View it full screen for the best effect. Read about the photographer, Vincent Brady.

  1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist still in awe of the wonderment of it all says:

    Always nice to see something new the first time. I see a kind of kaleidoscope effect…. but then… not that at all. Mesmerizing.

    I’ll save some of it for later so as to not wear it out.


    • norman says:

      always nice see new for first time… hehhe.. i know woot ye mean… but don’t we have a better way to say it.. i don’t…


      i’s smoking a joint outside the pub and was this young woman saying she din’t think us auld farts did this..

      Got me to thinking iff i ever have such a thought when i was her age.. then i think is this first time i think thiss…

      hehhe… ah…

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        Well thanks Norm. This is new too… I can actually understand what you wrote.

        Was it the spinning lights?

        • jpfitz says:

          Norm’s english was improved by the relaxing J he enjoyed. Funny, I’m starting to understand Norm too. Maybe we are adjusting our understanding of what a non english person may write. What is woot, ya know?

  2. reader says:

    “If you leave your art, the world will beat you back to it. The world has not an ambition worth sharing, or a prize worth handling. Corrupt successes, disgraceful failures, or sheeplike vegetation are all it has to offer. I prefer Art, which gives me a sixth sense of beauty, with self-respect: perhaps also an immortal reputation in return for honest endeavour in a labour of love.”

    That really gives me a sixth sense of beauty.

    • Tim says:

      Was he the ‘we delivered the bomb’ guy that got bit in half in Jaws??

    • norman says:

      i’s ninetteen nineteen and this 24yr old office girl, really old, she worked in the officers office.. i was trading up.. hehe.. first time i hear this ‘labour of love phase’ she said she said it to a young officer in the office that day.

  3. orchidcup says:

    Our short and pitiful lives are like specks of bacteria swimming in a vast ocean of the cosmos, yet we have an ego that insists our comments are worthwhile.

    Nobody will give a sh*t what we think or say in ten years or ten days or ten minutes.

    Our insignificance is significant.

    • noname says:

      “Our insignificance is significant.”

      Talk insignificance about yourself! You must have a mouse in your pocket?

      • orchidcup says:

        I did not find a mouse in my pocket.

        I did find a clump of dryer lint and tiny bits of insignificant matter.

    • Tim says:

      Parts of it did leave me feeling like a dust mite probing the depths of an old chicken nugget.

    • norman says:

      first time i’s in a small ‘plane and see shadow below.. exactly woot i was thinking.. splat… i am a nothing.. we are nothings..

  4. Tikki Tikki Tembo-no Sa Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-pip Peri Pembo says:

    far out man. i’ve fallen into one rad two-node gravity well.

  5. reader says:

    “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol
    The sky is the full of possibilities.

  6. norman says:

    stayed in this ‘sufie’ place 80s… he insist leaving the first floor apartment via lawn tree branches.. really weird. like he would give ye the keys to lock the door and say meet ye down stairs.. really weird. first time ye think woot is he hoodeeni

  7. reader says:

    The slave is doomed to worship time and fate and death, because they are greater than anything he finds in himself, and because all his thoughts are of things which they devour.

    I wish I could say it better.

    • bertrand russell says:

      *I wish I could say it better*

      try ‘Kate’ the newzealander of ATT natural voices — she sounds kind of throatcancerish, though.


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