There are a lot of people wanting us to go back into Iraq yet a 3rd time. “We need to take control or the price of oil and gasoline will go up.” So I’m thinking that after spending trillions of dollars on war why don’t we spend that money on solar power and battery technology instead. Why don’t we use that money to invent a battery that can go 1000 mile on a charge instead of just 250 miles. If we did that we could even power our car with coal and be cleaner than gasoline.

But the best part about solar is that we don’t have to go to war in the middle east and give all than money to Muslims. We could just sit back and watch them kill each other like we do in Syria. Solar not only is cleaner – but it reduces war and terrorism.

  1. Steve S says:

    The cost of a gallon of gasoline in California – $4.10

    The cost of all the wars and conflicts fought “defending” the US oil interests for that gallon of gasoline – trillions and trillions of dollars.

    The cost of human suffering cause by those wars and conflicts – priceless.

    We won’t change our behavior until we are forced to change it.

    • CrankyGeeksFan says:

      The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain. The annual cost of that is $80 billion per year.

  2. jasontheodd says:

    No Idea how much of this is true, but at a local “libertarian party” meeting back when the wall street marches were taking place and everybody here in St. Louis was wondering if it might happen here…it didn’t to any degree…but there was a speech given on the money wasted on “oil wars.” The argument was that even if you took the government at it’s word and ignoring Iraq would have nearly doubled the price of oil…even at the new price, all the money spent on both wars and the prolonged occupation between them could have instead been used to subsidize fuel for all Americans so it would cost only about $2 a gallon for a decade. No lives lost and cheaper fuel.
    No idea if it’s true, but i sure as hell would have preferred we try that instead…

    • Tim says:

      They also pro’lly could have paid off everyones’ morgages with the trillions raked in for the banksters to do it all again..

    • deegee says:

      Turn all of the sand in the middle east to glass…
      There is an easy way to do this, and it would solve many of the world’s problems… except for the radioactive fallout in the rest of the world…

  3. Mr Anderson says:

    We could hunt for the WMDs that we left behind last time…;)

    It’s the Bush-whacked ghetto-genocide method, sell them enough weapons to kill each other off.

    Too much lead in the environment.

  4. Tim says:

    “…we could even power our car with coal and be cleaner than gasoline.”

    “”The General’s engineers therefore built a Cadillac Eldorado with a turbine engine that ran on powdered coal.


    I want a steam car {external combustion}………….

    There’s a company or two out there with a packaged steam engine for vehicles — I remember seeing them in the big trucks they ran over all the Egyptians with back in 2010.

    One advantage of such an engine is the maximum torque is produced at the lowest rpms thus negating a transmission.

  5. Michael says:

    We don’t start wars, we finish them, bub.

    • Steve S says:

      Michael says:
      “We don’t start wars, we finish them, bub.”

      Or more typically for the last 50 years or so “We” follow this cycle:

      1. “We” rally the American public around the flag through a careful propaganda campaign involving fear and/or righteousness against the target country.
      2. “We” then invade the sovereign target country causing a great deal of death and destruction in the process.
      3. “We” stay there fighting for anywhere between 2-13+ years causing untold civilian and enemy deaths and spending massive amounts of money in the process. Oh and we loose some American lives in the process.
      4. After a while, “We” and the American Public get tired of the ongoing death toll (ours, not theirs) and expense and decide to leave. Before leaving, “We” install a corrupt puppet government that was “elected” by the people of the target country.
      5. With much fanfare, we pull our troops out of the target country. Mission Accomplished!
      6. After a short amount of time the corrupt puppet government that “We” supported fails and the entire exercise turns out to have been for nothing. Oh we do gain some small compensation for our expenditure of lives and money. We gain a new generation of enemies that hate us even more than the group “We” originally went to war to defeat thus almost guaranteeing a future cycle of the above. “We” also loose even more respect with the rest of the civilized world.

      Well as long as we got something out of the deal, I guess it was worth it! /s

      I really think we need to reconsider our foreign policy.
      Just a thought.

    • ± says:

      Since 1945 the USA has won 2 wars. Grenada and the Dominican Republic.

      I’m extra proud about Grenada.

  6. deowll says:

    1. Did we start this round of fighting? No
    2. Will this impact the cost of fuel on the world market? Yes
    3. What is the objective of the Isis? To force the world to submit to the will of Allah.
    4. What do they do to those that don’t submit fast enough? Kill them as they showed on YouTube videos.
    5. Can we stay out of this? One of the Isis members is on Video shouting out, “See you in NYC!”

    Of course the gender confused and the atheists clearly have oppose the will of Allah according to the Islamic sects of the region so their fates are sealed. May the will of Allah the merciful be done.

