UPDATE – Amazing coincidence but Motorola has just released a new rom that fixes the old rom. It’s still 4.4.2 instead of 4.4.4 but people seem to be saying that many bugs are fixed. I’m sticking with Cyanogenmod for now. But would like to hear from RAZR M users what they think.

I’ve had my Motorola RAZR M (XT907) for a couple of years now. And over that time I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it. I love the phone – but hate most of the roms that Motorola has released. The phone originally came with Ice Cream Sandwich, the last OS where the charge light worked. Then it was upgraded to various versions of Jellybean. Some were terrible, some were reasonably good. In fact the last JB was pretty good.

Then they “upgraded” to KitKat 4.4.2 and broke the phone so bad it was almost unusable. And that’s the latest version that most normal users have, and it totally s*cks! Never saw so much erratic behavior. It’s like the phone was haunted.

But finally Cyanogenmod has (finally) got their rom working and now I have KitKat 4.4.4 with their mods and IT WORKS! Not flawless but pretty close. Sometimes the screen goes much dimmer than it needs to be but turning autobrightness off and on fixes it. The battery charge LED works again for the first time since ICS.

For 2 releases I was part of their “soak test” which was an early release. Each time I tested the device usually reporting 14 to 20 major bugs. And each time they released the rom with no changes. Not only that most of the bugs were still there in the next release. The soak test was just so they could say they tested it.

I am considering getting a new phone when Verizon releases the next batch of smart phones this fall. My experience with Motorola is tainted. I still like the phones better than Samsung but I feel like they should at least release one good rom with KK 4.4.4 that’s fixed rather than abandoning the product with the worse rom ever. I hope someone at Motorola reads this because how you treat your customers makes a difference on future purchases.

If Motorola wants a quick fix they should just buy the Cyanogenmod rom and distribute it because it actually works.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    So now can you tell us when we can have an OS that works for PCs?

  2. jpfitz says:

    Apologies for the off topic comment.

    If, anyone enjoys coke a Cola from Mexico with real cane sugar, now is the time to stock up. Just remember easy does it. Diabetes is the outcome from too much.

    I rarely drink sugary drinks or treats anymoe, since having a blood test with a 140 score in sugar. Turned out I must have had sugar in my tea before the test. Next test was perfectly normal.

    • Tim says:

      Yes, jp. Not only that but the *fructose* stacks up in the liver and is converted there making it *fatty* kinda the same as ethanol — same result?? Fatty liver, diabetes, and all that goes with it…

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

      Well, given that RAZR w Kit Kat is “sweet,” I don’t find your post OT at all. Especially when comparing it to Snot who is always off topic.

      A regular poster like you, me, and Dupree should be allowed some discretion anyway.

      To that end: Sugar. RAW SUGAR. Best thought of as poison. Yeah……I know…… its natural.

      Favorite quote re sugar: Eric Clapton was asked what the first gateway drug was that hooked him into that world. ………….. You know what he said.

      • Tim says:

        You know what he said


      • jpfitz says:

        Yes, agreed sugar is poison. I drink mostly water nowadays. I do enjoy a old fashioned bottled coke with the poison. Since my scare I read all processed food labels very carefully, especially how many grams of sugar.

        I’ve even given up Jiff peanut butter for barneys raw almond butter. And no more Entenmanns products, their original factory is only miles from my house.

  3. tdkyo says:

    You know what really annoys me? Being unable to uninstall pre-installed apps, which eats my phone memory. So tempted to root the phone but too lazy and don’t want to risk bricking it.

    Btw, so many off topic posts up there…

  4. mojo says:

    I’m using a Moto Droid Mini (XT1030) with KK 4.4.4, works great. Don’t know what the problem with the Razrs was.

  5. Shaun Pyle says:

    But… APPLE is the one that sucks… LMAO!


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