Guerlain Chicherit attempted to beat the record for longest car jump. The result was a record of a man confronting his own mortality and ultimately experiencing a moment of grace.

  1. Tim says:

    I’ll reserve judgement before watching it. It’s gonna be lame. Not only does he look in the thumbnail like a Peter Weller that attended the Richard Burton School of Overacting but also I’d rather see a bus jump 211 motorcycles already.

    • ± says:

      ******* sayeth Tim *****
      “I’ll reserve judgement before watching it. It’s gonna be lame.”

    • Cognitively Crippled says:

      It WAS lame! (I watched.)

      Just think of all the wasted resources and MONEY that were blown here.

      … Meanwhile, there are crumbling bridges and other infrastructure that I’m sure could use those very same math skills. But if math isn’t your thing then consider the thousands of DYING PEOPLE — probably right there in that very country — who could use the money that was pissed away just to LIVE! But hey. Let’s be idiots and see if we can’t jump a fucking retarded little Copper Mini (which was over priced to begin with) over a fake canyon — in the SNOW!

      What the fuck does any of this have to do with ANYTHING?! Can anyone tell me? This kind of stupid shit is always done by some clueless PRIVILEGED overgrown CHILD!

      And who originally produced this piece of cinematic crap? JACKASS?! Don’t they know that theme music doesn’t exist in real life?

  2. noname says:

    Looks like he “landed” or noised in on top of the ramp! Maybe if his car landed on the down-slope part of the ramp it would have worked. I applaud his car safety engineers & his courage and glad he is well and together with his family.

    But I have to ask, all for what? What are the societal benefits, a pay check for him, fame & glory? His sponsors obviously want to use the film to create advertisements that sells their product.

    What’s next, another death defying stunt that may kill him, widow his wife and half orphan his child? Is this what we have come too, make that buck, any way you can these days?

    Maybe it’s no different than today’s modern GLADIATORIAL CONTESTS for mass entertainment, sending our troops into seemingly unwinnable wars, while our Military Industrial Complex feeds and grows off the profits and deaths and CNN can broadcast the footage?

    Maybe in a few more years, some cable channel in the name of modern innovation and technology, in order to more profitably entertain the public, will build a modern Roman amphitheater/Colosseum somewhere and host death matches, like between condemned prisoners. I can see allot of backward rednecks cheering this on!

    Again, I applaud his car safety engineers & his courage and glad he is well and together with his family.

    Again, I have to ask, all for what?

    • Tim says:

      “”I applaud his car safety engineers & his courage and glad he is well and together with his family.

      i think they grew up with this team:
      …to prove than man can, indeed, pass through solid matter…


    • Tim says:

      “”and host death matches, like between condemned prisoners

      Death Row Game Show

    • Barry S says:

      Q: All for what? Why jump this car a world record?

      A: Did you also ask, why climb a mountain? Why dive deep down into the ocean? Why put a foot on the moon? Where you see Gladiators in a Coliseum, I see advancements in technologies and brave men proving these advancements actually work. They are also proving the current limits of man’s abilities. Truth is, we could have simply stopped at a monkey in space.. but thankfully we didn’t. Sure, you could say, this rocket would take a man to the moon.. but would you know with absolute certainty without going there yourself?
      This guy is only helping to prove the current limits of car technology and advancements in safety. A much needed knowledge that can’t all be learned from crash test dummies.
      Without men like him, car safety would be far behind where it currently is. I am just thankful there are people and companies out there willing to try almost anything for science and human advancement. He is not a Gladiator, he is a highly trained expert performing a scientific experiment (that also happens to be cool to watch).

      • Jon Favreau says:

        hey! that is pretty good — rolls right off the teleprompter. You should write speeches for Barry Soetoro… no, wait..

    • norman says:

      some day.. take a walk around roman ruins.. think carefull about shape and size..

      one can raise opinion without raising voice.. they build like this.. the persons designing and building were of one accord..

      okey it got out of hand

  3. Dave Phillips says:

    This guy is not crazy, he’s frigg’n nuts.

