Monica Lewinsky is blaming the bullies on the internet for bullying her. Doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that her own actions have consequences. The only reason anyone is even interested in her is because she gave Clinton a Lewinsky. If not for her Dubya would never have been president, no 17 trillion dollar debt, no Iraq war, no ISIS.

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But Nooooo … it’s the internet who is at fault. If I had done what she did I’d change my name, dye my hair blonde, and try to hide from it rather than seek attention. But she’s still taking advantage of having sucked presidential root. Isn’t it time for her to take some responsibility for what she did to America? Maybe apologize to the Clintons, and America?

  1. LibertyLover says:

    \Shut Up, Perkel! We no longer live in a society where we have to take responsibility for our actions. It’s people like you who’s holding back the wealth-spreading!\

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Apologize to both Clintons? Was this a case of mistaken phalatio?

  3. John E. Quantum says:

    If you want to vilify anyone, vilify Linda Tripp. She was the real douchbag

    • MikeN says:

      If it wasn’t for Linda Tripp’s advice, Monica’s reputation right now would be ‘deluded, crazed stalker’. And that is not because of the internet, but because Bill sent his minions to spread that story about her.

  4. Phydeau says:

    Internet bullying of women is a fascinating view into the ugly side of humanity. :/

  5. spsffan says:

    Well, Monica is a douche, to be sure. But Slick Willy is the one to blame. I mean it’s pretty hard to say no to the president, commander in chief, most powerful man in the world, supposedly older, wiser, etc.

    He should have taken a clue from Donny Osmond and just said, “Go away little girl.” I mean, we have professionals for that sort of thing. One need only pick up the phone can call Heidi Fleiss.

  6. PMitchell says:

    The problem is you don’t suck the dick of a married man especially if he is the President of the United States . You got everything you deserved Monica.

  7. Music Man says:

    Bill played two instruments: the sax and the Whormonica

    While she played the skin flute.

  8. Scooter says:

    Whoa harsh perhaps if she sucked your root you might see it differently. But seriously she was rather young and thunder struck Bill should have known better. Too busy thinking with the willy.

  9. pfkad says:

    Yes Monica! Get down on your knees!

  10. ± says:

    Years passed and then one time Monica was sucking my dick and then I remembered that she also once sucked Bill’s dick and then I got flaccid.

    PS —- when the Starr Report came out, the internet was new, but I found it after a brief search, less than a day later. It is one of the most salacious, compelling documents I have ever read. I stayed a couple hours later at work to complete the read. I couldn’t help it. Highly recommended. (this is assuming that versions available now are not edited)

    • Tim says:

      I get that way thinking of Linda Tripp’s wired-for-sound nipples. All six of them.

  11. Ya Ya ya says:

    Oh please! What did you expect from a whore and DONKEY show?!

  12. Jim says:

    I’d hit that.
    So Bill didn’t tag Marylin Monroe. Get over it. Some if use like obtainable women.

  13. mojo says:

    Let’s see… Purjury and Conspiracy to Obstruct, just for starters. Don’t think she was indicted, was she?

    Maybe that ought to change.

  14. Likes2LOL says:

    ​Monica (self-described “social activist. public speaker. contributor to vanity fair. knitter of things without sleeves.”) Lewinsky’s
    1st tweet: “#HereWeGo” (10/20/2014)​

    Wherever you go, Monica, I will follow you, along with your 75,300+ other followers…

  15. Kent says:


    • Tim says:

      ^^ Beautiful prose. A kindred spirit. I think I’m having a reaction to my NAC — water is leaking from my eyes…


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