I’m not sure who is more incompetent, Yahoo or Microsoft, when it comes to email systems. Right now Outlook is down. Outlook is not totally down but can only accept a single message at a time.  I’m a one man operation doing spam filtering and email hosting and I have better uptime and email services than Microsoft does. Go figger!

“421 4.3.2 The maximum number of concurrent server connections has exceeded a limit, closing transmission channel”

  1. Kahless says:

    Well Mark, why don’t we wait until you’re doing hosting and spam filtering for around 300 million people and then compare your uptime versus Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo.

    • JudgeHooker says:

      That thought alone should have prevented this thread. Anyway I for one would much rather live with this inconvenience than have to make a living sitting atop a mail server. The product is still cool, the service is still good. Keep working on it, boys!

  2. kjb434 says:

    99% uptime means the service will be completely down for up to 4days a year…so far, their record is great!

  3. Tim says:

    Connection limits on SMTP relays – service outage

    ??It seems to be a problem with Exchange Online??

  4. Tim says:


    “”Although the company did say on its help forum and Twitter feed that it is having an outage, its Service Status Dashboard states that everything is “running normally.”


    It’s not like Microsoft to clock around reallocating deck chairs —
    Perhaps the ‘Service Status Dashboard’ is a bunch of dummy lights and there just happened to be a dead pixel for that one?

    Or maybe somebody forgot to put *don’t press me* tape over one of the shiny new kill switches.

  5. Lindsey Graham says:

    i warned all ya’ll. The internet’s done gotten scabies off of those mexican refurees — probobly crawled off their fingers and into the keyboards at public librarys and rest stops, initially…

    Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who subscribes to att uverse coming to the internet.

  6. bobbo, home schooled in computer arts, my up time is 100% but nothing works like I think it should says:

    From day one I’ve tried to use Outlook every 2-3 years but I can never get it to connect with Hotmail.

    Microsoft does crack me up. Windows==Outlook===Hotmail. 3 primary M$ products and they don’t work together.

    I forget now what similar issue existed, that of M$ products not working together, and I threw a live Linux disk into the disk drive and what I wanted worked on boot up. “Why can’t M$ do this” is what I thought as I still don’t use Outlook.

    Something ain’t right.

  7. Enemy_of_the_State says:

    Should have hired more squirrels

  8. Email Abuse says:

    A guy at work was on vacation for a week and came back to 1200+ unread emails.

    Unusual? If not, do the math.

    It’s a shame how much useless email is sent, resent, replied to “All”, etc. Think of the “handling” and overhead involved.

    Ever get a 12-page threaded email that simply says “I agree”?

  9. mojo says:

    If they’re having concurrency problems, somethings are not dropping their connections after transacting. Connection hogs.

  10. AdmFubar says:

    we’re sorry, the numbers we have reached we cannot service.

  11. Disgruntled says:

    It’s the ISP’s fault! Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, etc. have now instituted their fast/slow lanes. FCC chairman, former Comcast lobbyist and current mob boss Tom Wheeler has now successfully screwed up the Internet by failing to reclassify the ISP’s under Title II. So it looks like email will now be given access to the break-down lanes of the Internet. (That’s OK. No one really uses email any more. Right?)

    … And here’s to tech writer Dvorak for NOT saying a goddamn word about the ongoing net neutrality thing too. Maybe the next topic will be about worms having souls? Or maybe we’ll get to listen to some more chit chat about the downfall of the world economy …ongoing since 2008.

  12. Cap n Spaulding says:

    What is a Microsoft?

    • Tim says:

      You know what a Cthulhu looks like after it accidentally froze itself and slipped into the chipper-shreader?? Same thing.

  13. reader says:

    Clear explanation. It was used too much and wore out. Is it still out?

    • Tim says:

      is that a leaked storyboard from that has-been Psychonaughts game?? consider prune juice and sweet acidophalis.

    • reader's mom says:

      i don’t know why his breasts are so pendulous.


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