    • Tim says:

      “May the will of Allah the merciful be done.”

      Allah grew hemp.

      • norman says:

        jesu lived upuntill 33yrs.. mohamad made 54yrs or so,not sure.. but allah could never grow hemp … ye silly bollix

  7. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    U. S. oil companies made record profits with the price of oil at record highs – $147/barrel in mid-2008. Then, ExxonMobil was making over $40 billion dollars of profit per year. That’s over $100 million dollars per day for the entire year. So much for the argument that they were being squeezed out of business in the oil fields by the national oil companies: Saudi Aramco, Pemex, Petrobras, etc.

    The U.S. isn’t dependent on oil from the Middle East, but U.S. financial companies ARE dependent on the commodity market.

  8. MikeN says:

    Instead of imagining solar breakthroughs, that are actually steady gains through Moore’s law, how about building the Keystone Pipeline and ANWR? That would also make Middle East oil irrelevant. US could become the largest producer of oil. Already North Dakota is at one million barrels a day.

    Rather than firing people for suggesting Africans develop energy, how about having them drill for oil too?

    • CrankyGeeksFan says:

      A lot of Keystone oil will be refined and exported. It won’t be going as much as a lot of people think to increase the supply and lower the cost of gasoline and diesel.

      I don’t think solar cell development or anything else other that transistors on a CPU die has ever followed Moore’s Law.

      • Mohammed says:

        …Moore’s Law…

        I think you mean the one about mass/miles. That is, the size of you bitch-stuffed doghouse in heaven is a product of how much mass you move through how much distance {fucking oil shekes}. — Those niggas in trains got it maid….

        otherwise, I think dear leader thinks you’re correct about the pipeline. It was only ever for canada to get it into the gulf and exported easier — maybe some refining and mantianence temp work…

      • MikeN says:

        So you don’t know what fungible means.

        • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

          The pipeline company itself said in testimony to Congress that the purpose of Keystone XL was to lower the cost of transporting the oil to the Gulf Coast. It simply replaces the current methods of train, barge, and truck. All the oil out of Ft McMurray already reaches the world market. The pipeline just means that the producer would avoid the higher shipping costs.

        • norman says:

          fungiblem ´´ chungiblem hungebliem hehhe

    • Tim says:

      “”how about building the Keystone Pipeline and ANWR?

      That’s a great{??} question, MikeN. They aboot dun already goofed across the line anyways so that I have no environmental concerns for the pipeline here.

      My concern is that it becomes another ‘national security interest’ and, thus, another kind of *boarder* bisecting USA.

      “”the Supreme Court has clearly and repeatedly confirmed that the border search exception applies only at international borders and their functional equivalent (such as international airports).

    • deegee says:

      Solar is a joke. Do some research on it.

  9. MikeN says:

    Take the kids showing up in Texas, sign them up for ObamaCare, give them guns from Fast and Furious, and send them to Iraq on a Children’s Crusade.

    • norman says:

      been there done dah

      average age of silk gowned whore in venice ghetto… 1400s

      • norman says:

        not to mention irak invasive troops were 20% non usa nationals

        • norman says:

          morrocan mate mine has two sisters in east LA … hope they din’t let their kids to grow-up be doctors and lawyers instead

  10. Steve S says:

    Deowll says:

    1. Did we start this round of fighting? No
    A: Well.. Yeah.. We kind of did start this. Our policy of supplying arms, money, advisers, etc to groups of “revolutionaries” which we would normally have classified as “terrorists” if they were not currently fighting against someone we didn’t like at the moment has certainly not made us friends. You reap what you sow.

    2. Will this impact the cost of fuel on the world market? Yes
    A: The increased cost of gas is not really as important as what these conflicts have cost us in terms of lives, lost, money spent, respect, creation of new enemies, etc.

    3. What is the objective of the Isis? To force the world to submit to the will of Allah.
    A: True, ISIS are first class whack jobs by any measure. No argument there.

    4. What do they do to those that don’t submit fast enough? Kill them as they showed on YouTube videos.
    A: Again, no argument. I wouldn’t want them as my neighbors.

    5. Can we stay out of this? One of the Isis members is on Video shouting out, “See you in NYC!”
    A: And this is the trillion dollar question. What do we do to counter extremist groups like this? I don’t have the answer but I think the traditional six-step approach I listed above is ineffective. We need a new plan.

    • norman says:

      ‘we’ ye silly silly person… you are the whack job… this speak is so crazy, ye aught open a internetz radio station and sell army surpluss in west texas

  11. Uncle Patso says:

    We could turn the Mojave Desert into a major solar energy producer and build a few thousand energy storage reservoirs up in the Rocky Mountains so the energy can be used at night, etc.

