Dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards collected millions of dollars in U.S. Social Security benefits after being forced out of the United States, an Associated Press investigation has found.

The payments, underwritten by American taxpayers, flowed through a legal loophole that gave the U.S. Justice Department leverage to persuade Nazi suspects to leave the U.S. If they agreed to go, or simply fled before deportation, they could keep their Social Security, according to interviews and internal U.S. government records.

Among those receiving benefits were armed SS troops who guarded the network of Nazi camps where millions of Jews perished; a rocket scientist who used slave laborers to advance his research in the Third Reich; and a Nazi collaborator who engineered the arrest and execution of thousands of Jews in Poland.

There are at least four living beneficiaries. They include Martin Hartmann, a former SS guard at the Sachsenhausen camp in Germany, and Jakob Denzinger, who patrolled the grounds at the Auschwitz camp complex in Poland.

Hartmann moved to Berlin in 2007 from Arizona just before being stripped of his U.S. citizenship. Denzinger fled to Germany from Ohio in 1989 after learning denaturalization proceedings against him were underway. He soon resettled in Croatia and now lives in a spacious apartment on the right bank of the Drava River in Osijek. Denzinger would not discuss his situation when questioned by an AP reporter; Denzinger’s son, who lives in the U.S., confirmed his father receives Social Security payments and said he deserved them.

The Social Security Administration has refused AP’s request to provide the total number of Nazi suspects who received benefits and the dollar amounts of those payments.

AP last week appealed the agency’s denial of the information through the Freedom of Information Act.

  1. Phydeau says:

    Blaming it all on Obama in 3, 2, 1…

    • MikeN says:

      Of course not, Obama does not support deporting people. Especially National Socialists.

  2. MikeN says:

    That’s why it’s called SS benefits.

  3. MikeN says:

    These SS benefits go to lots of people who shouldn’t be collecting. George W Bush started handing out to illegal immigrants now living in Mexico.

  4. ± says:

                                      Are you trolling me?

  5. Tim says:

    From the image:

    The scientists ended up in the U.S. military industrial complex, worked with the CIA, NASA & more. One of the Nazi expariments that continued in America was mind control…known as the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA.

    Why wouldn’t they be coddled, financed, safely escorted and tucked away outside this now fullon *dirty war* which is the USofA? Didn’t whatever *they* are get implanted here, exported to europe to ‘mature’ and then brought back to futher implement all manner of wrong, sick, evil, The Beast?

    I’m still sick from listening to those smug, well-spoken feds talk about their needs and capabilities being jeopardized on the NA show yesterday… All of those agencies are illegitimate, corrupt, lawless as it is. It all came crashing back down on me. I’m sick of feeling tracked, traced, scanned, manipulated, threatened, coherced, subverted by them.

    It just seems like everything all along has been steeped in this corruption — rot disguised as ‘for your {x} and the greater ‘good’. Well, I don’t believe any of it was ever for anyone’s own good save The State. Left v Right here is just more rot; more fuuteball, none of it ‘real’ or legitimate. Just more stupification. People are drowning in control structures and loving it — Moving along by rote, day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, and tagging their cars and mowing their lawns; Situational awareness seems rare now that it’s all a case of *learned helplessness*. The vast majority acquiesced generations back and continue to impose their brand of wrong on all those around. Any counter to it offered is just reacted against by those types; It’s fruitless — They don’t *reason*, they *spout* convention.

    It would almost seem this has been a global orchestration all along, Hmm? And what of that ‘mind control’?? If one does not feel the ‘angst’, the ‘dysfunction’ of it all then why not? Soma, fluoride, Honey Booboos, or aspartame?

    Below are a partial mapping of the so called HAARPs and HAARP-like stations. Of course, the stated intent of these are research of the ionosphere — Ionospheric heaters, they were once known as and their catchy phrase on early websites was ‘heating causes expansion’. Indeed, one stated military application was to warm and expand the upper atmosphere causing it to ‘rise up’ with the potential to burn up ICBMs in their ‘boost phase’ by them encountering atmosphere where none was expected. Could this be what really happened to Columbia in 2003? or was it just ‘foam’? I’d have to wonder just how much impact that foam really had ‘falling’ from an external tank and striking heat tiles — It seems to me that there’d need to be considerable acceleration on the vehicle for that to be such an issue (idk, maybe they were ice chunks. Maybe 3Gs (is that what it maxes at?) is ‘considerable’).

    Anyways, this ‘bubbling up’ of the ionosphere is real and, as far as I understand it, is only being ‘triggered’ by the heaters. That is, that the upper ionospheric ions are stacked like dominoes such that 1W in is orders of magnitude Watts released as a cascade is initiated. Sing to Earth just right and it will sing back, hmm? Only their tune is no dawn chorus but insipid discord.

    ^^ What bubbles up past equilibrium will also sink below it as well when it goes to collapse — as with any bouancy/gravity wave — It oscillates at low frequency. I’d think it plausible that this could be driving people quite literally *mad*


    ^^ Be sure to watch the movie and also consider our refreshrate with NTSC (why not just 30 fps? too coupled to the line that way?) as well as the frequency of our AC power.

