Best comment at 3:06……then again at 8:12. A strong economy, seriously? I bet 97% of economists might disagree with that.

And people wonder why some don’t blindly accept the “official stories” that come out of DC.

  1. No pardon for Obama's High Crimes and Misdemeaors says:

    Reality has no place in Washington, or, Obama and his regime don’t have a clue who Americans are.

    Perhaps they really thought the pickup driving yokels clutching their Bibles and guns would wrap themselves in the flag and sing God bless America.

    Who in his inner circle knows different? Or would dare inform the Dear Leader of his mistake?

    No doubt the sycophants all saluted in unison, praising his wisdom.

    The rallying cry, “We don’t leave anyone behind.”

    Its irrelevant we aren’t going, the Bobbo’s of the world would decry any mention of that, a Fox News conspiracy.

    Its must be nice to be so oblivious to reality, like being high.

    • noname says:

      Mr “No pardon…”

      Pretty obvious, anyone who disagrees with your republican brown noised world view has to be a presidential sycophant.

      How does it feel to be so blindly misinformed by Fox News and your kind?

      Why is it so easy for republicans to have no compunction, conciseness or soul to accuse others of their own guilt; what evil lurks in your heart?

  2. mojo says:

    Why would any sentient being believe anything that comes out of Susie’s mouth? Demonstrated official liar. Ignore.

  3. cousin ernie says:

    BLS shows 4.1 million jobs advertised nationwide, right now. Yup, Obama/Federal Reserve/Keynesian economics failed again.

  4. mbt says:

    The Company also announced that May 15th is the day it will officially become Fifth Pacific Companies, Inc. and begin trading under its new stock symbol (NYSE: FNP).