Phonesavanh told Young the grenade landed in the child’s crib; she showed him a photo of a charred portable crib.

“It landed in his playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face,” Phonesavanh said.baby3

She also showed Young pictures of her child in the Grady burn unit. Channel 2 has decided not to share most of the photos because of the graphic nature of the child’s injuries.

“He’s in the burn unit. We go up to see him and his whole face is ripped open. He has a big cut on his chest,” Phonesavanh said. “He’s only 19 months old. He didn’t do anything.”

Cornelia police Chief Rick Darby confirmed that the raid took place at the home just before 3 a.m. He said a multijurisdictional drug unit issued a warrant and organized the SWAT operation.

Deputies said they bought drugs from the house, and came back with a no-knock warrant to arrest a man known to have drugs and weapons.

  1. Knock Knock says:

    Tragic unintended consequence.

    Solution: Always assume a baby is in the house?

    • dusanmal says:

      Not unintended consequence. Plain consequence of disregard for basic principles of this nation. Police is there to SERVE the people. They are there to put themselves in a harms way first, before anyone else, including human criminals. Their lives and health are THE LAST concern in their line of duty. No one is forced to accept such terms, if not ready to do so – do not be law enforcement person. They must always err’ in advantage to others. Because others are protected by the root clause of our Constitution – right to life and liberty. Protected SPECIFICALLY from Government agents.
      Hence, police shooting or throwing grenades before it is 100% certain that they are both attacked and that firing back won’t hurt (certainly, not maybe) anyone innocent must be illegal and criminal. Head of the unit and person who threw grenade in this case should be serving at least some if not a long time in jail.

      • Is this what you want says:

        Attention scumbag criminals: Keep a baby in your drug and bomb making houses so the police won’t break in unannounced. All the cards are in your favor!

        You have the right to be scumbags. We’ll deal with you AFTER you’ve done your intended damage.

    • Nick the Rat says:

      I think they should do more police work and investigations!

  2. Tim says:

    “”The police department said they had no idea there were any children in the house. “There was no clothes, no toys, nothing to indicate that there was children present in the home. If there had been then we’d have done something different,” Cornelia Police Chief Rick Darby said to WSB-TV.

    The flashbang was intentionally introduced into the crib — The jackboot probably thought it was a puppy.

    “”When the SWAT team hit the home’s front door with a battering ram, it resisted as if something was up against it, the sheriff said, so one of the officers threw the flash-bang grenade inside the residence.

    “”Once inside the house, the SWAT team realized it was a portable playpen blocking the door, and the flash-bang grenade had landed inside where the 19-month-old was sleeping, the sheriff said.

    Now, does any of that sound plausible?? ^^

    I’ve seen these pavlovian detritivores in action — Usually, they toss in the grenade as they breech. Here, the playpen is supposedly up against the door {did the playpen obstruct the ‘knock knock’ battering ram with a couple 280 lb syphilitic gorillas grunting at it??}; Well, then. One component of that fuckwit {there is no distinquishing an individual within such putrescent petri-parties, like a slime-mould} took it upon himself to reach into a busted window and lob his self-riteous bang bang wad along the wall right into the crib — He didn’t just get unlucky; He was looking, aiming.

    So, the family was suspected of having methamphetamine… And?? So what.

  3. McCullough says:

    Civil Rights are so yesterday….Suspected = guilty. Where ya’ been?

  4. Dipity Doo says:

    … And you probably thought cops where HONORABLE!

    Get REAL! WAKE UP!!!

    If you’re a cop, HONOR YOUR PLEDGE — you asshole.

  5. Another Pissed Off Citizen says:

    Thought this was an isolated incident? Check it out:

    Sort of puts it in perspective when you realize these jerks have a HISTORY! Goddamned motherfucking PIGS!

  6. John E Quantum says:

    Reality check-

    There ARE some situations in which the police need to forcibly enter a residential structure. Apprehending terrorists determined to attack innocent people is one example. However, the person in authority that makes the determination of when to perform a potentially violent unannounced entry bears the responsibility when things like this happen and must be held accountable. That person is just as guilty when an innocent bystander is injured as the criminals that the police were attempting to apprehend.

