So Sad. Robin Williams debut on Happy Days.


  1. Let Obama Vacation and golf till 2017, lest even more turn to shit says:

    Liberals are always angry, pissed off, even those belonging to the richest 1%

    Especially angry when their cover is blown:


    Whether liberalism caused R’s depression, which is very likely, the propaganda press will never broach the subject.

    Its too depressing.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential Anti-theist and Junior Culture critic says:

      Well Alfie—after years now, you are admitting there is the Richest 1%.

      Got your tippy toes in Hell already.

      Ha, ha.

      Poor ditto head.

      • Let Obama Vacation and golf till 2017, lest even more turn to shit says:

        I never denied the rich exist, I simply stated Democrats have raided the Treasury, sucessfully extorted untold wealth from Wall Street and the rich, promoting kickbacks from crony capitalism who love watching their competition regulated into bankruptcy, yet they remain depressed.

        Their personal wealth under President Exortioner has multiplied exponentially, yet they remain angy, depressed, suicidal.

        They should be ecstatic. The propaganda press allows they smear anyone who disagrees with their theft, as terrorist racists, while they stuff their pockets with cash.

        They should be grinning from ear to ear. Yet, when called to account for lying about immigration, how the Democrats will NEVER legalize illegals, they are hoping to dupe the Republicans into doing it so their party implodes….see how angry Pelosi became, like the wicked witch of the west just before her toes curled up under the house.


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