monkey selfie

A monkey grabbed photographer’s camera and took selfies. Wikipedia refuses copyright take down because monkey took the photo. Does the camera owner have a copyright claim?

I will remove this pic if the MONKEY asks me to.



  1. normankeena says:

    co-incidence this week i find youtube vids with .. strang

    like first time some trobee meet camera.. but really

    is it first time camera seeing person meet somthing

    • normankeena says:

      like every other kid i lki natonal geografic nude lady pics… but really ye aught ead woot persons , urbane persons say to ‘selfie’ really it is really shocking…

      my favourite is when ould white farmer wiffee get a lizard in her hair and he snap ‘photo before help her.. she like that ‘photo too in a ways.. when ye were in his hse. sorta

      • Tim says:

        Yes. But, they all looked kinda banana-shaped.

        You can’t wank too long to a banana-shaped set of knockers; You’ll get hyperkalemia.

        Remember. You can’t put too much water into a nuclear reactor…

        Beautiful!!! You know? You can’t stare too long at a mushroom cloud… } — Ed Asner

    • bobbo, a new Nom de Flame: the hair on fire CACC who understands why first fermentation stops at 13%, and so will Hoomans says:

      Norman—you’ve never been to K-Mart have you?

      • normankeena says:

        neah this is a add pic.. neah never been

        • normankeena says:

          aussie abc qanda only last monday.. subject was … slave training… but abbo new aussi ‘ism is ‘they wish to be known as ‘ridganies… which is bull crap of course… the felle east Arnhemland want sell frac licence. West arnhemland not want felle sell out.

          I am aware of names, indian tribal persons, and canadian english words and other staanard words for indigenous persons’ perceived lingo for homies

          darn, nearly catch myself falling for US media mediation..

          like a monkey

          • normankeena says:

            babooon, urangotang, whatever

          • normankeena says:

            terra nule nulabore plain anon 1980s bitchman roads and double parabole antenne 40ks apart.. like sea captians buoy.. ships in the night..

            parisian algerian left a letter in french at roadhouse woot was the name… belle’ donne… afghani camel driver yrs before up from coast swore she speak four lingo… i saw were she bury her mum and dad on the farm… din’t see hers

          • Tim says:

            “”terra nule nulabore plain anon 1980s bitchman roads and double parabole antenne 40ks apart.. like sea captians buoy.. ships in the night..

            *like* beacons but on the land??

            *double parabole* microwave relay towers?

            Like This {Lord of Rings lighting of beacons}?

  2. bobbo, a new Nom de Flame: the hair on fire CACC who understands why first fermentation stops at 13%, and so will Hoomans says:

    Ha, ha. “The law rides an ass.”

    Kinda brings the homily home. I could see the law (of copywrite) actually being just that. Common sense would speak to the owner of the camera….. the first hooman involved.

    What about those pictures taken from a launched balloon? I guess the “c” owner set the timing mechanism?

    Its the details………where the law lurks.

    • dusanmal says:

      “Common sense would speak to the owner of the camera…..” – so you rent a camera and the rental agency gets rights… Law is as is because it must be like that. Rare consequences like this in exchange to undeniable clarity and simplicity. Just if all laws were written this simple.

      • bobbo, a new Nom de Flame: the hair on fire CACC who understands why first fermentation stops at 13%, and so will Hoomans says:

        Well Duce—you are just babbling and pretending your own authority……. just as you always do.

        What is the law? Copy and paste in your next post.

        Is the law so specific that it states what happens when a monkey steals your camera? ….. or you give it to a monkey planning for “it” to take pictures.

        Or does it speak more generally.

        As to rental cameras…..of course…the rental agreement controls.

        Duce–you make yourself look silly, constantly posting as if you know what you are talking about. To those of us who do know what we are talking about……….thats a no-no.

        /s is not on. But /sh is.

        s = sarcasm
        sh = self humor

  3. normankeena says:

    he was abbo, no i said that wrong, she was 1/4 abbo he was from youcoslave.. dad came out there i n 1930s.. he got the land in his name… he was a good christian lady… said that wrong agian

    they both made state pention in 1980s early.. i lived on the farm then.. well the mining co. paid us to pay them to be there.. the canadian couple in town were busy putting each in the dog hse… well she was a white sheelia.. and he canadian fukk every thing move..

    but on the farm, they had keep pigs and feed them kangaroo until they eat the dog… it was fun visiting the bush… neve wat to live ther

    She said the priests told her ‘god’ was and woot did i think of that.

  4. Dronie says:

    selfies are so 2013

    • bobbo, a new Nom de Flame: the hair on fire CACC who understands why first fermentation stops at 13%, and so will Hoomans says:

      Four Tits: shirley you are wrong?

      Its like you are noting some leveling off of the hooman infantile need to say: “Look at Meeeeeee…… (gasp) …..eeeeeee”

      You are looking at Me…. right?