  4. reader says:

    I landed in an area where you need a car to do anything and don’t have a car. Give all the walkers $4500 for not buying clunkers because that’s green. State isn’t fixing and painting bridges. Bridge collapse? It can be a contest. The stunts keep getting more difficult and the roads are falling apart. So close it and make detours which sounds French…

    Jun 22, 2014 · Interstate 495 (abbreviated I-495) in Delaware is a six-lane bypass of Interstate 95 around the city of Wilmington, Delaware. As a major bypass, officials …

    We had some houses sinking and they pumped tons of grout into the ground.

    • spam says:

      that is pretty interesting. does the media know about this extention of unique avenues of ideas?

    • noname says:

      Yikes, DelDOT closed the bridge at 6 p.m. Monday (June 2, 2014) because an inspection showed four of the 37 support columns are tilted as much as four percent out of vertical alignment”. I used to travel along Delaware I495 on my way home along I95 from NJ to VA.

      I am glad they caught it before it became another I-35W Mississippi River Bridge Collapse!

      Delaware has an I-95 Newark Toll, this should pay for it right? Just like the Tappan Zee Bridge has heinously high tolls yet they still need to almost triple if not double the current tolls to pay

      It opened in December 1955 and carries 138000 cars each day. So they are having difficulty financing a 390,000,000.00 (3.9 Billion) bond. The bridge is bringing in about 208,207,500.00 a year and to raise 3,900,000,000 would take about 18 years. Where has all that money they have been collecting since 1955 gone?

      • Tim says:

        I had a mood ring once but it didn’t really get me laid.

      • reader says:

        “The challenge is to transition organized urban complexity built on an industrial model and designed for automobiles, sprawl, and economic growth into coherent, civil, and durable places.”

        They are trying to invest in a post capitalism economy. It’s the same problem with the F-35. Without growing graft nothing connects together with anything that makes progress. The design for the past debt for the future model isn’t working.

        “And it is always a monoculture aimed to make a profit in the short-term.”

        Make longer jumps. Jump the bridge.

  5. WmDE says:

    More action less stupidity……except for the guy on the Segway.

  6. jpfitz says:

    Did he make the jump for the books? The speed and thrust off the ramp was met with the physical shape and weight of the be a hero go pro rally race car. I hope he doesn’t try again. His race car is not an airplane.

  7. norman says:

    and now to somethink complete else:

    mid summer show ‘no ageandahhh’ fantastico

    mad mad mad


    ‘m sort of living in brazil brazil brazil.. ye know like were brazile city is cardboard cutout of itself… since i move into this flat.. tortillia flat.. they have installed sensours and switches and monitors an stuff.. really.. i’d no tv no radio , not nothing.. happy.. i was happy.. until i got internetz.. i was… don’t contradickt me…

    first they came for my front door.. then basement now front poarch.. i am surrounded by idiots

    lady in buildings office thinks i’m a bumb.. (well she right, but that is not the point) i swop my ould washin house key for new digital washing house key and now i got to punch in gazzzilion # to get intitialized.. man o’ manner… we had four code local.. what happen.. i used to live here

    Well she took one look at me and decided i was trouble… why i got key lock cylnder from olden days and why i put me baggettte on office chairs…

    I could go on and on about the rezone and the city and townhall and tax office and welfare and pensions… but ye know all this

    growing auld in newtown suks

    • norman says:

      Abseil first and i’s teen, and.. was sunday couple on bottom and i think i speaking to me mate up top and i say too loud… it is better then wankin’ ye should have see thier face

  8. orchidcup says:

    I hope the adrenaline rush was worth the pain.

    Nobody will give a sh*t in a hundred years.

  9. reader says:

    600 ship navy on the ocean and what can’t they protect you from?
    Plus the whole damn internet isn’t secure (by design) so he jumped the shark.

    All the pills seemed to do was make them all worse, so they took them with wine. Put book stores in the empty drug stores and sell the drugs on the streets or the internet. Both are insecure.


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