    Future availability of sunlight: billions of years
    Future availability of petroleum: a hundred years or so

    Seems plain as day: free energy from the sun — what’s not to like?

    • Steve S says:

      Just an observation.
      I live in the Antelope Valley in Southern California which is in the general “vicinity” of the Mojave Desert. Over that last ten years I have watched them literally add hundreds and hundreds of new windmills to the hundreds already North of us. I have also seen hundreds of small solar farms added to homes, parking lots and open areas nearby. To go with this we now have several new large electric sub-stations, many new high tension power lines and a couple of large scale solar power plants. I am not sure how efficient or effective they are but they are definitely expanding solar and wind power here. If there is one thing we have lots of it is wind and sun!:) What we don’t have is water. The average rainfall at my house over the last few years is less than 1 inch per year. Because of the surrounding geography, we get less rain on average than the Mojave Desert proper.

      • McCullough says:

        ” What we don’t have is water.”


        -Sam Kinison

      • George Soros says:

        re: ^^ dear sirs, i’ve known over 333 people in Antelope Valley and only 87 of them were ever total flaming transvestites. this blatent misrepresentation is beneath a distenquished blog like this where i may resume my alynski studies.

      • Mr Anderson says:

        A water generator would work.

    • MikeN says:

      fossil fuel energy is free too.

      • CrankyGeeksFan says:

        “fossil fuel energy is free too.”

        Sunlight puts approx. 1,000 Watts/square meter of solar power for free all over the earth’s surface. That’s why I like solar power harnessed close to where it’s to be used, a concept called building-integrated photovoltaic modules. For example, when placed correctly along the side’s of a structure, the solar panels cool the structure (by acting as a parasol) so that the total amount of energy that will be used by the structure is less.

        I don’t see any fossil fuel (i.e., coal, oil, natural gas) that is all over the world’s surface for free.

        • deegee says:

          “All over the earth’s surface” ??

          Solar only works well within a couple of thousand kms of the equator. It is ~10,000 km from equator to pole.
          I live in northern Canada. We get a yearly average of 3 solar-usable hours per day. Solar is mostly useless here except for maybe charging your cell phone.
          Is all of the population in the northern and southern hemispheres supposed to move to the equator?

        • Tim says:

          “”(by acting as a parasol)

          Well, bless my post transbiomachinosoftwellian hemoplasm pumper. A solar powered Mary Poppins in everyones’ front yard subverting the youth…

    • deegee says:

      And what are you planning on building the “energy storage reservoirs” out of?
      Duracell rechargeables?

      We do not have a good way to store massive amounts of electrical energy.

    • norman says:

      where does the sun go at night.. hehhe

      ye are off yer Rockies… pump uphill during day to have light at night..hehhe

      while we at it let us put a fence around african national parks,,,,

      ‘will somebody think about the children’


  12. dusanmal says:

    @Perkel “So I’m thinking that after spending trillions of dollars on war why don’t we spend that money on solar power and battery technology instead.”
    Two reasons:
    1) Obama Administration tried that. Solyndra and friends. Ended in a bucket. You CAN’T force free market into your corner by social engineering and Government spending. Never. Same as you can’t make apples fall upward by a lot of Government spending.
    2) Time needed and what to do in between. I cited here many times example of Iceland. Small country. Small population. All, Government and population intent on switching off oil. Immense easily used natural resources throughout in form of trivially usable geothermal…. Estimate of their scientists and engineers – 50-100 YEARS needed to switch off oil. At least 50 to not be mainly dependent on oil. Now scale that to geography, population, industry,… and available resources in USA. We must do something for energy for 200+years. Oil, gas, coal are the only viable options on that time scale. Now, NOT from Iraq mind you but from our own land, sea and friendly Canadian neighbors. Just try to explain such facts of life to eco-nazis (and yet again, if accused of anti-environment – I personally volunteered 4 years of my life to plant deforested hills and mountains, that is eco-friendly not the ideological insanity of forced denial of fossil fuels).

    • CrankyGeeksFan says:

      on point 1) “You CAN’T force free market into your corner by social engineering and Government spending.” The research grants are trying to advance particular technologies; not alter the free markets.

      on point 2) Companies and countries all over the world are working on these problems. The U.S. needed to focus development at the time- and today.

    • Ottowa concensus says:

      “”friendly Canadian neighbors.

      What y’e on aboot?? stay your arse {} in iowa.

