You know the next step: a reference to net neutrality proponents being akin to Nazis and Hitler. I wonder how much the Kochs and the rest have invested in ISPs and related that would lose money if net neutrality was enacted? Nah, that’s crazy talk!

A mysterious conservative group with strong ties to the Koch brothers has been bombarding inboxes with emails filled with disinformation and fearmongering in an attempt to start a “grassroots” campaign to kill net neutrality—at one point suggesting that “Marxists” think that preserving net neutrality is a good idea.

The emails, which come with subject lines like “Stop Obama’s federal Internet takeover,” come from American Commitment, an organization that is nonprofit in name only and has been called out time and time again by journalists and transparency organizations for obscuring where it gets its funding.

In an email I received, American Commitment president Phil Kerpen suggests that reclassifying the internet as a public utility is the “first step in the fight to destroy American capitalism altogether” and says that the FCC is plotting a “federal Internet takeover,” a move that “sounds more like a story coming out of China or Russia.”

Here’s a link to the petition.

  1. AdmFubar says:

    take out that link… no need to help promote their cause

  2. tdkyo says:

    You know the joke is on this “net neutrality” debate? At least publicly, both sides seem to not know what the f*ck they are talking about. There ALWAYS has been packet prioritization (QoS on your routers is a poor man version of it) and making packets equal would make…never mind. Most people don’t even READ the technical details of neutrality and somehow have an opinion of it.

    The real big issue is, why is hell did the US Government gave de facto power to ICANN is regulating DOMAIN NAMES? So that international “stake holders” can effectively take down websites that violate speech? Now, that’s a real issue to talk about, not this net neutrality debate.

    • Grey Bird says:

      Net neutrality is about _paid_ prioritization. The bad thing is that if ISPs get paid for faster speeds by content providers, then new startups who can’t afford to pay are on an unwinable playing field. Another aspect it ISPs requiring content providers who compete with them to pay gives the ISPs a monopolistic type advantage (e.g. Comcast and Netflix both provide streaming movies).

      • tdkyo says:

        I am gonna disagree with you (in a different way). If Netflix and other DRMed video streaming services allowed caching of their content at the ISPs (which a lot of other contents utilize for efficiency sake, akami/cachefly sits on major pipes I think) then we would not even be having this problem in the first place. Because DRMed streaming contents by the big content providers (Netflix included) forces a unique stream per content viewing, there is unnecessary bandwidth usage going on (Imagine if those video streams were cached at the ISP level).

        The real devil is the content owners, because they don’t allow caching, which wastes bandwidth and causes bottlenecks at many major transit points on the Internet.

        Two easy solutions to “net neutrality”:
        1) Actually enforce the Sherman Antitrust Act on ISP industry as well as Internet major pipeline owners
        2) Allow the damn caching of DRMed contents or GTFO on the Internet as it is unnecessary creating this net neutrality drama

        • Tim says:

          “”cached at the ISP level

          Bingo! — cupie doll winner.

          Just imagine that — groups of people come to watch a movie and wait for a different lengths of time as they arrive {what? seconds, these days?} for an interruption free, synced up viewing experience — Just like a real theater.

          what’s the ‘theater’ here? — groups of clients close in the same part of the movie get the mulicast packets?? Or is the whole thing gonna turn into a BT afterall {I hope so}.

  3. Benjamin says:

    John C Dvorak believes net neutrality is a scam. So why is this here on John’s blog? I don’t get it.

    • Hank says:

      John analyzes the news and provides his perspective. He does not hide stories!

    • tdkyo says:

      Unless there is a video of the Tech Grouch calling Net Neutrality a scam, it’s not a scam. FACT

    • NewFormatSux says:

      John Dvorak was a big supporter of net neutrality, and was bashing Republicans for repealing it back when that was the big liberal online complaint. I asked him what it was that Republicans are repealing, and he begrudgingly conceded that the issue was somewhat made up. Since then, I have yet to see any of the scare stories show up at the ISPs. I’m not bothered by throttling of illegal movie downloads.

