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  1. Please give Obama a Golden Parachute So He Will Go Before everything turns to crap! says:

    Re Uber, its all good until there’s an accident.

    Uber sued by family of six-year-old killed in San Francisco crash

    Uber driver fatally struck Sofia Liu with car on New Year’s Eve
    Company says it’s not liable as driver didn’t have passenger


    And if you or your family suffer any kind of injury, suing a private party with no insurance is useless.

    So there is a risk to saving a few dollars. But a little known fact, variable pricing rules, so peak periods its possible Uber costs more than a fully insured and permitted cab.

    • norman says:

      you do know: france/engoland got this thang about sueing… ye are not quilty… ye do know this

      sixseventenn tuesday. hhheh fiftwo days


      they marry twice


  2. norman says:

    neighbour kid drop by and woot his name … ralf nadar speaking on monitor.. kurdish kid,,, i tx.. said he save merica 60s , they shooting each out car windows.. he get seat belts… okey okey my translation not good… but

    I keep pointing to cisco modem and notice kid got ipod iphone woot ye may call them.. i lost it… fekk him out of my home… he thinks iffn ye got 3$.000.000 ye smart


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