  5. Cap n Spaulding says:

    “I told you a long time ago you little fucking monkey not to fuck me!”
    – Alejandro Sosa, Scarface

  6. John Ullman says:

    If the camera owner gave the monkey a banana, it might be considered a work for hire. Then the camera owner could claim copyright. If the monkey was collaborating with the camera owner, then the monkey should get a percentage of the profits from the work. In either case there should be a written contract, so which the camera owner could enter in to with the monkey’s guardian, a zoo, perhaps? Or the government of the country the monkey resides in. All this is very simple, really. Perhaps the monkey needs an agent? Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Bonzo all had agents.

  7. jpfitz says:

    Monkey see monkey do. Putin takes Crimea and pushing into Ukraine. Obama now this minute just announced bombing ISIL supply chain. Here we go again, creating even more suicide bombers. It’s not our fight, but the oil is so tasty.

    • Tom says:

      Only a DU reader could turn a monkey photo copyright story in to a diatribe on Putin and Crimea… The IQ here continues to drop…

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

        You don’t think “Monkey see, Monkey do.” is a hard enough connection huh?

        Everything is connected to everything else…… only a matter of degree.

        Closer than abbo’s?

        • jpfitz says:

          Who’s abbo bobbo, I understood most of normans post but not abbo. Wait, is abbo the aboriginal from Australia?

          Tom maybe a douche I know, any comment I make he considers himself so superior he can’t help himself. Actually he’s so far to the right he held and waved pom poms while Bush was bombing Iraq in 2003. I hope I’m wrong about who this “Tom” is. If I’m right, Cupo go play elsewhere. If not, oh well, he’s still not added to the discussion.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

            jp–you have abbo quite correct.

            But Bush wrong. In context: Tom is so far right he is waving pom poms as Putin goes into Ukraine. Its only when the smoke settles there is a chance he goes: “Whaaaa…..?” (Oops…right action, wrong team.)

            The majority of Americans supported BushtheRetards invasion of Iraq. Most Russians support Putin.

            Sad proof most people are stupid.

      • jpfitz says:

        Cupo, take a long walk of a short pier. You, complaining about anthers comment? Ha Ha Ha. IQ is relative to information input and output on a test.
        I don’t think you’re IQ is very high, what’s a diatribe? Obviously you don’t know.

        Diatribe: a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.

        I attacked who? And what’s bitter in my statement about real news? Actually your not so intelligent words were more of a diatribe compared to what I wrote. Tommmy boy.

      • jpfitz says:

        Only Tommmy would think a photo of a monkey is really more important than news of two F/A-18’s dropping 500lb bombs on Sunni’s operation in their own country. Sunni right or wrong have a legitimate stake in Iraq.

        Oh, wait we brought democracy to Iraq, what a joke. Maybe we can re-rubblize Iraq so Halliburton can come back in and make more money.

  8. MikeN says:

    So wikipedia doesn’t want to take down the picture and is enganged in excuse hunting.

  9. FU2 says:


    You want to know why copyright laws are all fucked up? THAT’S WHY!

    … We’ll just not pay too much attention to whoever owned the CAMERA or who paid for the film or data card. Seems it’s OK to drive other people’s cars or live in their homes without permission too — so long as it’s a statement of copyrightable ART and no damage is done.

    • normankeena says:

      japan film, and after saying, couple live in various home in greater tokio area.. and filim is about how no body on st. and no family know. it not even squatting. .. it is wonderful how cobble stoned ppls are so … so insulated

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

        Hey Norm —- given that FU has the issue totally backwards, your comment for once is right on….. in a backwards kind of way.

        I think I saw the film you are referencing. Weirdly…I thought of you when I first saw it…. years ago.

        How did that happen?

    • Gene Simmons says:

      i’m a tool

  10. smooth the image until it looks like creamy shit says:

    if you scroll up and down on the monkey pic then it looks like he’s making goo goo eyes at you.

    {may have to change vertical sync/antialiasing options…YMMV}

  11. jpfitz says:

    This whole discussion is a joke, right. Compared to the math video posted, this is seriously just funny. Arguing who has copyrights.

    Pedro said it best.

    The photographer has rights, it’s his camera. What’s the discussion. Wikipedia, take down the pics. Stupid fodder to distract the shitizens.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

      Why does anyone have any rights at all?

      What is a right?

      This is heavy stuff…… like Norman said ….. like living underground and coming up into the darkness of night….


      Monkeys……. talk. I do mean this in the most positive affirmation of life I can make. Anyone have a banana?

      • Hyperkalemia says:

        i’ve got bunches of them…

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

          If only NFS could understand what you just said.

          Heh, heh.

          Keep it up Four Tits…..I’m sure one of them works.

        • jpfitz says:

          PUTIN! Take down that laser show.

          Too much k for one man to take.

        • Tim says:

          “”Don’t go on staring at me like that, because you’ll wear your eyes out.

          Exactly. You nasty, nepharious, cherub-of-charon little spam-splunger.

          Go fuck an RSS feed, already.

  12. Chris Mac says:

    It’s finally April first forever

  13. Chris Mac says:

    bullwinkle will nwvwe own a ranch

    that’s my new password. try it out

  14. More fun than a barrel of photographers.

  15. mojo says:

    Nope, it’s that rara avis, the un-assignable copyright. The guy doesn’t own it, and the monkey can’t.

  16. We're Dying Out Here says:

    Enough of the freaking monkey.

    Is there nothing else to discuss on DU?


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