Politically correct or clueless? Amazon bans the Confederate Battle Flag but still sells KKK T-Shirts. I think they don’t get it.


  1. WmDE says:

    The KKK was known as the military wing of the Democratic Party. So it gets a pass.

    • nobabyno says:

      It use to be Southern Democrats, now the South is Republican so the KKK is their military wing? Or did they change the name to Tea Party?

      • WmDE says:

        Nope they have dwindled along with the Yellow Dog Democrat. The YDD does seem to be making a comeback though. Just not in the South.

  2. Wayne R says:

    Retailers had to divert sales to some other racist or confederate merchandise. They aren’t fools.

    The flags will return in about 3 months for the Fall collection.

    • nobabyno says:

      It’s free PR. Ban something, join the protest and look worthy. Walmart banned GnR’s Robot Rape/Dragger Teethed Avenger album cover while other albums carried just as offensive art work. Appear moral to the public and hide the fact they abused/defrauded employees. It’s just an image thing.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Where would this be appropriate to wear? This is racist whereas the Confederate flag has non-racist purposes. Have you ever been to Six Flags? One of those flags is the Confederate flag.

    • LibertyLover says:


      One of the CSA flags, yes, but not the battle flag.

      • MikeN says:

        Why should that make a difference. they have declared that all things associated with the Confederacy are unacceptable.

        • LibertyLover says:

          No one is griping about the other flags.

          They are griping about the flag that was used by some states and the KKK since 1948 when the federal government start desegregating. The states used it to poke the federal government in the eye…and it took off from there. No one had a problem with the flag until then, the same way no one had a problem with burning crosses until they started showing up on blacks’ front lawns, or swastikas until it was revealed what they truly meant.

          When it became a way to poke blacks in the eyes, it ceased becoming a symbol of southern pride and became a symbol of hatred.

          Now…do I believe it will make one hill of beans difference if people realize this and stop using it? Of course, not. I’m not that naive. But if people are going pick this one flag out of the dozens that were actually used by the Confederacy, and proclaim that “it” represents their heritage, they should read up on their history.

          Make no mistake; the Confederacy was not a benevolent society where everyone lived peaceably alongside each other no more than Nazi Germany was. And when South Carolina put it in their flag in the early 20th century, it was to remind everyone how they felt about blacks.

  4. noname says:

    This doesn’t change racist hearts, but it might diminish racist influence on impressionable minds.

    Satanic hate runs deep in the racist. Society might influence their dress code, but their hearts and minds are convinced of its own righteousness.

    I think it awesome, the Amish forgave the school shooter in 2006 and now likewise the families of Roof victims forgave Roof and wished God ‘have mercy on his soul’!!!

    It is hard to imaging in the depth of grief, pain, anger, and loss they could offer forgiveness. I am not sure I have the depth to offer such forgiveness for such an evil!

    • ± says:

      This irrational response is totally consistent with their religious beliefs and causes them to have to avoid adult style reflection on the issue and face the possible impact such reflection may have on their beliefs.

      • noname says:

        Hilarious, your hateful and irrational response is consistent with your beliefs and avoids any adult style reflection!!!

        Was wäre Ihr Führer sagen? Wissen Sie, Sie gerade wie er aussehen?


      • bobbo, in point of fact says:

        P/M–thanks for that post. It does clearly state what I was fumbling towards. The NEED for the religiously possessed to subordinate all other emotions and natural reactions and feelings to the given faith requirements.

        Its what makes religion so dangerous. Not this time…. but when the next religious nut is told by God to kill.

        Yea, verily.

        • noname says:

          Wow bobbo like Stalin is blaming the victims for being religious, for being in church.

          • bobbo, in point of fact says:

            No, I didn’t do that at all. Curious how you spot a word here and a word there and by affinity alone think you have spotted something.

            No…..the issue addressed is how to explain the reaction of the relatives of the victims who forgive as their first (public) reaction. My own impulse would be to go all Jack Wick on them….if it were all scripted with stunt doubles and all………

            I think there are pros and cons to all we do. Its good to protect one’s own fragile hold on the meaning of life to forgive one’s enemy. What are your actual “options” is the dividing line here. Perhaps…. their christian response really did the most in getting that Flag removed as well.