    Since the war mentality has taken hold of the domestic police forces, collateral damage and injury to innocent people has been discounted by those that determine when to perform these types of actions. Even after incidents like the police raid in Philadelphia in which a house was bombed, or the police action in Waco where many innocent children lost their lives, the public allows the law enforcement organizations (LEO’s) to wage war on a segment of the public that the LEOs insist require such actions. When we declare a war on drugs or gang activity, everyone needs to realize that the majority of those injured or killed in wars are not the combatants, but the innocent bystanders. There needs to be zero tolerance for harm to innocent people in the process of law enforcement. We need to demilitarize the police and allow them to perform their intended function of protecting the public.

    • Tim says:

      “”There needs to be zero tolerance for harm to innocent people in the process of law enforcement.

      Not going to happen. It is almost as if a large percentage of the american public are proselytized into cheering on and funding the bloodbath the more State violence they are shown — “”They just blew away that 92 year old grandma… the scourage of pot has infiltrated all levels of our society and more must be done…

      By the way, “”…One of the officers planted marijuana in Johnston’s house after the shooting…

      ^^That is as an example to the pedros around that don’t have anything to fear from law enforcement because they are puritanical.

      Those type ‘pedros’ should really be praying that a wrong digit didn’t pop up on the pig’s supersecure, militarily-authenticated Acer laptop running Windows 95…

      The prudent citizen may have considered fortification to be in order by now — Methyl Ethyl Ketone out of the Rainbird to water the lawn; an high-brisance course of masonary to cut the brave warriors asunder at the hip as they ‘stack up’ around the corner betwixed the shrubs…

      Too late, for most; As readily-available, consistent, machinable, fast-setting, chemically-resistant, high temperature expoxy is being removed from american shelves.

      We can always shower the police with doves and flowers; frozen, out of homemade cannons, as an offer of peace and acceptance– to show our appreciation of their tireless dedication and goodwill {in protecting and serving the public, of course}.

    • Tim says:

      “”Apprehending terrorists determined to attack innocent people is one example.

      nope. those terrorists are pretty well armed and defacto supported by local communities — best just to set them on fire.

      • Poor Richard says:

        build a fed a fire and he’ll be able to illuminate his target for a night. set a fed on fire and he’ll be illuminating his detractors for the rest of his life.

        • Tom Fuentes says:

          are you saying you’d poison my hotdogs with wacodust which has been accidentally {I feel really bad about that} poisoned with the nerve agent BZ???

    • norman says:

      to police… to me this is to policy… ye know like a policy.. so ‘… intended function..’ protect the public.. wtf are ye on about.. protect the public policy or woot.. woot is the public and woot is its’ policy !!!

    • noname says:

      This prescient cop is obviously unhappy that another infant terrorist was allowed to live.

      If the cop says the baby had a machine gun, that baby had a gun and deserved nothing less than total annihilation!

      Stop cuddling criminals. Cuddling is only for babies!

  7. Marc Pugner says:

    They couldn’t possibly arrest the suspect on the street when he ran out to get a pack of smokes. If they did, they wouldn’t get a chance to play with all their cool, expensive toys and there would be zero chance of asset forfeiture seizure to buy more military gear to apprehend CIVILIANS SUSPECTED of crimes.

    • LibertyLover says:


    • Mextli says:

      Don’t you love a farce? My fault, I fear
      I thought that you’d want what I want, sorry my dear
      But where are the drones? Send in the drones
      Don’t bother they’re here

  8. McCullough says:

    To be fair, the cops do feel bad about this. Probably not as bad as the kid, though.

  9. orchidcup says:

    Life sucks for some people, especially children of druggies and criminals.

    We should legalize all drugs of every kind and allow the process of natural selection to weed out the bad gene pool so we can get on with the process of evolving into an intelligent species in a few million years.

    • Tim says:

      “”allow the process of natural selection to weed out the bad gene pool

      I agree, completely; Remove from them their funding, in any way possible to include — stop working for the man, let them find themselves devoid of stuff to steal; and set them on fire as indicated by providence.