    Polar view

    US view

    It is giving the regex error…. too many links? they follow below
    I came up with this after the dc quake and noticed that if Tropicana Field was a HAARP station, then you get a nice Haarpagram centered on america — specifically, New Madrid. I started with the earthquakes but they are not required to map the pattern ( They just happen to be on the western-most and eastern-most points of the hexagon which just happens to encompass the north american *craton*)

    Please zoom into each placemark pin to see the haarp transmitters — note, Rankin inlet can not be seen here because the resolution is too low. The ‘rick perry’** one is no longer apparent. Obfuscated or dismantled? but was half seen as of the 2010 image — it was under construction and that image overlapped a previous one before the ‘slab’ was laid. The Peru haarp is exactly 4X the Gakona haarp, Texas haarp, and Tropicana Field under the tent in area. Also, Minot AFB is not listed but just happens to be in the proper spot.

    Zoom into the NASA 50mHz wind profiler (clear-air doppler radar) on Merritt Island next to shuttle landing field 33 { a Wind Profiler}. Check out the similar center. — yet, the perimeter is an octogon.

    **the ‘rick perry’ one’s coordinates were pulled from a posting on Abovetopsecret.com
    All coordinates for SuperDARN radar sites are taken from this Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Page (now missing)

    Tropicana Field : 27°46’05.36″N, 82°39’12.33″W
    Rick Perry’s Haarp: 27°56’28.80″N, 98°47’50.03″W

    Point A : 37°03’03.03″N, 105°08’33.33″W
    Point B : 37°55’55.33″N, 76°21’03.33″W

    Quake A : 37.05N, 104.66W
    Quake B : 37.93N, 77.93W

    Gakona haap : 62°23’32.76″N, 145°09’01.47″W
    Peru haarp : 11°57’05.33″S, 76°52″27.90″W
    China haarp : 40°24’15.91″N, 93°38’9.74″E

    Arecibo : 18°20’38.60″N, 66°45’9.88″W
    gotta be here : 18°46’23.33″N, 110°55’49.12″W

    Minot AFB : 48°24’11.00″N, 101°21’40.97″W

    þykkvibær : 63.86 N, 19.20 W
    Rankin Inlet : 62.82 N, 93.11 W
    Kapuskasing : 49.39 N, 82.32 W
    Wallops Island : 37.93 N, 75.47 W

    Millstone Hill RO : 42°37’3.49″N, 71°29’30.36″W (not official superDARN site)
    Blackstone, VA : 37.1 N, 78.0 W
    Prince George : 53.98 N, 122.59 W
    Saskatoon : 52.16 N, 106.53 W
    Goose Bay : 53.32 N, 60.46 W

    a Wind Profiler : 28°37’39.15″N, 80°41’42.68″W
    a tree farm : 47°44’11.18″N, 79°56’18.46″W
    a similar tree farm : 18°34’16.47″N, 68°25’8.36″W
    Delano, Ca VOA staion: 35°45’14″N 119°17’6″W

    I’ll not supply the instructions for pulling lines, mine were fubard… The interested will figure it out.

    • More links (what gives?) says:

      Tropicana Field the night before

    • McCullough says:

      Tim, I love you man, you can party with me anytime.

      • Tim says:

        Thx, McCullough. I’d have to brush up on my rough water swimming and wait for the warmer months…

        I’m truely frightened. How would one know if his mailorder supplements weren’t tampered with? Especially when they’ve obviously been ‘tampered’ with and arrived in two days taped up inside a mailer labeled *extremely urgent* which was inside the usual *priority mail* one. To be fair, the priority one does ‘say’ 2-day on the envelope but the printed computer invoice specified ~5 days consistent with the same people and same type mailer in the past.

        If I contact the company then how would I know I was really talking to the real people?? For that matter, How do I know that what I think I see on this site is what others see.

        ^^ All that, the height of paranoia? You bet. But, hype or not, consider the implications yet again of the statement of ‘Citizen4’ (who may not be Snowden) in this trailer:


        ps. Possibly related is The Hum though I have a separate hypothesis on (at least some) of that based on recent, um, experiences with videocard fans of all things… If I wasn’t out of ‘thought lube’ I may relate that one… It has to do with binural beats, sleep, biofeedback, and brainwave entrainment — The installed software (msi afterburner) modulating the (admittedly problematic) fans. It was subtle, being undetectable sitting near the computer from which it was emanating. Interestingly, that was ‘beating’ with the flow of blood in the ears which the brain normally tunes out — producing a sort of ‘tickly’ feeling like somebody lightly touching the hairs there. It has become useful when combined with actual binural to promote relaxation as well as hearing subtle changes which would not otherwise be perceptible (such as quiet or distant planes/traffic/machinery — even loading of the house current as things cycle on and off).


        peaceful armaggeddon,

  6. this is a test says:

    this is a probe of the regex error…

  7. What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

    Grandfather was a member of Operation Paperclip, as I understand it. He had a Ph.D in chemistry, and went to Deutschland after the war. I imagine he saw some interesting things. Too bad he died before I could talk to him about his life.

    • Tim says:

      Much good and talent were brought over. The rest went into subliminal advertising and insurance sales.

  8. name withheld by inquest says:

    Thanks so much for this. A friend told me that the internet had descended into a rant war between groups of crazies. I didn’t believe him.


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