            Ha, ha……. would I rather be crazy now in the comfort of the Lord, or slowly drive myself crazy by the grief?

            Pros and Cons.

    • Dwight E. Howell says:

      I want to be very clear here. The most racists people I know of who engage in the most hate speech and pure slander are all self proclaimed liberals. They are about as ill liberal as humans get. They demand group think and that you turn off your brain and march in lock step with them or you are a “racist” who wants to push granny off a cliff. What they do to women and minorities that don’t toe the line is ghastly. Today they want to drive old dixie down but it doesn’t much matter because they are always unendingly hating on something or somebody. There reaction to Palin would have done credit to the Inquisition. They rush to judgement and the facts don’t matter whether it was the Zimmerman where he was proclaimed to be a white Republican when in fact that didn’t fit the fact or the Brown case or whatever. When the Congress lady, Gifford, was shot the shooter just had to be a Republican even though the crazy slub wasn’t very political and what little he had was Democrat. They couldn’t wait to destroy the lacrosse players. The hands up don’t shoot was a total farce that has set back race relations by a generation. They are destroying this nation and themselves.

  5. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    Good catch Marc, and good reveal for how deeply Big Corp thinks about any issue.

    Big Corp should shun the KKK for the same reasons shunning the Battle Flag, Jefferson Davis, General Lee and all things the Traitorous Seditious South should be shunned for: they aren’t American. Leave that market for the small family owned hate groups.

    The hate and stupidity surrounding the Confed Flag is fun to watch in operation….. and it ripples out. The double speak, the non-sequiturs, the sputtering response if the pause for response is long enough.

    Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

    Yea, verily!

    • Benjamin says:

      The South isn’t America? I think there was a war fought agains the people with Confederate battle flags to force the South to be America, but I did study history.

      • SKINET says:

        You can sell your kids on Amazon for the summer. It’s like camp except you get paid.

      • bobbo, in point of fact says:

        Context Benji. Historical and Conjectural.

        The South that seceded. The South that would fly under a Confederate Battle Flag of secession and revolt.

        • Dwight E. Howell says:

          Of course the 13 colonies succeeded and flew a battle flag of succession and revolt.

  6. SKINET says:

    Is there anything you can add to whatever you have already told us about Obama and his plans for America and its people? I hope this can be answered. Is Obama talking to the world leaders about the pole shift, the changing Earth weather, and the plate movements?

    This violates our promise to Obama as to not probe his thoughts on matters during this chat.

    I cannot seem to figure out this Service to Other and Service to Self thing, If I serve myself I thrive and enjoy life, If I serve others I suffer and am acting as a slave. Trying to look after other peoples needs seem insane, it seem much more efficient if everyone satisfy themselves and thus thrive. Aren’t we powerful creators that can create and experience whatever we give attention, be it thought or physical plane or whatever wherever?

    I’m up for sale as a slave to serve.

  7. SKINET says:

    “Now my favorite dog that I ever had in my whole lifetime was Tippy. Tippy was a good dog. Some of you remember I’ve talked about Tippy. Tippy was a good dog. Tippy was a mixed terrier. You know that word mixed…that the veterinarian puts on the form…when even he don’t know what the fuck you got. You bring in a little mixed puppy to a veterinarian and say, “What is it?” He’ll say, “Well, it’s definitely not a monkey. Tippy was actually part dodge dart. Poor Tippy was full of guilt. So much so, in fact, she’s the only dog I ever had who committed suicide. Yeah, well, we don’t say it like that around the house. We say she put herself to sleep. But she ran out in front of a milk truck. That’s fucking suicide! But that was her decision. That’s what Tippy wanted to do. And that’s the way it is in our family. If you want to commit suicide, we back you up. So we supported Tippy in her little suicide decision, then we brought her into the pet shop, threw her up on the counter and said, “Give us something bigger, were trading up.”

    Roof was part Dodge Charger. Maybe if can support more people in the south to commit suicide we can save the dogs who are mans best friend.

  8. dade0 says:

    Amazon has much more dangerous wares in their inventory than this expired rebel’s banner. Better ban the books too. Some have that same hideous symbol inside and outside.


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