    • norman says:

      iceland.. iceland.. don’t talk about my mother like that… voigt komt… bang bang bang…

    • norman says:

      above the treeline.. baby… hehhe one night in bangkock… hehhe

      • norman says:

        neah serious yet think i got miner lungs from pumping cfc from urban refrigerators city dump.. welll , we as do woot happens

  13. noname says:

    If this is “TRULY” in our national interest, lets to it right!

    Let’s not keeping makes the same repeated and lame mistake(s) of the past!!

    Institute a nation draft (families of president, congressperson, billionaires, … aren’t exempt)!

    Raise taxes to pay for it!

    Have a well thought out exit plan after “winning”.

    Publicly spell out winning & leaving objectives.

    Otherwise, stop yanking everyone chain for something, obviously not important!

  14. Dummy says:

    When complete IDIOTS pay more per gallon for SODA or even BOTTLED WATER (which is the exact same liquid you can get for free out of most any faucet in America) than they do for gasoline, what makes you think the price of gas is too high?

    Sooner or later some genius is going to start charging for bottled AIR! What’s even more amazing is that there are hordes of people — AMERICAN’S — with too much money who will PAY for it! Just look at most any APPLE OWNER! By the time anyone actually NEEDS bottled air it will be too late.

    Feeling a bit stupid right now? Did my comments insult you? Go ahead. Shout it out and do whatever it takes to ignores the fact that YOU PAID FOR IT!

    Fuck Iraq. Anyone with a brain knew from day ONE that America would NEVER get out. It’s the evil little plot of America’s “military industrial complex.” So keep being a political moron too. Keep voting with your red/blue party and MAYBE things will change. Right?! (Hint: that’s the definition of INSANITY!)

  15. Uncle Patso says:

    deegee says, in part:

    “And what are you planning on building the “energy storage reservoirs” out of?”

    = = = = = =


    “When electricity demand is low, the Lewiston units can operate as pumps to transport water from the lower bay back up to the plant’s reservoir, allowing this water to be used again during the daytime when electricity use peaks. During peak electrical demand, the same Lewiston pumps are reversed and actually become generators, similar to those at the Moses plant.”

    “Put very simply, we divert water from the Niagara River—up to 375,000 gallons a second—and convey it through conduits under the City of Niagara Falls to Lewiston. From there, water flowing through the Robert Moses plant spins turbines that power generators, converting this mechanical energy into electrical energy.

    At night, when electricity demand is low, the Lewiston units operate as pumps, transporting water from the forebay up to the plant’s reservoir.

    During the daytime, when electricity use peaks, the Lewiston pumps are reversed and become generators, similar to those at the Moses plant. In this way, the water can be used to produce electricity twice, increasing production and efficiency.”

    • Tim says:

      That sounds pretty slick if it’s a large scale operation… Off hand, I’d wonder how much energy I could store in a water tower in the backyard and if it’ll be enough to watch me some sports streams and collect wares all night {the cold beer is also considered ‘storage’}.

      I assume the system would do some pretty horrible things to birds..

  16. MikeN says:

    Yes, the third time’s a charm. Obama has learned the lessons, not from history but from Hollywood. History tells us that Iran used to be called Persia. And when going up against Persians, Obama knows to send 300.

    • noname says:

      HaHa…. what a American you wish you where!

      Being the patriotic American you pretend to be; you certainly will the first to gladly send your family members into the IRAQ fight!

    • norman says:

      (music note)of greece and rome whom bravely stood three hundred men and freemen..

    • Alfalfa says:

      i’m pretty sure the number is 600

      • noname says:

        That kind of fun for kids or anyone can no longer be had!

        We are a zero tolerance society and aren’t we so much better; our children are smarter and kinder!

  17. norman says:

    this is too silly and i am very tired now… seriously

    1) sun is not energy

    2) el is not energy

    I have no idea woot ye are all on about

    • noname says:

      Eating beans and creating lots of biofuels, “now that energy” ye can count on!

  18. t0llyb0ng says:

    All the crazies have posted here, looks like.  Safe for me to weigh in.

    Where’s the thread for Thursday’s No Agenda show?  There isn’t one.  I hate when that happens.

    There is no e in the word “blatant.”

    Loose is not a verb (usually).  “Don’t be a looser.”

    Photonic fatpipes are data-leaking devices.  The whole world’s data has been leaking to the NSA.  It’s not a bug, it’s a feature––designed in from the beginning.  They fatuously think they can “store it all.”  Maybe they can.  Won’t do anybody a damn bit of good.  Nothing but grief there.

    Seems to me “take ’em to the bank” in the context of the story was referring to suing alleged “wrongdoers” for million$ for their e-textual offensivenesses.  Will kill that pesky First Amendment dead.

