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  1. Give Obama a Golden Parachute So He Will Go Before Its Too Late! says:

    Its sad a tech blog has nothing to say about the impossibility of the IRS losing 2 years of IRS Emails which no doubt, would reveal precisely who should go to jail.

  2. Carlos says:

    Tech blog? You’re not from these parts are you.. easy mistake to make.

    • Give Obama a Golden Parachute So He Will Go Before Its Too Late! says:

      Once was. Perhaps the “oh wow” has been replaced by “oh shit” as the NSA is using everything, to identify and locate precisely our personal networks as only Omniscient God once could, for its own dark ends.

      • Jimmy Rollins says:

        …Did you catch the game last night?

        • jpfitz says:

          Great game last night…unfortunately Lundqvist kick saved that last shot poorly, he knew it as soon as he essentially passed it to Justin Williams.

          “LOS ANGELES — Bad omens stared at Henrik Lundqvist at the start of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. It was the 666th game of his Rangers career. A full moon — the first on Friday the 13th since 2000 — hung over Staples Center.”

          • Can we just give Obama a Golden Parachute before he turns more things to crap? says:

            I’ve reported you to attackwatch.com code defaming our Dear Leader, who right now is working tirelessly in Palm Springs about the sudden appearance of the ISIS in the Newspapers.
            Your use of code doesn’t fool anyone, the loose talk of bad omens and games at H L clear reference to Barrak Hussein Obama, the full moon to Michele his loving wife.

            Defaming our eternal President as the Beast was so transparent a child could see it. There are six letters in Henrik, nine in Lundqvist, 9-6=3; 3 sixs are 666. Or you can go about it another way. The House Judiciary Committe meets, as you very well say in code, on Friday and there are 17 ranking Democrats, 7-1=6, four the number of Afro American members so 7-4=3, or 666.

            The White House, as your code reveals, is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, take out the six and you have 100, minus 1 is 99, or 66 in code, so 666.

            We all know what 666 means, don’t we, That’s the number of the Beast and you have been reported to attackwatch.com. Don’t you dare remove the battery from your smart phone.

          • Tim says:

            “”ISIS in the Newspapers.

            Ahh! That must be what they really meant when properly translated… Not *I’ll see you in New York* but *I’ll see you in the New York Times*.

            ISIS justification for opining in the New York Times:

            “They took the batteries out of the cell phones and left them to discharge in the kitchen drawer.” — a credible witness chick

          • Can we just give Obama a Golden Parachute before he turns more things to crap? says:

            All options are on the table for dealing with the threat of ISIS’s sudden appearance in the Newspapers.

            His Thunderbird Club advisers, expert on the green, counseled for a good miss rather than bad shot.

            Others counseled for a new scandal would be remove the problem of this “old news.”

            Mrs Obama was overheard yelling at them all, “You’re too fat!” Pres. Obama was visibly shaken.

            Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Abu Dua as he is affectionately known, has earned award for merit, gainfully employed since his release, in the trade he knows best. He “could have been my son” Obama commented, had I remained at ACORN teaching Saul Alinsky.

            Well, it doesn’t serve any purpose I regret the course I took. A good miss certainly seems best.

          • Tim says:

            That’s interesting. Tell me about your mother??

          • jpfitz says:

            IF > Give Obama a Golden Parachute So He Will Go Before Its Too Late!
            THEN = ALFIE

        • Give Obama a Golden Parachute So He Will Go Before Its Too Late! says:

          Did I hear someone with an insignificant IQ calling?

          • jpfitz says:

            Here is more for u to report on, you wacka doodle. The end is NIGH///

            “In Old Kingdom (Egypt), ISIS was worshiped as goddess of fertility, nature, and motherhood. She was said to have married her brother OSIRIS and given birth to son HORUS. She was also responsible for Osiris’s resurrection after his death at the hands of the God Seth. In this respect she is also seen as protector of the dead. And so now, we have ISIS RISING, a new incarnation of Isis, and a fortified resurrection of her sibling-consort, Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Is it not amazing how the American security-warrior State can itself, like the goddess Isis, give birth (or rebirth) over and again to deities of mythic proportions?

            It is interesting, is it not, that the self-proclaimed US hegemon can casually send armed forces ready to rumble into the Gulf to “protect American property and lives” against this newly emergent “terrorist” threat, without so much as a self-reflexive thought as to how he threatened Putin for doing precisely the same thing in Ukraine when Russian geopolitical necessity called for it. And mind you, Putin acted in direct response to an American-financed and managed putsch; his assistance having been directly solicited by the government and people of Crimea as well as the ‘republics’ in the southeastern regions of that small country. I should think that Putin (together with the EU) may want to impose some stiff sanctions on Barry for interfering in another countries internal affairs.

            So, now the Islamists are once again on the move, with bigger and better plans for Iraq, Iran, Syria and Jordan, continuing to take plays right from our secret playbook.

            They are religious imperialists, and their fierce ideology teaches them that they must expand or die; if they consolidate control over their existing territories, they will soon turn elsewhere. The ethnically and politically fractured kingdom of Jordan is an obvious candidate for their malevolent attention*.”

          • Tim says:

            That is interesting. Tell me about ALFIEs’ mother.

  3. Aron Jóhannsson says:

    is this where the online trollhunter movie is?


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