Reverend Reality speaks at TedX about Reality Reconciles Science and Religion. Talking about the Evidential Reformation Reverend Reality lays out a common path that both Religion and Atheism can evolve into. This is religion 3.0 – the authority of evidence rather than the authority of scripture. And this is a religious view that even Atheists can appreciate. (If you can listen long enough to get past religious terminology).

Does the religious world and Atheism have a common future? Michael Dowd says YES! How so?

  • Reality is our God
  • Evidence is our Scripture
  • Big History is our Creation Story
  • Ecology is our Theology
  • Integrity is our Salvation
  • A just and health future is our Mission

Religious people try to do the right thing but their map of reality is limited to old books. We now have a common creation story that is being revealed through evidence. In short – the Hubble Telescope is revealing the nature of reality. This is a creation story that the universe is telling us and scientists who are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Atheist alike are discovering the same thing. God isn’t an invisible cloud being – God is merely a personification of Reality itself. We now know more about Reality than we did thousands of years ago. Reality is the upgraded version of all other religions.

Similarly, Realism is the upgrade to Atheism. Atheism is about God and Atheists spend way too much time reading the Bible and talking about the Bible. In fact Atheists are more obnoxious about the Bible than Christians are. What Atheists don’t get is that religious people don’t care about what you don’t believe in. They are interested however in what you do believe in.

One of the problems with Atheism is that knowing everything about nothing has no value. Knowing all about what doesn’t exist doesn’t tell you anything about what does exist. Realism is actually the opposite of Atheism in that Realism is about everything and Atheism is about nothing.

So when it comes to the issue of “what is the meaning of meaning?”, Atheism has nothing. How should we live our lives? What is the purpose of humanity? What should I do when I wake up in the morning? Where does right and wrong come from? These questions are not only the important questions, but for some reason they make Atheists squirm.

Sam Harris is an example of this. Sam is so adverse to religion that just saying the word “Church” shuts him down. So scared is he of these ideas that he write a book claiming we have no free will. That we live in a deterministic universe that we are playing through like puppets in a deterministic movie that has already been filmed.

Humanism and Naturalism are examples of Atheists moving in the right direction towards an understanding of how to live in Right Relationship to Reality. Understanding the meaning of meaning.

Religious people don’t get that Reality isn’t a choice and that choosing to believe in something doesn’t make it real. Atheists don’t get that Reality is fundamental to Atheism because without Reality there would be no place for God not to be real in. Atheists also don’t get that being a smug asshole isn’t the best way to win souls for Darwin.


  1. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Timmy you are demonstrating was I supposed 6 months back: you don’t like the public policy suggestions to cure co2 pollution so you are attacking the science trying to nip the issue in the bud. But the science is an independent fact. Its just bad thinking to confuse “whatever” the science is of AGW with whatever the political response might be. Surely you see that?


    Because the policy is preordained. /// How so? The policy for the last 100 years has been for big coal and oil to pollute as they see fit without charge or even criticism. As you noted, the changes are slow, but they are with us now.

    It does not matter one whit what co2 does to the atmosphere, /// of course it does. Pros and Cons to all we do, don’t do, and all points inbetween.

    the policy condems millions regardless. /// No….. its the AGW that is going to condemn people. “If we are smart” and act to curb its worst effects, it will be millions of people who escape the condemnation. You got things totally backwards.

    Haven’t you ever sat back and watched someone ruin a thing with a proceedure or method that you just knew to be incorrect; That you knew the outcome from the beginning but were powerless to stop it — ‘cleaning’ the plastic monitor with windex, for instance?? /// Of course==and the argument I make is don’t use the windex because it will ruin the plastic. I don’t say: Don’t use the Windex because it makes no difference. Windex either ruins plastic or it doesn’t. AGW either destroys our environment for advanced human culture, or it doesn’t.

    Now, I sit back and watch this control structure {that’s all it is bobbo, just another control structure} be parroted out onto the people knowing {call me an has-been imaginative futurist} what tears it leads to from the beginning and bitter that it splashes all over me. /// WHAT control structure? There isn’t any… thats the whole point. We are RIGHT NOW drowning in rises heat levels, ocean levels, etc…. the whole list. THAT is what is splashing on you.

    It’s funny now — to see the ‘solution’ be these efficient, compact cities when the root of the problem was concentrating people into cities in the first place — a stated goal of Dupont. People are naturally not liking ‘on the grid’. //// Lots of people like city life, lots like the country. I like both so live in the next farthest out suburb. The “root” of the problem is allocation of jobs and resources and a whole host of other issues. Thing is–city or country doesn’t matter because the pollution hits everyone the same, just as will the solutions. (sic–don’t quibble)

    Left to their own devices; clean, silent, efficient energy solutions would have been born out. /// Coal and oil burning is increasing. I can’t even imagine what the heck you are talking about.

    That will not be tolerated as individual empowerment is anathama to ‘government’ and, apparently, to those who feel the need to unabashadly pimp for them with little more background than a gradeschool coloring book depicting drowning polar bears and penguins with laserbeams on their heads. /// There is no individual empowerment when you are 6 feet underwater and the ocean food chain has collapsed.

    Take off the crazy glasses.

    • Tim says:

      sea level pro’lly gonna go up real quick like —

      things that make you go hmmm…

      mind the penguins

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        I’m sure thats it as pumping trillions of tons of co2 into the air shouldn’t have any adverse effects at all.

        You are arguing like a theist now. Never in response to what you are challenged with but rather change the subject or repeat your mantra.

        ………………..I don’t know………………..
        ……………….You don’t know…………………..

        So… I trust the majority scientific position on the subject and will change my position when/if they do.

        its the best bet.

  2. reader says:

    Electricity is just organized lightning.

    “The triviality of [the] copyright [battles] tell you that when
    other sectors of the economy start to evince concerns about
    the Internet and the PC, that copyright will be revealed for
    a minor skirmish, and not a war. Why would other sectors nurse
    grudges against computers? Well, because the world we live
    in today is made of computers. We don’t have cars anymore,
    we have computers we ride in; we don’t have airplanes anymore,
    we have flying Solaris boxes with a big bucketful of SCADA
    controllers; a 3D printer is not a device, it’s a peripheral,
    and it only works connected to a computer; a radio is no longer
    a crystal, it’s a general-purpose computer with a fast ADC and
    a fast DAC and some software.”

    With the interstate closed it’s a good thing we don’t need cars now.

    “The essence of discipline is finding effective alternatives to punishment.

    To punish a child is to enrage him and make him uneducable. He becomes a hostage of hostility. A captive of rancor. A prisoner of vengeance.”

    They don’t have much discipline.


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