    “Promulgate” might be the preferred word over “propagate” in the case of “Propagate the formula.”  One can promulgate a concept or a solution to a problem, say, or a belief system.  Whereas propagate is a biology word & something cells do when they’re reproducing themselves by splitting in two.  Out in the wild, one might wish to propagate a new generation of an endangered species.  3-D printers can propagate ashtrays or dildos or electronic components.

    The accent would preferably be on the first syllable of “applicable.”  No PLICK in APPlicable.  Though I love it when I hear somebody say aPLICKable.  Plick plick plick.  Say it again.

    Speaking of drinking words, I bet JCD is still saying “disconcerning.”  [tongue-face]  Incidentally, he is one year older than moi.

    If you’re old like me & JCD you’ll remember how the Army was training the South Vietnamese to defend against “Communist infiltrators” back in the ’60s.  The SV army would then be able to defend its own borders without U.S. help, it was asserted, & our boys could come home.  Turned out to be an utter joke.  SV army would always fold under any real threat.

    Remember Henry Kissinger?  General Westmoreland?  Robert McNamara?  Today we have the same assortment of slimeballs at the helm––with different names.

    • Tim says:

      Well, I remember Veit Nam. I was in kindergarden where every day was count to one hundred, hear tales of biblical plagues, drink some coolaid, do the hokey pokey, and be reminded that we’d better enjoy that while it lasted because “when you get out, you’re all going to go to Veit Nam, get leprosy, and die..”

  19. reader says:

    “How can you lay siege to a whole country? …We are in our country, among our kith and kin. …Faltering forces of infidels cannot just enter a country of 26 million people and lay besiege to them! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege.”

    As an infidel in the US I never believed invading the holy and saintly land of creation, Iraq, was well advised.

    “We will push those crooks, those mercenaries back into the swamp”
    – Just after the Coalition started it’s bombing campaign

  20. reader says:

    New nonsense.
    Worst case, the US opened the gate to them making this terrorgate because terrorists now have US gear and weapons. So, they are US equipped terrorist.

    “Secondly, Twitter has become an important tool for the jihadist financing and recruitment efforts, as J.M. Berger, an expert in extremist groups and their online strategies, has noted. While Twitter has been a powerful platform for ISIS to spread its message to fanboys and potential recruits, the medium can also expose ISIS vulnerabilities and provide its enemies with a means to exploit them.”

    They have US uniforms, vehicles, aircraft, weapons and now we have provided technology logistical support. Supposedly the NSA is the enemy?

    “It did suffer and it became very weak, while the reporters from Iraqi radio and television stations were more active and had more accurate information.” Maybe we can set up a TV and radio studio for them.

    “I blame Al-Jazeera. They are marketing for the Americans. ” Baghdad Bob

  21. t0llyb0ng says:

    Impressions of N/A show 628 from June 22:

    Most dead hard drives can have the old data pulled off even if they are not repairable.  IRS could have turned over the supposedly ruined hard drive months ago.  They are still sitting on it & making lame excuses.  Do they have backups?  Of course they do.  They have the backups they know about & even some they don’t.  They’ve tried to delete as many as they can but the ones they’ve forgotten about are lurking & will keep turning up.  The higher-ups that should be “accountable” are doubling down on their fake ignorance.

    “The truth is seeking to make itself known.”  Who said that?  Can’t find it right now but it makes a great passphrase.

    Found one quote so far:  “Truth seeks to express itself in the world as it calls the prodigal son home.”

    She said malfucktioned.  An unintentional neologism.

  22. reader says:

    Another reason for open borders. The criminals have gone from running around them to running them.

  23. Brian says:

    Coal is not clean.

  24. reader says:

    Learning depends on the emotional climate engendered by empathy and civility. In their daily contacts with children, teachers must preserve these vanishing virtues.

    He quotes James Joyce: History is a nightmare from which I am trying to wake up.

    Every teacher can become aware of attitudes that alienate, words that insult and acts that hurt. He can acquire competence and caution in communication, and become less abrasive and less provocative.

    They dream of a future without peace. It looks like trillions more of debt and a future without money too. They’ll all give each other raises and pension increases. As agency head you’ll get $20K a month for screwing up the world. Snowden the idiot outsmarted all of them! He made top dollar. Nobody honest can make a living. That’s over with. We’ve captured the castor oil plant! Don’t provoke them. Try to ignore and be gentle and act hurt. Baby boom went bust. Russia is worse. Dollar is worth less so a billionaire is now like a millionaire was in the 90’s. They are operating on credit and the plastic is insecure.


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