  10. norman says:

    the kid was maybe 19 months old. the mother was not young. front desk sent me with the rent bill. Man of means and by no means king of the road, i took some rolls of toilet paper with , not bombs..

    My now 19yr old neighbour does not know this, but i remember his first night in town. The iraki kurdish family came from Q8. i can not bother with real names.

    He always was a bit of a slowie… living in subposedly best welfare state ever.. they got him good schooling etc.. now today this time of year he is completing his dentist technictian exam.

    Always think it strange. If one approach police or any other .. if it is they approach you it is different..

  11. Nancy says:

    How terrible
    Just look at the child – why on earth would any competent police department abuse their authority in this matter
    I sure hope that they are held accountable – even though that does the little kid little comfort

  12. Tim says:

    I’m surprized they didn’t declare that the baby self-exploded from all the restricted meth-making chemicals in its’ system.

    • betsy trinaryliquidexplodititsy says:

      you do know what a patent troll is, right?

  13. Mordwa says:

    To be fair to the cops; I hear that toddler was totally acting like a dick…

  14. william says:

    So as it is being presented someone purchases an amount of drugs – being a minor possession charge we can presume because if it is a trafficing amount police would use this in their defence. I have seen how they pad amounts saying they found x amount having a street value of $xx.xx but really no one person can ubtain this amount of cash it goes through a network of dealers.

    So some judge issues a warrant on a minnor amount of drugs. From articles we know it was meth. We know they are charging Thonetheva a dealer who was not at the premissis with harming the child. We know that he was arrested without insident, despite police telling a judge the danger he posed. We know that a informant reported getting meth at the residence but not revealing of how much. Did the informant use the drugs, get caught and roll on the dealer? If so then police acted on a users information while he/she was high.

    The claim is that SWAT was needed to clean up a petty criminal. Really are they that bored? This was a matter for regular police during day time. It appears that in fact regular police services picked up the person in question without incident.

    So SWAT bashes on a door but the crib with the baby holds it shut so through a broken window they drop an explosive. As a parent I question whether that baby wasn’t crying at this point. No child I know of sleeps through 500lbs of force crashing on your bed. No crib I know of withstands SWAT teams. SWAT is lying and poorly at that.

    They knew it was a baby. They knew it was a crib. They most likely dropped the explosive first into the crib through an open window then rammed the door. Judging from the lack of defence they more than likely had no problem smashing the door down as it was not a drug dealers house. Thonetheva sounds like a petty criminal not an international drug dealer even from their accounts.

    So SWAT knew this was a small time crime and the judge would have had similar evidence should we wounder if race was a deciding factor?

    • the CDC says:

      no shit, barney fife; where’d ya’ get the clue?

      Those guys were simply untrained. They were bad apples.

      everybody knows this is how a professional does it just right {does that bullet-stopping fragrite garb they find so vogue malfunction in the presence of dog slobber, or what? —

      {at six min in}

      • the FCC says:

        we’re looking into that. It looks as though playstation messes up the brave warrior’s hud… we’re passing it onto FDA because of tagganets…

  15. deowll says:

    Do not make or sale drugs from a residence sheltering children of any age. That should get you an extra six months in jail by itself. We’ve had monsters around here making crack in homes with children. To call it insane and criminal negligence is an understatement. Please recall that the police aren’t the only people with guns likely to show up at such locations. Shoot outs between dealers and dealers and users are to be expected.

  16. Porky Rottenham says:

    There is no question that the militarization of our police has had a price. What I’m not clear on is, has it had any benefit?

    • Tim says:

      Ask dear, departed bobbo {rip (not really)} — He knows a thing or two about the pros and cons of reincarnation:

      “”the device landed in the playpen where a toddler, Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanhs, was sleeping.

      Welcome to the new world order, kid. It only goes downhill from here on out. However, breathing is taxed heavily; so, there is that.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

        “The last thing you want is law enforcement to injure someone innocent,” Terrell said. “There was no malicious act performed. It was a terrible accident that was never supposed to happen.” //// I can spot 4 direct lies.

        Terrell said he contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation about the incident and was told no further investigation was needed. “Our hearts are broken with [the family],” he said. //// Everyone should be fired.



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