Photo: KK: Hahhaa!

  1. mickray says:

    Dog pooed. Dog put in litter bin. Well done.

  2. Joke Could Be Better says:

    This isn’t quite so funny considering that the sign is actually written correctly… the “it” refers to the POO, for anyone that passed English in high school. The dog owner put his dog in the bin and took a picture, thinking it would be funny. But that assumes that “it” on the sign somehow refers to his DOG, which is does not.

    Now if the sign was written with bad grammar, it would actually be a much funnier image. Something like:

    “If POO just got dumped by your DOG, please put it in a litter bin.”

  3. Disinterested says:

    Why does everyone always talk about taking a crap? Personally, I prefer to leave one.

    … And in this case, I don’t give one.

  4. Tim says:

    Cute little thing… I wonder if all the other decomposed dead puppies in the bin stick to his fur?

    If that guy is eating a peach and reaches down to pet his dog then he is probably going to get worms or something, now…

  5. Bass Ackwards says:

    “Out the window, throw mother a kiss.”

  6. Jimbo Kern says:

    …he was coming right at me!

  7. Ernest P. Worrell says:

    who would throw away a perfectly good dog?

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    Owning a dog is really about watching each other take a dump.

  9. Christian says:

    If you where trying to figure out where this photo is from and if you guessed Australia you would be right. The sign is from Randwick Council and if I am right I would say it taken at Coogee beach


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