  4. Mr Diesel says:

    Ok, so I had a stroke last week. Not a TIA but a block.

    As fucked up as I am right now I can still tell that NotSA is either a fucking idiot troll or a spam bot. Either way it might be nice to nuke his ass.

    • Tim says:

      Dang. I hope it wasn’t because of anything I posted…

      The only time I’ve ever had strokes is late-night AM radio Ad Council intrusions whilst 9/10ths asleep {and you probably thought infomercials were bad}.

      HA! I asked someone how their dad was doing once. He replied, “He’s an asshole. He’s had too many strokes…”

      I’m afraid to google ‘stingers’ because I probably resemble those topsite results…

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical antiheist and Junior culture critic says:

      There is a theme in our pop culture that men become nicer people as they experience various forms of brain injury.

      I see beneficial changes in Mr D already. 2-3 more strokes should do it.

      HAH!—had a vibrant memory of something Mom used to say when we kiddies got sick: “You’re getting your temper back, must be getting better.” And that was before I read a single film review.

      • Mr Diesel says:

        Ha ha, you funny.


        Thx guys. I look forward to more arguments in the future.

  5. IM72 says:

    My 614th vote to not allow NotSA to post any more.

    • Grey Bird says:

      Do you need a second? I’ll second if it’ll stop NotSA spam.

  6. Tim says:

    No .GOV regulations. IDK, isn’t *The Net* supposed to work around it if ATT is a PITA?

    I guess, they’ll be coming after *mesh nets* next. Such ‘ad hoc’s may well learn to combine bandwidth by pooling lots of otherwise throttled connections. Or not??

  7. loserlykid says:

    Look at this passed out drunk while on duty park ranger! Beer in his lap!

  8. Tim says:

    “”You see? Vile as the crimes of Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler were, these men were not hippocrites, their motives ambiguous, or their rhetoric glazed with apparent caring and compassion. These men were not entrusted with the welfare of their victims. Their mottos did not include the words “to save lives” and “to protect”; They were not running a mandatory program disguised as caring.

    “”How many Childen? How many went to the wall during that decade of silence? How many presidents, Mr. Obama?

    the censored CNN iReport:

    Thompsons’ official statement:

    I wonder. Would this Beast System be so coldly calculating as to claim most cases of brainswelling death from vaccines is really *shaken baby syndrome* and proceed to arrest one or both parents — facilitating the ongoing coverup of deliberate vaccine harm?

    Maybe then, if parents are going to blindly follow the prescribed schedule then they should hope the kid drops dead before he’s picked out his lollypop because SHAKEN BABY!

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    Net Neutrality is so Google can enhance its revenue stream at the expense of others.


    In case anyone here thinks Dvorak has lost it (as in lost his edge on technology issues with weirdo bay area staffies who don’t know the difference between a keyboard and a surfboard), you might want to try some other internet shows — and not be bored to tears with 3 hours of pointless audio ramblings either.

    Seriously, John C. Dvorak. WTF?! Do you own stock in Time Warner / Comcast or what?!!!

    “Net Neutrality” has been a hot topic for YEARS! And finally, you chime in with this kind of story? ANTI Net Neutrality?!

    I’m loosing respect every MINUTE you do this kind of shit. DELETE THAT NON-NET NEUTRALITY LINK!!!

    If you don’t know right from WRONG then FUCK YOU!

    • Tim says:

      Think what that “CORPORATE EVIL” entails — That’s right; Your illegitimate, corporate-managed government. Fucktarded tool.

  11. NewFormatSux says:

    Internet access is very expensive. Perhaps if the ISPs lose more popularity, a competitor will spring up that drops the cost down more.

  12. Rottenham says:

    Look on the bright side. If democracy was really as dead as it seems to be, corporatists wouldn’t be fighting it so hard. Aside from that, this is a depressing subject.

  13. drake says:

    Interesting post for John Dvorak’s webiste. You know, he’s opposed to Net Neutrality right? As I’m I. Its a regulatory capture by those it supposedly regulates.

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